Saturday, March 28, 2009

snowy saturday

What's a girl to do? It's just another lazy Saturday morning, me and Lola on our own while Matt brings home the bacon. On Saturdays when Matt works, I find myself with hours of nothing-to-do-ness. I wake up at the same time he does, to give us some time together + with Jesus and to fix him breakfast. By the time he leaves, I've been up for over an hour and am too awake to go back to bed. So it's like 8:00am, rainy outside, and there's nothing to do but spend a few quality hours slothing on the couch, listening to Jason Upton and catching up on some serious blog-stalking. It's 'stalking' because by and large it's people I don't know. You see, most of my real-life friends (or even semi-real-life friends, or blogs I regularly stalk) I keep up with all week long. There's no need to spend a few quality hours catching up on their lives. Saturday mornings are ideal for finding a new blog and reading months worth of entries. You know, catching up, bringing myself up to date! I assume everyone does this...if not, ignore me and please don't tell me how lame I am. I already have a pretty good idea.

Anyway, while I'm wasting the day away on the sofa, what's a lonely Lab to do? Poor baby, stuck inside due to the backyard being a muddy swamp. Remember the new toy I mentioned yesterday that we just got her? The new super-durable (I mean, I bought it at Academy. That has to mean something) toy? Right.
I look up from my laptop. Huh? Did it my living room? Oh, no. That would be the entrails of Coleman, the new toy. Poor thing didn't last a day.

This is actually a frequently occuring phenomenon in our house. Lola really likes to murder her toys. She pulls all the stuffing out of them, spreads it all over the house, and more or less frolics in it. Apparently she's re-living her memories of the snow day. Matt and I gather up all the "snow" and toss it, but don't worry-- she will still enjoy carrying around the toy carcass for months. We have at least 4 empty toys (essentially scraps of fabric) still in her toy basket, and they get frequent play. So, whatever.

What she hasn't figured out is that every time she goes beserk on a toy and spreads cotton batting all over the house it causes something Very Bad to happen: I vacuum. And if there's anything scarier (to Lola) than the vacuum...well, never mind, she's never found anything scarier. Empty paper bags are about the only thing that come close (why????), but that's another story for another day. As for me, I need to go vacuum, and while I'm at it I think I'll dust, organize, and do some other general cleaning as well. I need to catch up on my housewifely duties!

(P.S. When I went to upload the pics of Lola's destruction, I noticed I'd never uploaded our 4 pictures from Gatlinburg a few weekends ago. Here's Matt and I goofing off in a tacky gift shop.)

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  1. Ah, toy carcasses. We have more than our share of those as well...and even some stand-alone limbs that still get played with, after she has amputated them from the rest of the toy.

  2. haha I found your blog from Jenna's and just would like to say that our dogs do this all the time. I've given up buying them anything that has any kind of stuffing.

  3. eva doesn't like the crinkle of plastic bags...or jingling keys - she barks at both!

    didn't mean to steal your thunder on liz's get points for being wordier. ;)


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