Thursday, April 2, 2009


I just finished watching last night's episode of Lost, and although it was indeed a very good episode and actually answered a few questions, the question that is left lingering in my mind is...Clementine? It's the name of a (very minor, or so we are led to think) character, and I'm just like...seriously? Could you EVER say that name without thinking of that song "oh my darlin', oh my darlin', oh my darrrrrrrlin' Clementine...." And now, after I've been singing that song in my head for the last 5 minutes and typing the lyrics out for the blog, it occurs to me that I don't know any more words than that. The words that come next in my head are the words I invented to go next back when I was like, 7 or something. I am 100% sure they are not the actual words, and in fact they make absolutely no sense. And yet they are there. Interesting. But anyway...

It's been another long week. Matt's been sick again (a stomach thing this time) but managed to miss only 1 day of week, which is definitely a record for him. He went back today, although I'm not really sure he felt any better. At least he didn't have a fever. Poor Mattie.

We are making a bid on a house! It's a HUD-owned home, which makes the bidding process very unusual...normally we would make an offer, which the seller would either accept or make a counter offer, something like that. With this house, there is a 10-day window in which the seller accepts bids. Like an auction. Only this is a silent and blind auction. You don't know who else is bidding, how much they are bidding, or anything. When the bidding is over (Sunday, April 5th, at midnight), they will open up all the bids and award the house (or the contract, rather) to the highest bidder. Weird, huh? So we've spent some time debating and debating what to we went to our Realtor's office and did all the paperwork. All we have left to do is get a certified check for $1000 that is our "earnest money" (Wiki it if you're as confused as I am about what exactly that is) and we will have officially entered the bidding! Although we really do like the house, I'm trying not to get too worked up about it, since it seems quite likely we won't end up getting it. But if we do...then yay! And there will be plenty more details forthcoming, if we win.

Tomorrow is Friday, which is a very good thing. This week has felt forever long. Our next-door-neighbors got robbed yesterday. Matt was home (sick), so heard about it both from our landlord and from the guys whose house it was. They came by to see if he'd seen or heard anything (he hadn't). These are scary times. I've been a pretty paranoid person for quite awhile anyway, and this has done nothing to soothe my fears. Ugh. Erin, our landlord, mentioned that since we have a big dog, that's probably in our favor (as far as not being next on someone's list of Houses to Rob). My feelings on that are....well, we keep Lola in a cage when we're gone. So a caged dog is probably not that scary. Now, we could start keeping her out when we're gone (someone run a cost-benefit analysis on that one...because she most certainly would ruin some of our stuff, versus maybe getting robbed and losing some stuff), but then I read earlier this week in the paper that some folks on the other side of town got robbed, and they had a dog, and the robbers just shot the dog. Took care of that little problem. So I figure I'd rather have Lola than any of my other stuff. But anyway...this topic isn't very uplifting...but it is on my mind, so there you have it.

Unfortunately, I can't think of anything very interesting to talk about. My life hasn't been very interesting this week. On Tuesday night, after I got all freaked out reading about that insane computer worm/virus/terrorist thing that was supposed to be happening April 1st, I decided to back up some of the stuff on my computer. I'm too lazy to burn CDs though, so I just thought I'd save stuff to my flash drive that has all of like 256mb on it (it could be more, but whatever. It's small.) As I debated which things were the MOST important to save, Matt and I spent some quality time looking through the 8 years of crap I've been saving. I'm talking Instant Messenger conversations from my freshman year of college. OpenDiary entries I typed in Word and saved from high school. Matt got all caught up on my life of 8-10 years ago. It was pathetic. And hilarious. And, unfortunately for us all, did not get saved onto the flash God help us if we do get struck by the Configra (or whatever the heck it is) and we lose those priceless documents!!


  1. She is lost and gone forever, oh my darlin' Clementine (or something like that).

    And I would consider that your insurance probably covers you if your stuff gets stolen...not so much if your own dog destroys it. Just a thought. =)

  2. good luck w/ the house bidding!

  3. Good luck with the bidding process. I missed LOST this week, it was game night at a friend's house, so I am hoping to watch it online this weekend. Oh, and do you lose the earnest money if you don't win the auction? I hope not... I will keep my fingers crossed you get the house!

  4. omigosh. I had the very same thoughts during Lost. I was thinking "Clementine? Really?"

    our neighbors got robbed too! It was a mother/daughter and they were robbed getting out of their car at GUNPOINT. Scary!(they r ok, by the way, their purses just taken, they weren't harmed PTL)
    Now it's not like we live in the ghetto or in a sketchy apt. or in a scary part of town. We are probably living in the safest location AND least sketchy apt. since we've been married. I mean we live in PINEVILLE. It's a small town outside of Charlotte sends its own newsletter to all of the residents. Not usually 6:00 news material. So this incident kinda freaked me out. I prayed over our apt. Dana Hernadez style after that happened.

    Good luck on the bid!

  5. also...totally unrelated...
    I've become obsessed w/ reading Resolved2Worship's blog that you follow. I mean...could a family be more beautiful? and always photo ready?
    All the kids are always in coordinating outfits wherever they go so she can always get good looking pics. That is really impressive.
    REALLY impressive. This is now a lifelong goal of mine....for my family to always look like a photoshoot out of COOKIE magazine. and to do it cheaply.


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