Saturday, April 4, 2009


Do you have any idea how beautiful it is today in Athens, Georgia? Unless you happen to live here (which most of you do, ha), you may be unaware. It is absolutely perfect. That's the only way to describe it. I'm going to ignore the yellow coat of pollen covering everything and instead focus on the sunshine, the fabulous low-70s temperature, and the slight breeze. It's divine. Know how many days I could handle of this weather? Infinity. If every day of the rest of my life were like this, I would be okay with that. Anyway, just a quick update before I dash to a cookout. How perfect of a cookout day is it??!!

This weekend has been great so far. Last night was a Vineyard "Ladies Night" at Brett's (my fave restaurant). It was a wonderful evening. I had a long week, so it was so nice to just meet up with friends (and new friends) to enjoy a few hours of good food, drinks, and conversation. Matt had a friend come in from out of town, so he was able to spend some time with his friend as well-- so good times were had all around. After we ate, I went to Target with 2 friends. It's been a long time since I've been shopping with friends (usually it's by myself or with Matt) and we had fun being silly in the shoe section and looking at purses for entirely too long.

Today has been glorious in all aspects. We made a yummy breakfast (after sleeping until almost NINE O'CLOCK, which is really late for us) and then I went shopping (alone this time) for Matt's bday while he cleaned up and took Lola to the dogpark. I got Matt's presents and also managed to find 2 pair of shoes and a skirt for myself. Hey, a girl's gotta look spring-y, right?! I came home, wrapped the presents, and helped Matt bathe Lola outside when they got home. The dog park has apparently not recovered from the days of rain, and Lola found every mud puddle to play in.

The presents are on top of the bookcase, in case you couldn't tell. It's the only place I could think of that Lola couldn't reach. She's a crafty one, that Lola!

Anyway, we packed up a backpack full of provisions and loaded Lola back up into the car (although she was practically dead from dog park-induced exhaustion). It was time for her to experience her first UGA baseball game (and our first of the season). We love going to UGA baseball games because there is a place behind the outfield where you can sit (if you bring a chair) and enjoy the game for free! So there are always lots of people with their dogs, kids, food, radios, etc. It's a good time, and totally free. Unbeknownst to us, they had changed the game time to 2 hours earlier than originally announced, so we ended up getting there in the 7th inning, but it was fine. Lola did a good job. She was nervous with so many people and noise, but she didn't whine or bark and was very friendly to all the people who wanted to play with and pet her.

Here's the view from our seats. Since we got there so late, there weren't any really good spots left, but it was okay. The people in front of us were friendly and liked Lola, which is about as much as we could ask for!

We got back home, and now I'm sure Lola will sleep for at least 48 hours before waking. When she gets tired, she's done. And she's tired. And so is someone else:

(Note: We do in fact have a couch, a queen-sized bed, and a full-sized bed in our house. And an air mattress. Why he chooses to nap on the floor is beyond me.)

Better go wake him so we can go to the cookout! Enjoy the rest of your beautiful (if you live in Athens) weekend!


  1. so what did you decide to get matt for his birthday? i need some spring shoes, too...i'll definitely have to hit up target!

  2. Brian sleeps on the floor, too! Boys are so weird!!


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