Friday, June 5, 2009

love it

A little while ago Matt's younger brother called. Apparently there's some social event downtown tonight that requires his attendance. Ever the mindful citizen, he recognized that it would not be in anyone's best interest for him to drive himself home after the festivities end (2 a.m.), so he calls on his older brother. Could Matt possibly pick him up after the party? Oh, and also could he maybe crash at our place, too?

While this will interfere hardcore with our current plans for 2 a.m. (sleep), Matt loves his brother a lot...and he's a quick-thinking opportunist, to boot. In exchange for the late-night taxi service and bed, little bro will be contributing 4 hours of manual labor to Operation: Fix Our House tomorrow. LOVE IT.

Not only is he a hottie, he's also kind-hearted and quick-thinking! Can a girl get any luckier??


I love comments almost as much as I love Mexican food. Seriously.