Wednesday, September 23, 2009

best thing ever

A quick blog in honor of a few of the best things ever.

1) Winning!!!! Unless you count the $5 or so I won gambling on the cruise 2 weeks ago...I don't usually win things. However, my luck seems to be changing...I won a David Crowder CD giveaway on Kelly's Korner yesterday! Not only did I win, but Kelly gave me a shout out/compliment on my choice of fave David Crowder song and how I used it (visit her blog to see it for yourself!). To say that this made my day would be a massive understatement. I take it as a sign of many many more great and surprising things to come. Plus, I get some new music! The last new music Matt & I acquired was...wait for it...the Once soundtrack we bought to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. That would be...oh, a year and a few months ago. Yeah, we're not really musically advanced. We listen to the same stuff over and over. :)

2) This:

A recent purchase at Sams...this cider variety pack has great promise. I'll admit I've only sampled two of the four varieties so far (Caramel Apple and Apple Pie), but nothing makes you feel quite as fall-ish as a big cup o' cider. I think it was only like $6 for 30something cups of cider...well worth it.

OK, you know what? I just looked more closely at the picture (I had just taken it from Google images) and it's not the exact same variety pack as I got. The one I got has the 2 I mentioned above and then McIntosh and Red Delicious. But it's the same idea.

3) NOT RAINING. In case you're not in the know...Georgia has been completely flooded the past week. Luckily our area escaped the worst of it, but we certainly didn't escape 8 straight days of pouring rain and storms. Yesterday, when the sun finally came out, it was like I could literally feel the life seeping back into me. I felt my personality come back. I kid you not. I may not be the sun worshipper I once was, but I do require SOME daylight to function well!!

Well it's time for me to head to bed. In case you were wondering, I retract anything remotely postive I might have said about Comcast in my previous post. After another phone call on Monday night, I've decided my initial feelings of they suck were more accurate and am currently looking for an alternate. All suggestions/experiences with other TV providers are welcome. As far as I know, my options here would be AT&T, DirectTV, Dish, and of course... Comcast. *shiver*


  1. You can try Dish, but we did not have a great experience with them after leaving D'ville, GA.

  2. I totally agree about the sun. I'm glad to at least have SOME non-crabby moments in my days again. =) And I will reiterate once again how awesome it is (and how jealous I am) that you won Kelly's giveaway.

    WV: dache. It's like dash, but french.

  3. 1. South GA has gotten zero of the rain...ok, maybe one LITTLE shower.

    2. Go to Dish, we love it.

    3. This is Marshall, not Amanda.

    4. Since I'm on Amanda's account, I will leave my WV. rerstr. Stupid bird that cocka-doodle-doos in the morning...

    5. Isn't it weird that I spelled little with large letters?

  4. Erika! This post reminded me that I have been meaning to tell you - you ALSO one the Bethany Dillan CD on my blog. You are free CD magnet!!

    Send me your address!!


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