Monday, May 18, 2009

weekend away

We had such a fun weekend in Greenville! In honor of Liz and Scott's impending parenthood and Brooke and Patrick's upcoming cross-country move, we had a weekend of festivities in G-vegas (as the natives call it). There was lots of food (including some mind-blowing desserts), laughing, catching up, and picture-taking. There was also an unplanned flat tire on our Civic, which led to a multi-hour new-tire-buying experience. Surprisingly, that was not the high point of the weekend. But back to the good stuff-- let's review the weekend with photos, shall we?

The couple of honor (Scott and Liz) and the lovely hostess, Katy (and her dog Eva)
Jessica! It had been way too long since I've seen this girl. Apparently not much has changed-- she either has to make a silly face for the camera, or her eyes are closed.We played a fun baby trivia game which I sadly did not win (I like winning). But I still learned some things, and we all had fun. The "art" you may notice is my rendition of an octopus. It was in honor of the Octo-mom (the question was something like "how many is the most surviving children from a single birth?")
The strawberries-n-cream cake from Strossners. This was worth the drive to Greenville all by itself.

Liz and the guys. Or, as someone said that day, "The results of the paternity test are almost in. The daddy is........" :)

Me with the mama-to-be (and hostess to me, Matt, and Lola for the weekend)

The ladies! Katy, Liz, me, Brooke, and Jess

Matt is serious about that fruit, and Dustin is seriously cracking up about something.

Matt and I downtown at the Blue Ridge Brewery-- yum!

On Sunday, we went to Chris & Katy's (HUGE!) church and enjoyed time with them and the Boxes. Afterwards, we had a poolside cookout to celebrate/mourn Patrick and Brooke's upcoming move to Iowa. Lots of jokes about corn were made...I didn't even know there could be so many corn-themed jokes! I forgot to take pictures then, so I'm just planning on stealing the ones on Katy's blog. After that (and some amazing key lime pie) we made the trek back to Athens. Or rather, Matt did. I fell asleep before we got on I-85 in Greenville and woke up just as we turned into our neighborhood in Athens. It was pretty much the best road trip ever!

Only 2 more days of seeing my all-grown-up pre-k-ers at school, and only maybe 4 days til we're homeowners! We're supposed to close on Friday, but (there's always a 'but', isn't there) due to some oversight on behalf of the mortgage people, it may be delayed. Boo hiss on them. Maybe it will all work out, or we may have to file an extension until next week. Either way, the end is near!


  1. We enjoyed seeing you and Matt this weekend.

  2. so THAT'S why you wanted to keep your quizzes! ;) i love the caption on the middle photo - too funny. good luck with the house closing!


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