Thursday, January 14, 2010

optimistical (again)

I don't know what else to title a blog when you a) don't really have much of anything to say, but b) do feel pretty happy/upbeat/optimistical.

I think it has something to do with the weather. HalleLUJAH, praise the LORD, it is 50something degrees outside. In general 50something degrees isn't anything worth writing home about...but when it's been in the TWENTIES and THIRTIES (if not LESS) for 2 weeks straight...well, fifty feels downright balmy. Makes me want to bust out my flip flops and drink a pina colada. And do a little dance. But maybe it's just me.

Ummm...let's see. I'm home from work early, waiting on our new furniture (see previous post) to be delivered! Naturally they gave me a very specific window of time in which they promised to come...2-6. I get off work at 4:45 and although I can almost guarantee they wouldn't actually get here til 5:30 or something...I know if I took the chance and stayed at work then they most CERTAINLY would get here before me. So I left at 2 and just as I suspected...still no furniture. It's okay though. I had lots of other things to work on.

We're going to visit our long-lost friends the Moores this weekend and I am very excited!! We haven't gone to see them since they moved away in April and now that they have a baby due basically any day...figured we should go visit. :) Because once that baby is born there's no way we'll get a proper tour of their home and town...cause everyone knows newborns are big fat attention hogs. Geez. Therefore once Hartley is born, I have a distinct suspicion that Amanda's attention will be torn away from that which is truly important, which is cooking for me. And I can't let that happen.

It's the memoir of a Jewish girl who struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder from her early childhood into her thirties. I just spent like 20 minutes trying to summarize the story but if you really want to know, just click the Amazon link above and check out the reviews. :) It was amazing and I couldn't put it down and it was a very eye-opening look into how OCD looks/develops in a young child. An intense read for sure. I cried a lot. I got it at the public library, so you should check it out at yours.

Speaking of intense reads...I came across this article last week via another blog I read. It's from The Journal of Biblical Counseling (which should interest all you marriage/family therapists in training!) and the article is entitled The Bible and the Pain of Infertility. It's a good read...eye opening and heartbreaking, but very practical. I loved it not only because I can identify with much of what the authors talk about (hello, hope/despair cycle!) but because I loved how explicitly they discussed the Biblical viewpoint of suffering, mourning, and anger. And that they broke down (for counselors, which is whom the article is geared towards) how to use all this information when counseling people suffering infertility. Um, and what to say/what NOT to say. That was good too. I think that anyone who knows someone dealing with infertility would benefit from reading this...not only to get a glimpse into the minds of people suffering (which the authors definitely do) but also to learn how to encourage and pray for them.

Well I guess that's enough for now. You've got your reading assignments ;) and I still don't have my furniture. Go figure. Have a wonderful weekend! And if you read/have read either the book or that article...let's discuss!


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  2. I'll add that book to my "To Read" list and see if our local library has it. I can't wait to see your new dining room table pictures! And I will definately check out that article when I get more than a few seconds. I liked what I read in the opening few lines so I'm sure it will be a good read.. even if does stir up painful parts of my life too. (((HUGS)))

  3. I'm so glad you are feeling optimistical! I think you should maybe live at the beach. Actually I think I should too. Then we can always feel optimistical together.

    I read that article. It was a very good read! Hopefully I haven't said anything too horrible or insensitive to you, but I probably have at some point. So I'll just go ahead and ask forgiveness for that.
    I especially loved the section in the article about lamenting. so true.

    I love you and think/pray about you just about every day!

  4. Hope you like Ramen.. because that's all I cook these days. And once I have some free time I may read your suggested readings.


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