Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I had an interesting conversation with one of my students over breakfast today. To set the scene (and help explain the sure-to-be-strange formatting of my typed-out conversation), please understand that almost all of my students are Hispanic. The particular students I'm mentioning right now spoke absolutely NO English less than a year ago when they started pre-k. At this point, they are perfectly fluent in school-related English (they speak no English at home, so they often don't have the vocabulary for home-related things...but "school" stuff they're fine with). They often find it amusing, though, to converse with me in Spanish, since they can "teach" me and "help" me and-- let's face it-- laugh at me.

If I type in italics, it's because that part of our conversation was in Spanish. I may or may not actually attempt to type out the Spanish. If my spoken Spanish is pretty iffy, my written Spanish is all but awful. So forgive me. :)

Also, please keep in mind that four-year-olds are huge copycats and unintentional liars. I mean, if you say you went to the beach yesterday, so did most of the class. If one person has a pet pony, they all do. Shockingly, if you believe what they tell you, every single one of my students has ridden in a space ship!! Crazy, right? So if I sound mean or skeptical, it's only because...I am. :)

Girl A: Mrs. B, I have two daddies!
Me: Oh...really? Two daddies? [please know that this doesn't really sound that far-fetched. I really was curious!]
Girl A: Yes! Dos papas? Dos!!
Me: Wow. Where do they live?
Girl A: One lives with me. The other...en Mexico.
Me: Wow... [we talk about this for a few minutes. Girl B has been listening in the whole time.]
Girl B: I have two daddies, too!
Me: No you don't. [She doesn't. I know her family a little bit.]
Girl B: Yes...I do! Dos papas, tambien!
Me: Well, where do they live?
Girl B: One...he lives with me, in Georgia. The other...[her voice drifts off as she points to the ceiling and lifts her eyes skyward]
Me: Huh? He lives in the sky?
Girl B: Yes...
Me: Well...what are your daddies' names?
Girl B: My daddy that lives in my house...he name John Doe [obviously I'm making that up]. Doe!! Like my name!!
Me: Yeah, I know John. What about your other daddy? The one who lives...[point to ceiling]?
Girl B: Well...I do not know how to say his name in English.
Me: That's okay. You can say it in Spanish.
Girl B: [getting shy]...I do not want to say it.
Me: Just tell me!
Girl B: Jesucristo?
Me: Ohhhhh! He IS your daddy! Who told you about Him?
Girl B: My mommy.
Me: Well, your mommy is very smart to tell you. What does your daddy do up in the sky?
Girl B: He sees if people are doing the right thing.
Me: Well...yeah. Where else do you learn about Jesucristo? Do you go to church?
Girl B: [blank stare]
Me: a la iglesia?
Girl B: Yes!! [incredulous look coming over her face] Do you know my daddy, too???
Me: I do. I am so glad you know him!!
Girl B: But Mrs. B, what do you CALL him?? You say Jesucristo or Dios?
Me: I can call him that. Or I call him God. But it's the same. La misma. It doesn't matter.
Girl B: You go a la iglesia?
Me: Yes!
Girl B: But I didn't see you there!
Me: Well there are lots of churches! I go to a different church than you. But we learn about the same God. Did you know that I have even been to churches in Mexico?
Girl B: [jumping out of her chair] In an AIRPLANE??!!?!
Me: Yes!
Girl B: And it is the same...[pointing to the ceiling]...the same one as here.
Me: Yep.
Girl B: Wow...[looking off into the distance]...well, Mrs. B, I have a Hannah Montana necklace!!

:: end theological discussion ::


  1. cute!!!

    by the way, wv: alista it is almost like my name, mixed with the word vista. i kind of like that.

  2. That is so cool...and so cute :)...you know in all the applying im doing for jobs there has to be SOME job out there for me since I speak spanish....but I can't for the life of me think of where I can apply...any ideas? I wonder if that have that program in middle Ga? how did you find out about it?

  3. Everything about this is completely adorable. Oh my goodness.

  4. I LOVE this conversation! I LOVE it. I almost cried it was so cute.

  5. So cute!

    Matersub- a tomato sandwich on a sub roll. LOL!


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