Thursday, May 14, 2009


I confess I've been a terrible blogger the past week or two, and I really hope to improve soon! Although last week I was just slack with posting...this week I have even fallen behind on READING blogs...and I really never thought that would happen. Things have just been crazy at school (only 4 days left!) and my planning period and break are not happening quite like they usually do and we're buying a house (in case you could forget) and running around like the proverbial chicken w/ no head I actually went like 2 days without looking at facebook or (all of my usual) blogs. And I feel so disconnected. :( And I have so many things to finish saying (and pictures to post) about last weekend! And when will I ever get around to it! Not now, anyway. It's late and I really need sleep. And probably not this weekend- we're heading out of town after work tomorrow and I plan to be having lots of fun with friends I rarely see all weekend...that is, actually hanging out with them instead of just reading their blogs! And so that won't leave me any time for blogging myself.

A few parting thoughts before I go, though:

1) Lost season finale: WOW. I think I will cry like a baby next year when the series actually ends. Also, I thought of this really hard question this morning on my (7 minute) commute to work: If UGA ever made it to the National Championship game, and it just so happened that the game was going to be played on the same night as the Lost series finale...which one would I watch live and which one would I postpone? Eek. That one stumped me all day. You're welcome to vote if you'd like.

2) I have the tannest arms and feet ever. I average about an hour and a half of recess every day, which has caused some serious farmers tannage (like that's a word). I seriously doubt I will ever even out this year. It's somewhat concerning to me.

3) Shopping for bathing suits immediately after eating like your life depended on it at Brett's = bad idea. Lesson learned.

I promise to catch up next week. Well, maybe. We might be getting a house. We'll see!


  1. PLEASE tell the snake story! ;) see you tomorrow!!

  2. You show your mediocrity of football fan-hood by even asking such a question. National Championship live without a second's pause. And you know how much I love Lost.

    Also, just wait until you're trying on maternity swimsuits. It gets even worse.


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