Thursday, January 29, 2015

bring your baby to work day!

Remember when I used to get all jazzed about bringing Lola with me to work?? Well, it's for good reason. Having your sweet pup hanging out under your feet all day is just plain fun. Need a moment of stress relief? Pet your pup! Want to distract your coworkers? Invite them down to meet the dog! Really- dogs at work is the most fun.

But you know what's even MORE fun??

Bringing your Nuggie to work!

Sophie, are you stalking me? Everywhere I go, there you are. I will eat you.


Wanna guess why Millie got to spend the day at work with me today? I bet you don't even need three tries.

Yup, sick baby. Womp womp womp.

I'll spare you the play-by-play, but the bottom line is that now she has croup. And also, I should be given an honorary MD degree or something. I TOTALLY called this one, too. I'm 2/2 on properly diagnosing her issues before we even get to the doctor's office. If only they'd let me call in prescriptions...I could really save us some money. Oh, and I want a stethoscope, too. Then I'd be invincible.

So since contagious croupy babies aren't really embraced at her school, she spent the day with me. My goal was just to go in for a couple of hours and get my most urgent to-dos done...but as it turned out, she was quite a breeze of a work companion. She mostly snoozed in her Ergo. Or on the floor.

And since she's not mobile yet, even when she was awake, she was easy to just plop down on her pallet and she'd play with toys and entertain herself while I did productive Work Things. It was really quite fun. Plus, it had all the bonuses of bringing your dog to work- like cuddles when you needed a mental break, and providing plenty of distractions for coworkers and passers-by. I think people even like babies more than large black dogs, strangely enough. Although they weren't jazzed about her contagiousness, so maybe we'll call it even between Millie and Lola.

Anyway. It was nice to not have to use a day of PTO. Matt will keep her home tomorrow, so today was just a happy anomaly, but one I'm very thankful for. This goes down as Reason #2941 that I love my job: understanding about working parent issues to the max.

Remember in my past life (pre-Millie) when I had years of really hard decision making? changing things. Well, I'm gladly in a place where I don't have any really hard decisions to make right now. But it's like there's this void in my heart, so what I do to fill it is inflate really small choices into BIG FREAKING DEALS.

My current BIG FREAKING DEAL decision: which three Essie nail polishes do I purchase during Target's buy-2-get-1-free sale? Seriously. I've been debating this for over a week. It's a great deal, obviously. And I'm just SURE I need three new polishes. But like...which ones? You know how we've been sick for like 3 weeks? Well, we've had to get more than a few prescriptions filled at Target. And every single time I'm standing there, waiting for my prescription to be filled...I stare at the Essie display and debate my options. It's kind of insane.

Anyway, the sale goes through February 18, so I'm not pressured to make a decision too soon. I just can't decide. It's cold. It's winter still. I kinda want to get more dark winter colors!! But then...spring is around the corner. In April, will I regret not having bought any new pastels? Oh woe is me, this is so hard!!! (No, it's not. No need to tell me that this is ridiculous- I know already. But if there's a particular shade that you just KNOW I should get...feel free to tell me all about it.) Also, this can serve as a PSA in case you weren't aware of the sale. Now you can join me in stressing about the biggest $16 decision of your life.

And now I'm faced with another huge decision: what the heck do we eat tonight? We were still in sickness recovery mode last weekend and didn't do much cooking ahead for the week...and now it's time to pay the piper. Ugh. On the plus side, that's what Mexican restaurants were invented for, so yay.


  1. Mmmmmm..... Mexican. I also have a sick little. Luckily for me I have had the entire week off from work b/c of snow days. Big perk of being a teacher and the timing couldn't have been more perfect! I hope Mills kicks croup ass soon! We're tag teaming RSV & bronchiolitis over here. Ugh!!!!!?

  2. Buy 2 get 1?? How did I miss this deal going on? I'm so sorry she is sick :( But, pretty awesome you got to take her to work!! That is for sure a blessing!

