Thursday, May 11, 2017


I know a "formula" post is probably the biggest cop-out ever for someone who can hardly pull it together to write once a month, we are. I always like reading these when other people do them, so maybe you do too! Amazon Music Playlists. I seriously just discovered these a few weeks ago and I am totally hooked! People have thought of playlists for every imaginable mood and genre, and I highly enjoy tailoring my listening to my mood at work all day long. One of this week's favorite playlists has been "50 Great 90s Alternative Songs," which makes for great conversation when coworkers come in for a chat...

Eating...everything in the world, which is unfortunate. But I must say we've done some good cooking at home lately. If you're looking for new go-to summer dishes, I recommend Roasted Sweet Potato Rainbow Salad with Lime Crema and Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing. Cannot get enough of those two recipes!!!

Drinking...lemonade! Not all the time, but after almost 10 years of marriage, Matt decided to reveal that he knows how to make Chickfila lemonade (he worked there for 9 years prior to our marriage). Uhhhh yes. So now we have an unfortunate habit of buying bags of lemons so that Matt can make us fresh lemonade at night. Tasty, but not exactly what my thighs were needing this summer...

Wearing...I am REALLY going to lose most of you here, but maybe there is someone else with the feet of a 70 year old that can benefit from this info. So over the last few years I've developed the WORST plantar fasciitis. I've gone from the typical having bad pain in the mornings and late evenings to some days being in excruciating pain all day long. It's miserable. Anyway, after spending a billionish dollars on inserts, special braces, tools, and all other kinds of nonsense (not really nonsense- some of it really works, glad to share my tips if anyone needs them, haha), I discovered that wearing specifically PF-designed shoes is the key to breaking the cycle of awfulness. I bought these Vionic flip flops a few months ago and they are a GAME CHANGER. I wear them ALL of my non-working hours (NEVER going barefoot- not even to walk from the shower to the closet, etc.), during my lunch hour, and sometimes (on the worst days) even all day at work. Sorry, not business casual, but it's either that or I can't come in because I can't walk. They have made a HUGE difference. Then I bought a pair of Vionic's work-appropriate wedges, and just last week I got a pair of these cute summer sandals that are appropriate for both work AND play. These shoes are more than my normal Target-budget, but have been SO worth it. So there's my plug for the similarly afflicted sistahs (and brothahs?)...get you some good old lady shoes!

Feeling...excited for summer. The extra daylight, the plethora of outdoor opportunities, the vacations on the horizon...summer is the best! Millie had a BLAST on our recent beach trip and she can't stop talking about going back to the "BIG ocean to PWAY PWAY PWAY!! [play play play], so I am super excited for our next trip. In like 3 months, haha. But still.

Wanting...time to slow down. Cliche as all get out, but I just LOVE the stage Millie is in right now and I want it to last forever! See above. I just couldn't ask for more.

This picture is oriented correctly. :) We were laying in the hammock. Lately Millie likes to pretend she is a baby kangaroo and I am the mommy kangaroo and she gets in my "pouch." She walks around requesting to get in my pouch because she "so safe and so warm dere!" See what I mean? Never change, Millie!!! (It is less cute at 3:00 a.m. when she is crying on the monitor "I need seep in Mommy's pouch!!!")


  1. Gosh I love that Mills!! I think we need Millie videos! I want to hear her cute little voice!!

    I also NEED to know the recipe to cfa lemonade!!

    and thanks for the shoe tip, My Mom has pf and she struggles finding shoes that don't hurt. I am looking them up as we speak!!

  2. I love Currently posts - I do one once a month because it's fun for me to go look back at the mundane bits of life that otherwise I'd probably forget! I have a weird pain on the top of my foot near my toes. It feels like I'm being stabbed when I walk. I thought/hoped it was related to pregnancy but given Paige is almost 5 months old and the pain is still there I'm gonna say nope...ugh!

  3. My mom and MIL have dealt with plantar fasciitis so I'll have to pass this along to them, ha!!

  4. Sleeping in momma's pouch is perfect! Millie knows where it's at. Gotta love a girl who knows what she wants! <3

  5. Love hearing all of the things she is saying, she is so cute!! Currently Bowen likes lifting up our shirts, touching our belly/fat and laughing. Not quite sure how to take that!?!? He does the same for his own belly too though.

  6. Sam can do dry needling for plantar fasciitis if you ever get REALLY desperate.

    Millie's pigtails are AMAZING right now! Such volume! Such attitude! Such a cute length!

  7. "I need seep in Mommy's pouch!!!" - Hahaha!

    I'm so sorry about the foot pain. That sounds awful! Thankful you found a solution or at least something to help relieve a lot of the pain!

  8. Also, I have a friend who has been doing the needling for this issue and it has helped her quite a bit! Not totally gone but she has gotten some relief.

  9. I'm just cracking up about the 3 AM "I need to sleep in mommy's pouch," but only out of solidarity. My daughter doesn't pretend to be a kangaroo, but all of a sudden we are back to middle of the night wake-ups at 2.5 and I am beside myself. Your happiness comes through in every post. I love it.

  10. Sweet girl!! She says the cutest things.

    Not to make you feel older, but my mom loves Vionic shoes ;)

    1. What a fun spring you, M & little Miss. Millie are having. My hubby(hates, hates, hates going to the Dr) and thinks he has PF. Sigh what can I do other than pray about it. It is heartbreaking to watch him limp around . . . is it worse when you get out of bed?

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