Friday, August 7, 2009

SUYL: Wedding Reception & Honeymoon

This is my second time joining in on the "Show Us Your Life" series from Kelly's Korner and it's so much fun!! The theme this time is wedding receptions and honeymoons.

We had our wedding at the State Botanical Gardens in Athens, Ga. Because it was late June, an outdoor wedding was definitely out of the question, so the (indoor, air conditioned) Day Chapel at the Botanical Gardens was as close as I could get to being out in nature, surrounded by trees and flowers. We had our reception right there in the reception area of the Day Chapel-- it was cozy but perfect. The reception was indoor/outdoor, and God bless the people who chose outdoor. I think it was mostly college students and kids, and I hope they got themselves an extra slice of cake or something-- it was HOT!! I had to go out there for the bouquet toss and that was quite enough of Georgia in June at noon for me. Anyway, onto the pictures!

These were the prettiest tea/lemonade pitchers! Sadly, they belong to the caterers, so I don't have them or anything.

My fabulously delicious cake! The bottom and top layers were strawberry with fresh strawberry creme filling and the middle layer was white with lemon filling. DELISH!!!!

I promise there was more "real" food than this...but the fruit is a lot prettier. :)
The outdoor area, evidently before the wedding...I promise there were chairs eventually! ("Come to my wedding. But you'll need to sit outside in the 100 degree heat...and by sit, I mean stand, because there's no chairs! mwah ha ha....But please bring lots of presents!!")
You may notice lots of hydrangeas. That's because I'm obsessed with their beauty and their blueness.

After the wedding, we went on a cruise! But since the wedding was on a Saturday and the cruise left on Monday, we had a few days to meander down towards Tampa. So we drove about 1/4 of the way on Saturday and then spent two nights at a bed & breakfast in the huge metropolis of Moultrie, Georgia.
The Barber-Tucker House was beautiful and perfect for relaxing for the first two days of our marriage!

We took a Carnival cruise (the Inspiration) from Tampa Bay to Cozumel and Grand Cayman. It was SO much fun-- so much so that we're going on a pretty identical cruise in ONE MONTH FROM TODAY!!!! (that just hit me, by the way. ONE MONTH!) Please note our beautiful matching Sea-Bands in the above picture. Can't say they did anything but give me strange tan lines, but I wore them quite religiously!!

Note: If you ever go on a cruise to really touristy ports like Cozumel (although probably ALL ports have turned really touristy), you need only to walk like 3 blocks back from the water-side road (whatever is the main drag and the first thing you walk on when you get off the ship) and you can actually experience the city/country you're in. For every Senor Frog and Margaritaville on the main drag you can find 10 impoverished streets and shops/restaurants that are REAL Mexico, which is much more to my liking. You can actually buy authentic (and delicious and cheap) food there and support people who really need your money, rather than American chains parked on the main drag that do nothing to support the city they're in. Just a little advice...
And that's why we're extremely sweaty in the above picture. Because we hiked awhile to find this restaurant and then there was no A/C. But it was well worth it!
As much as I would love to spend a few more hours digging through pictures and telling tales, I need to move onto my first important task of the weekend: making a fruit salad and sausage/cheese dip for a cookout tonight! I am so excited that we have very few plans this weekend-- the cookout tonight and then dinner with our neighbors tomorrow night. Compared to every other weekend of the last 3 months, this is NOTHING!! We have big plans to sleep in and cut the grass tomorrow...and relax. A. Lot.
And maybe watch about 2000 more episodes of I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, because seriously, that is the best show ever.


  1. You were so tan. Dang. And I do love those drink dispensers. Would it be completely ridiculous to own something like that?

    I have a couple episodes of IDKIWP saved on the DVR for you if we get bored tonight. =)

  2. I love the dispensers too. Very cute.

  3. Just popping over from Kelly's korner to say hi! Your pics are beautiful! Happy Tuesday!


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