  3. I'm so glad you got to Millie with you! Contagious or not, I would cover those big cheeks with many Colleen kisses. I remember when Maine was that little and I would just plop him in the bassinet on my desk and work. That...would not work now. Can you tell me your Essie trick? Because every time I use that polish, it chips off in what seems like hours! I have not had luck with them, even though I love the colors. Speaking of, in two days I have a coupon for Ulta for 5 bucks off of 15, so I am going to buy some new Ulta polishes! Any colors or coats you recommend, or any must have make-ups for under 15 bucks?

  4. When I was pregnant with Davis, I had a pretty large cubicle and there was a running joke that I should just set up a little daycare area for Davis there and come back to work - sounded like a nightmare, but you guys make it look pretty fun!

  5. I wish my job was that accommodating! Also, it makes me laugh a lot to think about attempting to take one of the twins (or both) with me to work now... my childless male boss would not know what hit him!

  6. She's a great little work companion! Hoping she feels all the way better very soon.

  7. Wish we had bring your kids to work day, but that would be kinda yucky considering where I work. Hospital setting=not appropriate even when your child is sick! The germs are outrageous.
    Goodness I hope this is Millie's last illness during winter 2014-15. She's been through enough. Her poor little body.

  8. That is awesome you are able to take her with you when needed! What a fabulous company!!

  9. Poor baby! Janie's only ER visit was due to croup. That barking cough can be so scary!

  10. Poor little! How awesome that they let you bring her to work, though. (That would happen where I work approximately .0005 seconds before hell froze over.) I wonder if that's a Southern thing? When I lived in Nashville, they let me bring my cat to work on days I'd be traveling to see my folks, so I wouldn't have to go get him before driving for 8 hours. Anyway, I hope you all are on the mend soon!

    As far as the nail polish goes, since you get three out of the deal, maybe one dark, one neutral, and one pastel? I got some Sally Hansen yesterday--one is green for St. Patrick's Day (mostly for the girls), and the other is slate grey, which I have on now. It's darker than I normally go, but I love it!

  11. I commented last night on my phone... apparently an iPhone fail. What on earth is that giraffe? Is it from a show? I feel like Millie LOVES her because she's always in the pictures now. And every kid seems to call their giraffe Sophie. #outoftheloop

    So glad that you were able to take Millie and not use another PTO day. That's certainly a win!

    1. Sophie Giraffe is a toy sold specifically for babies. It comes from Europe (I think) and is all rubber and dye friendly. I convinced my husband that each of our kids needed their own Sophie and they still play with them sometimes!

    2. Buzzfeed recently did a "what do you and don't you need for a new baby" article and Sophie was one of the top DON'T need items. I disagree. After witnessing the enchantment of this French Giraffe, I've bought several as baby shower gifts.

      Every child needs their own Sophie. And a back up in case the dog chews her head off.

  12. Pearberry and Tuck it in Your Tux.

    The 3rd can be a pastel. But those two are beautiful.

    *Sorry Miss Millie is sick too.

  13. I'm a day late here but I say Mexican all the way!! I had heard about the Essie deal but kind of forgot so thanks for the reminder!!! Totally unrelated but I'm 1 star away from my first free drink with my new Starbucks gold card...woohoo!!! haha

  14. That is so awesome that you can bring Millie to work with you and that she was such an accommodating co-worker!

    Maybe your boss will be happy to have her there one day a week and you can save money on daycare so you can buy lots of Essie's "on a silver platter" because that is definitely my new favourite nail polish. Seriously, check this out and tell me you don't adore it as much as I do!

    And don't you love how seamlessly I took the two salient points from your blog post and turned them into one (AWESOME!) idea?! :)

  15. If you shop frequently at Target and other stores, consider downloading shopkick. Shopkick gives you kicks when you walk into a participating store, and if you scan items you get additional kicks. You can use the rewards for a Target gift card (500 kicks = $2 target gift card) or Starbucks or any of the other rewards they have. Then you can buy more Essie nail polish! If only Ulta would hop on the shopkick bandwagon..... :)

  16. Essie - "Barefoot and Topless" all spring and summer. You're sooooo welcome.


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