Monday, April 6, 2009



I feel STRESSED. I want to scream at the top of my lungs for about 5 minutes. It may or may not make me feel any better.

#1) So we won the bid on the house. Yay, right? Right, theoretically. But we have 48 hours (from 10 this morning) to turn in this big pile o' papers to the seller (HUD), all filled out, i's dotted and t's crossed. It's no big deal-- we actually filled them all out/signed them last week, before the auction was even over. The problem is this ONE stupid little prequalification form that USAA (our lender) has to fill out and fax back to us on their letterhead. We already had drama with this form last week, and the only REAL problem is that I can never TALK to anyone at USAA without waiting on hold for an hour first. It KILLS me. Just to ask a stupid 2 second question, I have to wait for between 30 min and an hour?? Tell me, who is going to be in a friendly mood after that...and I go through this EVERY DAY, because every day I (and by "I" I mean my Realtor) have SOME sort of question/clarification. So I get off work at 4:45, make the call in my car on the way home, and rarely get off hold/the phone before 6:30pm. GREAT way to start the evening. Anyway, today I was SO incredibly frustrated (more by being on hold than anything else) (oh, and cause the clock is ticking now) that I was not up to being my normally nice and easygoing self. The nice girl act wasn't getting me anywhere. So I tried a little honesty, and what do I get? Oh, I get transferred to someone's superior, who tries to "diffuse" my "escalating" temper. I'm sorry, but if you wouldn't KEEP ME ON HOLD FOR 6 HOURS A WEEK maybe my anger wouldn't be escalating.

So, we maybe have the house. If this stupid form isn't the death of us all. I will be more excited later, hopefully.

#2) Our OTHER next-door neighbors got robbed today. Yup, that's 2, count-em-up, TWO next-door-neighbors getting robbed in the past 5 days. That's all I got! Our house only has 2 sides, so that means ALL our next door neighbors have been robbed. Fabulous. This makes me feel really great about my life, my home, my stuff, and my dog's safety. A real safe haven. Now i get to look forward to driving home (on the phone, on hold) from work tomorrow ALREADY pissed off from being on hold, and I may or may not have an intact home/dog. FABULOUS.

#3) The only thing in the world that could have made my night better was watching last night's Amazing Race or last week's Office. Oh, guess what. Neither of those actually happend. LOVE YOU, NBC and CBS. Thanks for ruining my life.

and while I'm at it, let's move on to number 4, although it isn't really weighing heavy on the heart like #s 1-3...let's just toss it in there so you know why today really took the cake.

#4) While teaching this afternoon, one of my students oh-so-lovingly asks "Miss Erika...why do you have bumps on your face?" (as she uses her index finger to point to like 200 imaginary spots on her own face). WHY??? WHY DON'T YOU TELL ME, GOD? Why am I 26 and why do I have acne like a friggin middle schooler??? WHY? And thankyouverymuch little 4 year old, it's only currently THREE giant zits. Trust me, I know. I counted. And I can actually count, unlike you. So there.



  1. umm...I would love to be screaming/watching GG/ eating icecream with you. I'm pretty sure that would make everything better. Now would be a good time to be able to teleport.

    P.S. I will be praying USAA gets you that form and that your apt. will stay untouched by any intruders!
    P.P.S I think your face is beautiful.

  2. well, on the bright side you'll get to move into a safer home. good luck w/ the forms & other details! when the stress dies down, post some pictures of the house!! :)

  3. I hope today is much much better!

    And I would consider hanging a picture of that kid up over a dart board and throwing sharp objects at it if I were you. That might help you feel better too.

  4. 1. If your Realtor is the one who has all the questions, tell him/her to call! It's THEIR job, not yours. After all... they get commission from this! But hopefully after this form gets sent, you won't have any more issues.

    2. Hopefully whoever is breaking into these houses is smart enough to not break into three houses all in a row in the same place in the same week. (Hello, police knowing he might come there again?) I know that is stressful - my neighbor had someone try to break in in the middle of the night a while back (they're elderly, which makes me really sad) and ever since I've been sleeping with a crowbar.

    3. I agree with Kristina - your face is beautiful - and I think our opinions should count much more than a 4-year-olds.


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