Friday, November 12, 2010

so much catching up

Wow. Two weeks [almost] without internet is too much I tell you. Too much! (Should I be saying "too many"? I is too many weeks. But I'm meaning more's just too much. Too much to deal with. So there's my grammar rabbit-trail for you to meander down.)

Didn't you miss me? And all my pointless pondering and whining?? I missed it too.

Anyway, three trips from a techie later, we are back in internet business. The third trip may or may not have been necessary because I unintentionally gave him a DEAD BATTERY-LAPTOP on his second trip. And I was at work and my charger was locked in the house and so he was unable to do anything...I mean, maybe. But I would never do anything that stupid, right? Absolutely not.

BAM!!! Don't you like how I just slammed you with that picture? No intro, no nothin'. Just me and Mattie, kickin' it pirate-style.

It's just how we roll. On Halloween anyway. And occasionally some other times too.

So, we were pirates for Halloween. Not that surprising. Like our tats? I would like to take credit for all the amazing artwork on Matt's arm. If you would like me to design your next tattoo, I have some very reasonable pricing plans. Just let me know.

Doesn't Matt's beard give him a truly authentic pirate look? He's a handsome boy with a beard, I tell you.

Matt wasn't the only cute boy on Halloween though. I spent a good amount of time with my other favorite boy-squeeze, Hudson. Maybe his beard will grow in by next Halloween. We'll see.

Am I the only person who finds it kind of disturbing that baby costumes like this give a person/animal four eyes? I mean...I get that you can't cover a baby's face in a mask with little peephole eyes. But if you really stare at it (like I am, obviously)'s like Hudson's head is inside a duck's head. And that should never ever happen in real life.

Clearly, I should find something else to stare at and think about. Or I should get more sleep because I'm exhausted and rambling on about things that make no sense except maybe to other delirious people. But I still feel compelled to blog because I HAVE INTERNET and I want to shout it from the mountaintops!

Moving on...

We haven't turned our heat on yet!! In a moment of bold insanity somewhere around November 1, when it was still balmy and warm almost every day, I declared that we would NOT turn on the heat** until December.

Then about 2 days later Georgia turned into a Frozen Tundra. Seriously. I'm barely even exaggerating. I was seriously doubting myself and wishing I'd never made such a silly statement. Because I'm very competitive (even against myself) and I hate backing down from something I said I was gonna (or not gonna) do. I almost sold out over last weekend, when we had lows in the 30s and highs in the 50s...and our house was regularly about 58 degrees...but I stayed strong and now it's warm again and I'm glad I didn't sell out. :) We'll see how long it lasts. I'm curious to see whether my cold-natured-ness or my cheapness wins out. I'm pretty cold-natured AND pretty cheap, so it should be a good fight.

Speaking of being cold...
Our church had our annual Fall Festival and Chili Cook-off last weekend. It is always SUPER fun (hosted at the ultra-awesome, ultra-old farmhouse of a family that go to our church) and this year was no exception. It was, however, exceptionally cold.

In addition to toasting (apparently, according to the picture above), eating, and shivering, there was also a Junk Pumpkin contest. I was not familiar with this game, but it turned out to be pretty neat. Here's one of the pumpkins.
Weird, right?? There were several other decorated pumpkins, but I figured this post is long enough without an abundance of Strange Pumpkin pictures.

Anyway, summarize this ultra-lengthy post and the first half of the month of November, let me just say:

2. Since my Internet left approximately 12 hours after I started designing our Christmas cards, I STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED which makes me feel extremely behind considering last year they were ORDERED on October 1st and labeled by November 1st!!
3. I have a cold (or something) and feel like crap, so you can look forward to more rambling catch-up posts from me all weekend!! Happy Friday!

**Using a space heater in the bathroom doesn't count. Don't be completely ridiculous. It's COLD in there!!


  1. I don't know if it's the beard, the shirt, or the tattoos, but Matt's arms look big! Not that I'm checking out your husband.. I'm so glad you have internet, just in time for Cyber Monday!

    wv: sacerd. Halloween is not a sacerd occasion.

  2. so james has some extra time off work and we were thinking of coming to Athens the weekend before Thanksgiving and visiting ya'll. Would you be open for guests that weekend?

    HOWEVER, I'm gonna have to reques turn your heat on by then :) I don't want Adoration to think she is sleeping outside. or we can bring our space heater or something.

  3. Ha ha I totally agree about the baby stuck in the duck's head!

  4. Nice costumes. I tried to find the blog you mentioned in your last blog entry but couldn't find it. I agree with the baby costumes that is a little nuts to have an extra pair of eyes. I'm glad you are back among the cyber people. I refuse to be cold so we have to build a fire or turn on the heat.

  5. I am all about matt's beard. He can totally rock facial hair! I think it's because he may remind me of some Calvin Klein underwear billboard a totally good and non-creepy way. :)

  6. i realize you posted this yesterday, erika, but i'm reading it today and find it very coincidental that is featuring robert louis stevenson, author of treasure island, at the same time as i am looking at your pirate pictures. :)


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