Friday, February 13, 2015

a halfhearted heart day

I guess I've never been a huge Valentine's Day celebrator. I'm not anti...I've just never really cared much one way or the other. Yesterday I was reflecting on this and decided to see if I could find a good V-Day picture from the past...a little throwback or something, right? Well...I dug through quite a few ancient folders of pictures and couldn't find much evidence of Valentine's Day, so I guess that says something.

I did, however, find this. So my searching wasn't entirely in vain.

This was from the year 2005 and because back then you still had to name your picture files, this one is appropriately named "roundhouse kick." Indeed. That would be me roundhouse kicking my bestie Catherine in the parking lot behind our townhouse. Can we take a minute to appreciate how awesome my outfit is? And how ladylike I am? Truly, my mother should be proud.

Anyway, back to Valentine's Day. It would seem that the most effort I put forward is an attempt to wear pink. Pretty festive of me.

This was in 2006 and is titled "vday," so apparently I celebrated by wearing pink. Matt and I had started dating 3 days before V-Day that year, so we definitely did not do any sort of celebrating. Awwwwkward.
I'm passing on my lukewarm feelings towards Valentine's Day to Millie by not doing much more than dressing her in pink. That would probably be ALL that I did, actually, if we hadn't received several requests slash commands from her school telling us to send Valentine cards on Friday. 

For babies. Because I'm sure they'll really care. 

But I'm not really that bitter. Just cheap enough that I didn't want to spend actual money on cards. Plus, I'm pretty sure the only cards for sale are obnoxious and emblazoned with cartoon and Disney characters, and I'm totally not into that. So I DIYed it.

Yeah. Probably not the most Pinteresting thing you've ever seen, but it'll get the job done for a dozen of her favorite infant friends. (P.S. The "be mine" and "love" are stamps...not my own gorgeous and remarkably consistent handiwork.)

Don't worry, though. I'm taking better care of her teachers.

Hopefully this is their love language. 
So Millie's first Valentine's Day will probably end up being pretty lovey, if only because her teachers forced me to play. Ha. I am definitely going to their Valentine's party, though- again, not sure why a classroom of infants needs an ice cream social, but I'll be there with bells on to eat Millie's share of the sugar!

My mom is so unfestive. At least she lets me wear pink this week, though!

Pink AND hearts?! Are you working for Hallmark or something, Mommy?
Hope you have a perfectly lovey-dovey Valentine's (AND Friday the 13th)! Eat some candy and roll your eyes at forced acts of affection for me! 


  1. I think your cards are Pinteresty! They are super cute. This year I put forth no effort and let Davis choose his cards from Target - I'm sure all the other moms will be excited to receive and then throw away our ugly Power Rangers cards when their kids come home from school. A great use of $2.50!

  2. Cute cards!! I made Clara's for her new class . . . Cut pieces of pink paper and taped candy to one side and wrote a note on the other. Not even any cute hearts or stamps!! Ha! Her teachers will give it one look and think. . . "this new mom...awesome." :)

  3. Never mind your outfit...check out that leg! Nice form and wowzers you've got some muscle and sexy shape going on there. Of course, I say this in a non-weird reflecting back on a 9 year old picture of you! ;)

    Also not a Valentiner here, but I do wear some red/pink to work for the kids and get my boys candy and a card. Love is celebrated every single day in our house!

  4. I think you did a great job on the cards!! I love Valentine's day simply because it's the holiday with the best candy! haha

  5. I think your cards are super impressive! Also, your roundhouse caption has caused the SNL short "Young Chuck Norris" to be stuck in my head all day. So thanks for that.

  6. I believe we share similar Valentine's Day feelings. In fact, you work a lot harder than I do as you attempt to color coordinated. If I thought about it, I'd probably choose anything but red or pink. But I believe I'll have a semi interesting V-Day 2015 story to tell after tomorrow.

    Also, valentines for BABIES?!?! What in the world?

  7. OMG she is so CUTE!! Love her outfits too. And love the DIY cards!! Totally pinteresty! I think the teachers will love the Starbucks. ;) That's hilarious the infants class gets an ice cream social. It might be an excuse for the teachers & parents to have some ice cream! ;)

  8. Super cute valentines!! Mine from the twins were not pinteresting either, BUT instead of buying them from the store, I found some cute free printables online, so they took about the least amount of effort possible. We also gave their teacher a Starbs gift card- though I'm sure she would have appreciated a goody bag full of suckers and kazoos just as much, right?

  9. Cute cards for Valentine's Day! You did great.

  10. I'm the same - not against Valentine's but not really all about celebrating it either. Although Drew wore pink, red, or hearts every day this week. I am obsessed with hearts on her clothes. And I would be on mine if I weren't 34. I did wear a heart scarf though. Reason 90 bajillion I love my kids school - they don't do parties. They did extra crafts in class, but I had to make/buy ZERO Valentine's. This was our first Valentine's at their school, and it was heaven. Last year I had to make close to 40 between the kids' 2 classes. I was really about to hate you for the gorgeous penmanship on the cards, so I appreciate the honesty of them being stamps! Now I need them!!

  11. Okay, Millie had to bring Valentine's for her friends AND they had an ice cream party. Craziness! I thought "Millie's" Valentines were super impressive though. Although not near as good as your roundhouse kick. Some year you should figure out how to make that picture a Valentine's card!


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