Monday, November 3, 2014

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We had such a fun weekend!

(I feel like that is the most generic way to start a post EVER, but...if it's true, then what can I do about it?)

I survived (and perhaps even enjoyed!) another half-day of work on Friday. The temp that covered for me during my leave stayed until the end of last week so that he could catch me up on things and pass the baton back (figuratively. Unfortunately, I'm not a full-time majorette or relay runner...). I was glad to have time to get re-acclimated and up-to-date, and now I'm actually looking forward to taking my office back, putting up ludicrous amounts of pictures of Millie, and seeing if I can make a go out of being a Working Mom. Yes, those words need to be capitalized. It's a serious thing! Today I'm back to regular old full-time, so we'll see how it goes. I'm thinking it'll go good because yesterday I treated myself to a Back to Work clothes shopping spree. The excitement about wearing fun new clothes will fuel and distract me through lunch time at least, I think. Millie is in good hands- my mother-in-law is keeping her through the end of the year, so that's making the transition much easier. Also, she brings her up to have lunch with us sometimes- like today! So that gives me something to look forward to.

But anyway, back to Friday- Halloween! Millie was pretty jazzed.

Or maybe she was just plotting something devious??

We were excited to dress Mills up in her other costume, sit on the porch, and hand out candy. It got suddenly cold and that made it feel extra-fun and festive. And also, Matt wore one of our Snuggies. Nothing says HAPPY HALLOWEEN like a Snuggie, right??

Millie loved her super-warm cupcake costume- it was cuddly and adorable and to be honest, I said you're so cute I'm gonna eat you up!! even MORE times than I normally do, which is really saying something. But it's extra funny when you're saying it to a cupcake, so...I really had no choice.

I'm not sure I've ever had more fun sitting on the porch in the cold. We didn't get a ton of trick-or-treaters, but something about just rocking with my family, all bundled up against the was amazing.

Saturday was delightfully chilly, too. I love the first few days (maybe even weeks) of cold weather. Jackets! Sweaters! Scarves! So fun! I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune soon, but for now it's novel and wonderful. Plus, Millie looks super cute in her warm hats and cuddly jackets. 

I don't want to talk about most of Saturday because it just involves us watching a football game that we should've had in the bag but instead lost in an embarrassing and awful manner. Misery.

To take away the sadness, I chased the bad football game with about 12 episodes of Gilmore Girls. At least that never disappoints!

Sunday was our first time change as parents and OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO MISERABLE I JUST WANTED TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sike. Just kidding! Just trying to establish solidarity with the rest of the parents on earth, but really it was no big deal here. Either Millie didn't get the memo about ruining her parents' lives on November 2 or else she's just too young or something. She slept pretty much the same as always (almost 11 hours overnight) and woke up within the realm of her normal wake-up times (which is anywhere from 7-9 a.m.), so...sadly, it wasn't nearly as dramatic as I'd anticipated. Maybe next time! (For the record, I woke up an hour earlier than I would have liked, because HELLO SUN!!!, so...I was at least a little bit miserable, but I can't really blame it on the baby.)

Sunday was heavy on the Productive and not so much on the Relaxing, but that's fine by me- I wanted to be as prepared as possible for my first full week back at work, so I'm glad that we accomplished a lot (and had that extra hour Sunday morning to get started, ha). Next weekend we're heading to the mountains (and there might even be SNOW!!!!!), so it's going to be a jam-packed week. I did take a trip to the gym (my *ahem* second since Millie was born...three months ago...) just for kicks (and because my new pants are all about 40 sizes larger than I'd prefer) and made the AMAZING DISCOVERY that I can watch Netflix (read: Gilmore Girls) on my phone!!!!!!! I know, this is probably like welcome to 2004, Erika!!, but it was pretty exciting to me. I had big plans to do a lot of strength training and weights, but then I discovered this and it was all about the elliptical for 48 minutes. So...I guess it's better than nothing, and it was certainly more entertaining than staring at my flabby arms in the mirror doing weights for an hour. Whatever.

Have a fantastic week!


  1. Every single picture of Millie is stinkin' adorable! She's changing so much!
    Yay for work not being too overwhelming so far. I hope this week is equally as awesome.
    I would chalk up the 40 pants sizes to Millie's birth. Think of it as sympathy least you have your sweet girlie!!!

  2. Millie has the most beautiful eyes!

    Our province doesn't do daylight savings, isn't that crazy? We are the only place in North America who doesn't (I think)

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend and that life back to work isn't too bad :)

  3. Love her cupcake outfit! So precious!!!! Hope your week goes well at work this week and glad you have so many cute pictures to stare at!

  4. Yay! So glad you had a fun, festive weekend! Thought admittedly, I'm really bummed that Millie didn't ruin your entire day being out of sync due to the time change. You waited so long for that moment... maybe in the spring. : )

  5. Hope your first full week back to work is great.... a shopping spree always helps! What a cute cupcake!

  6. We haven't had issues with the time change until this most recent change with Isaac, and really, it's only that he's waking up at 6:30-6:45 instead of 7:30-7:45. Not ideal, but not the pits either. I'm sure as he gets older it will become more of a challenge as his circadian rhythm develops... or something like that.

  7. Cute cupcake costume! So glad you guys had fun! Praying for you as you head back to work.

  8. Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend to me! And it makes me happy to see you just doing life as a family of THREE now :)

  9. I love Millie's costumes!!! Such a sweet little face! :) I'm trucking my way through season 4 - I just can't watch anything else (not that I really want to)!

  10. Hope your first full day back to work is going OK! You just kill me with Millie's cuteness!! :)

  11. Phew, glad the time change didn't ruin everyone's lives (this time). Did you give Millie any candy on Halloween? I think a Reese's peanut butter cup would be an acceptable first solid food...

  12. You really make me lol!!

    Millie is the cutest cupcake I ever did see!!

    And how in the world have you not worked out for three months yet manage to stay on the elliptical for 48 minutes!??! I pretty much die after 4 minutes on the elliptical so. . . . Yeah.

  13. You're killing me with the cute baby pictures!! She's a doll!

  14. I have never heard of people sitting outside on Halloween before reading blogs this year. She guess its a regional thing? And good call easing your way back into work. Today was my first day back and ohmygosh8hoursiswaytoolong without baby snuggles

  15. Love her plotting picture! That is so great that your MIL will have her and can even bring her for lunch!

  16. I love Halloween! It's fun to see all the costumes and of course, eat all the candy! Millie is breathtaking, never disappoints!

  17. I'm so glad Millie can hang out with your MIL for now. That is a pretty sweet deal. Plus getting to meet you for lunch -- she's so cosmopolitan!

    Even though I just finished watching Gilmore Girls, I'm tempted to start over again because, now that's it's on Netflix, everyone is talking about it again.

    And I think the best part of your blog posts these days (besides seeing you and so happy as a family of three), is how you interpret Millie's expressions. That makes me laugh sooooo much!


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