Sunday, March 28, 2010

in lieu of a nap...

What I want to be doing: napping

What I need to be doing: going to the gym

What I am doing: attempting to blog.

Surely blogging is like the midpoint or something on the productiveness scale (with a 0 being "taking a nap" and a 10 being "going to the gym"). Right? Right. Okay, maybe it's a 4.

I've been procrastinating blogging because I'm trying really hard to finish my 30 before 30 list (that yes, was supposed to be posted on Friday. The one that happened a few days ago.) but I am stuck on like 18 things. And 10 of them are books. So here's my cry for help: What things should I try to accomplish before I'm 30?? That gives me like 2.75 years or so (I turned 27 in December...check that math). As I've spent the past few weeks trying to make this list, I've realized that I'm not much of a goal-setter. I only like to set goals I know I'll be able to achieve. And I don't like the stress of "oh man I gotta do this" hanging over me. And uh, usually when I make a list (like things to do this weekend, stuff to clean, errands to run) I will include a thing or two that I've already done. Like if I already did the dishes before I started making my list, I'll go ahead and write "do the dishes" on my list just so I get to go ahead and cross it off. It makes me feel really productive. So would it be okay to throw in a few things like "get married" and "buy a house" and "adopt a super soft and brilliant dog"? That would make me feel a lot more confident that I can accomplish everything else on the list. Please share your thoughts on this matter.

So let's see. Friday night was fun-- we got to babysit Hudson!

We had lots of fun being pretend-parents. It is my life goal (oh!! put it on the list!!) to be Hudson's favorite person-that-isn't-his-parents. Therefore I have to spend lots of time convincing him how fun and awesome I am. I would consider 90% of Friday night to be successful in that respect-- until I tried to give him a bottle. Then he decided I was definitely not his favorite person ever and possibly am even out of the running. Hopefully we'll be able to recover from this set back. I would also like to point out that of the 15 pictures Matt took of Hudson and I, only two of them were even worth looking twice at. In one of them, I look good and Hudson looks a little strange. In the other, Hudson looks good and I look like a cheeseball. I chose to put others before myself by posting the one where Hudson looks cuter. So please just look at him and pretend I'm not there. Thanks.

On Saturday we took a nice day-trip to Augusta to visit my family and some friends! We had a great trip and got to see not only my parents but both of my siblings and their +1s. We also got to spend time with our friends the Gentrys who are currently living with my parents-- it was quite a party! We spent pretty much the entire day out on the back porch enjoying a fire (it's a family tradition) and lots of food. We came back late last night, tired and smelling of campfire-- a peaceful, memory-evoking combination.

Today we celebrated our church's 10th anniversary with a big birthday party after church. We had a lot of fun and I am so thankful for our church and what it's meant to us these past 2 and a half years. I am also thankful for the super-abundance of desserts that were brought today-- I took it as my personal mission to sample all of them, and by "sample" I mean "have at least one large serving." This is why my thing I need to be doing is going to the gym. It all makes sense, eh?

And now we're exhausted (had to set up and clean up from the birthday party) and watching basketball and trying to to get too nervous about the beeping "TORNADO WATCH" banner that keeps running at the bottom of the screen. If there's a tornado, do you think I am safer at the gym or in my house? If there's a tornado AND my house gets struck, don't you think I'll be glad I chose to eat a weeks' worth of calories in cake today? I won't need to forage for food for at least 2 days! And what kinds of things should I accomplish before I turn 30? Help!


  1. hmm....I think one of your goals should be "visit Kristina & James in Charlotte."

    and I'm being totally serious.

  2. Girl, I've been waiting/looking for your list!!! I hope you haven't given up.

    Maybe the first one could be:
    - Think of 30 Goals before 30... that's an automatic cross-off once you get it done! (And, don't worry... I write things I've already done on my to-do lists too.)

    Seriously though, go look at some of the other lists on my blog. They are SO good. It made me want to redo my whole list!

    Have a great week! Cute pictures!

  3. I occasionally blog-stalk you through Mollyanne's blog (enough to know that you are a blog-stalker, too, and won't be creeped out), and I love the idea of a 30 Before 30 list! I also think it is completely acceptable to include things you've already done. Not everyone gets married and buys a house before 30! Plus, if you only add those two already-done items, that's less than 10% of your list that is potentially questionable. That's not so bad, right?

  4. I love that there are pictures of my baby on your blog! And I think now you will appreciate how difficult it is to get a picture of him smiling. =)

    I don't have ideas for your list off the top of my head, but I'll work on it. I also think you can add a couple of things you've already done. Just pretend you made the list when you were 25 or something. Ooh, you could add "inspire at least 10 other people to make 30 before 30 lists." You're already well on your way to that one, I'm sure.

  5. Here is my strategy for making goal lists, because i make lists a lot and i too enjoy putting things on them that i have already done. i also put things in my planner that have already passed, just so i feel like i do things.

    Anyways, i start first with a list of activities or important things in my life then think about how i could improve them.

    You have already done that with reading, but think about other things:
    Music, your house, your family, friends, etc

    example: your house is an important part of your life, so some of your goals could be: replacing the flooring in the nursery (i call it that prophetically), fencing in the backyard, developing a fabulous garden that everyone will be jealous of. And so forth.

    anyways, this is turning into a long comment. I hope my tips are helpful.


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