Thursday, May 28, 2015


Today I am happy to be guest blogging for Elizabeth over at Teaching Sam & Scout!

If you have an excellent memory, you may recall that this isn't my first rodeo blogging for E. Back in 2012, I shared my Letter to New Moms on her old blog, E, Myself, and I. That post was the way that many of you found me in the first place, so it's fun getting to go back for another (much lighter, fluffier) go-round! 

Anyway, if you're dying to know about what I've been reading, watching, buying, and trying lately (or you want to see pictures of a two-month-old sweet baby girl...)- head over to E's blog and check it (me?) out!


  1. You are absolutely my favorite blog writer! You have the most amazing positive spirit. I Reread your letter to new moms and as I sit here with my fussy clomid baby I am reminded of how grateful I need to be. You are amazing, write more! Emma

    1. Ha! Agreeing with Erika… every miserable thing in life can be blamed on Clomid. In fact, I think I'm going to start blaming Clomid for my son's, ahem, spirited nature… though I doubt he's ever been near the stuff. It made me quite spirited when I took it years ago, so it seems logical to me! : )

  2. You are too kind- thank you!! :) And you can probably blame the fussiness on the Clomid...I would, anyway. ;) (Also, it's totally possible to be cranky AND simultaneously grateful, I've discovered, so don't feel like you have to paste a smile on-ha!!)

  3. LOVED having you and love how many readers we share! So thankful for you, bloggy friend! :)

  4. I started reading your blog after seeing the letter to new mom's on E's blog... glad I found it! You are a fun blogger to follow and I have so enjoyed watching you become a mom. it is amazing how blogs bring people together... I don't even know you, yet I have cried with you and prayed for you! God is good. This blog and you are a testament to that! Keep it up!

  5. I love your new swimsuit! Tres chic! And I'm sorry you cried over your groceries :(


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