Tuesday, April 21, 2009

getting better

I really appreciate all the nice thoughts and advice yall have given me in regards to our housing issues. I tend to get so caught up in the emotions of it all (and I do lean towards the melodramatic) that I probably make it even worse than it is. Anyway, we (and by 'we' I mean Matt, because I did nothing) made positive progress today by getting in touch with the people at his bank (who had pre-approved us a few months ago) and getting the loan ball rolling there. They are infinitely easier to work with-- imagine this, you can actually just email a person and they EMAIL YOU BACK!!! Or-- hold your breath-- they ANSWER THE PHONE WHEN YOU CALL!! Lawd have mercy, who woulda thunk. Anyway, they are going to do an FHA loan (as opposed to the conventional loan we had been doing with the other place) (and no, I have no idea what either of those terms mean...this is just FYI for all those who are more intelligent than I) and said we could go with as little as 3% down (we're still sticking with ~6% that'd we'd previously planned) and we're getting a repair escrow account to finish the floors. AND they will actually just talk directly to our realtor instead of only to us. This I am very excited about. I appreciate that USAA (former lender) respect our privacy as members so much that they refuse to talk to ANYONE except us...but that was really inconvenient. I have no desire to be the middleman for every single little piece of information and "I need you to fax me this"...please just take care of that on your own, thanks.

Miscellaneous thought: For the past few years I've had this belief that faxes were pretty much a thing of the past...I mean, who ever really uses one or NEEDS one? Apparently I was out of the loop...the fax industry must be fueled by the real estate industry, because MAN we have to fax a lot of things!! I had no idea those 'antiquated'(in my mind) machines were so useful!

So, things are looking up today. I'm feeling better. I especially love it when Matt does all the talking/emailing and then can just summarize what went on in the end. It usually doesn't happen that way because I'm such a control freak and I want to HEAR what every single person says. Also, if I tell Matt "hey, call so and so and ask this," and he does, then inevitably I think of like 4 more things I want him to say or ask and I'm trying to whisper them to him as he sits on the phone and he gets really frustrated and says "here, YOU can talk to them." So it's pretty much my own fault, but today I was busy at work til 7, so I really had no option but to let Matt handle it all...and he did a fantastic job.

Soon I am going to post pictures of some of the sweet things I've been cooking lately. And by "sweet" I just mean awesome, because they're all main/side dishes, not desserts. I take all these pictures with the intentions of posting them here, but inevitably I get distracted by things like LIFE and don't get around to it. And all I talk about is buying a house. Or Lola. Maybe I should make a list of things I've been meaning to blog about...I'm a good list-maker and list-crosser-offer.

1. Awesome food I cook
2. Pioneer Woman
3. Google Analytics
4. Funny things kids have said at school lately

That's all I can think of. Feel free to vote on which one you'd like to see me write on first. Maybe then I would actually get around to it. :) But right now I'm going to go watch last week's Amazing Race. Somehow, in the drama of being totally distressed last night, I forgot to catch up!!! Horrors!


  1. yayyy!!! I am so glad things are looking up! And I want to hear all about the awesome cooking! Can't wait to see you guys again next month!!

  2. i love making lists, too! and crossing things off. :) i'm very curious about pioneer woman and google analytics, mostly because i can't imagine what these topics are about. BUT, i cast my vote for funny things kids say because i'm sure it's good for some laughs!

  3. I am a list maker too! Mainly because I like the satisfaction of crossing things off that I have finished. Anyway, I'm glad things are working out better with the house. All topics you are thinking about blogging about sound interesting, but I am with Katy What is Pioneer Woman and Google Analytics? I would enjoy you starting with the funny things kids say because to be honest it will just be fun and uplifting.


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