Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Bleh. The Bates family is experiencing an all-too-familiar bout of sickness. I swear, we've gotten sick more this year than in our whole lives...combined. Apparently the AJC wasn't lying a few months ago when they listed "pre-k teachers" and "bankers" as the #1 and #2 (respectively) germiest jobs. We spend our days marinating in germs, then come home and spread the love. Ew. Matt has the flu this time. I was doing good, but have felt really tired and headachey all afternoon. I fell asleep as soon as I got home from work (probably could have fallen asleep AT work if it hadn't been SUCKING so much today)...when I woke up, I didn't feel any less tired, but I did go to the bathroom to notice that my EYE IS BRIGHT RED. Can I even count how many times I've had pink eye this year? No, I cannot, because the number is TOO HIGH. It is beyond my ability to count. I bet my doctors really love me though. The Bates family is personally responsible for ensuring that no one at Athens Associates and Family Practice feels the hurt of the recession. They can treat themselves to new Beamers every month with the amount of money we lavish on them!

So we opted to skip out on home group tonight, which is sad because I miss my friends. However, I also love my friends, which is why we will not go and contaminate them with our diseases. Actually now that I think about it, among our little 3-couple group of people we hang out with the most, I can see that none of our careers support the group remaining healthy. 6 people: 3 bankers, 2 pre-k teachers, and a vet. No wonder we are never all healthy at the same time!

We did have a good time last weekend in the mountains. I think I took a total of 2 pictures, neither of which have been uploaded yet. It seems like way too much effort at this point. But we had a good time eating, playing dominoes, and dodging raindrops. Also, Lola picked up a tick somewhere (could have been there, could have been at home) that we found on Monday night (and removed). Actually, when Matt woke up Tuesday morning burning up with a fever, I was convinced he had contracted Lymes disease from the tick. I made him ask the doctor about it. The doctor told us he couldn't have contracted it in 9 hours from only touching a tick. So that made me feel better. But I really am a first-class hypochondriac and compulsive WebMD diagnoser.

This post is so pointless, but I am just sitting here on the couch not waching Iron Man with Matt, but not really having anything else to do. I can now check "create some kind of ticker-thingy" off my to-do list...I get jealous of seeing everyone's little pregnancy countdown thingies on the top of their blogs...and then I noticed people making them for all kinds of other events! So I thought my blog needed one, too, and celebrating days of marriage is as good a reason as any. Added bonus: maybe tons of people will send me anniversary cards this year. Ha.


  1. I'm sorry ya'll are sick. I can not believe you have pink eye again! I think you have had pink eye this year more than I have had it my entire life. that is no good. Jesus, heal Erika's eye and Matt's flu and any other illness they have. Amen.
    When I started working with the kiddos I started taking immune booster supplements everyday. I think it might of helped...or you could just start wearing a face mask to work everyday. That is probably the best option. :)

  2. bankers are #2?!! This does not comfort me. And I hope y'all get better soon.


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