Monday, February 16, 2015

wardrobe and musical interventions

We ended up having a wonderful Valentine's Day (and weekend).

Her festive Friday outfit
 When I took Millie to school on Friday, after walking in and taking her jacket off and setting her down, her teacher looks at her and then me and says "oh, are you saving her Valentine's outfit for tomorrow?" I must have made a really confused face or something as I stared at my pink-bedecked, festively hairbowed child, because her teacher repeated herself: "you must be saving her Valentine's outfit for tomorrow?"

Then I looked around the room at the other babies. The ones dressed head-to-toe in pink mesh tutus and red-heart-blinged headbands bigger than a dinner plate. The ones that looked like they were ready to hit the pageant circuit at any minute. This is her festive Valentine's outfit, thankyouverymuch. Ain't nobody got time for that nonsense. do you even put a baby in a car seat when they're WEARING A TUTU?? Just stop. Call me a Valentine's grinch, but

Despite Millie's lack of appropriate pageant-worthy flair, we did actually have a lot of fun at her ice cream social. I've been scoping out the parents of the other babies in her class and have had my eye on the one I plan to make my friend. We tend to pick up our girls at the same time, PLUS I discovered that our babies were born one day apart- so they are basically twins. Also, her baby is easily the second most precious one in the class. So I decided I wanted to become friends with her. And then we ended up sitting together (with our husbands, who are apparently equally quiet in social settings) and chatting for the whole party! It was great. I really want more working mom friends, so it seems like daycare is a good place to find them, ha. 

Sorry for the mega close-up of gross chewed-and-then-spit-out food, but look at those little teeeeefffff!!! Also, the eyelashes. I mean...seriously. It's not even right.

We didn't do much official celebrating on Saturday (I mean, besides cleaning, meal planning, and running festive!!), but we did take a pause in our errand-running for some delightful sustenance.

It was every bit as delicious as it looks. I miss it.

We had hoped to get some snow today but it seems to have passed us by. Womp womp. I would love for Millie to get to experience the white stuff this year, but she may just have to wait. We have some freezing rain and ice going on right now which isn't nearly as thrilling, but may earn a delayed work and daycare start tomorrow, so that could be exciting. Perhaps.

The most exciting news of the day is completely unconfirmed and therefore might turn out to be nothing at all, but for now- I'm excited. I think I am getting (inheriting) a CELLO!!!!!!!!!!! I have wanted this cello (and to learn to play it...for the record, I have NO IDEA how to play a cello) for about 20 years and today I got some good intel that it might be coming my way soon! I am basically beside myself and have fabulous visions of how awesome a cello player I will probably be. I seriously need a new hobby that doesn't involve Netflix and this would totally fit the bill. Plus, Millie's favorite thing in the whole world right now is listening to Matt and I make music of almost any kind. She loves to sit in my lap while I play the piano...she jumps and squeals and smiles her face off if either of us play the guitar and sing...she giggles wildly as Matt makes random noises on an old I predict that listening to her Mama learn the cello will suit her just fine. And maybe she'll want to learn one day! But then again, I also thought she would like to listen to me play the flute.

And I was seriously, severely, incredibly wrong.

Not such a fan of woodwinds, that one. My feelings would have been really hurt if I weren't so extremely dead from laughter. She was okay with a few low notes, but then I decided to really wow her with the upper register and OH MY GOSH THE TEARS AND THE SADNESS AND THE HEARTBREAK AND THE MISERY!!!!!!!!!!! It was the funniest thing ever. But also...seriously, Millie. Show a little appreciation, would you?? Sheesh. I used to be really good, promise. Do you think that this is a sign that she doesn't want to be in band when she gets older? Because that would be the worst thing ever. Is there some sort of early intervention for this situation (besides the obvious: MORE FLUTE EXPOSURE)? 

Soo...I think I've covered all the bases here today. No pageant dresses, no snow, maybe cello, more cowbell flute. And now I return to my regularly-scheduled nightly marathon of Parenthood (currently on S4:E9)! Have a great week!


  1. Ok, I usually exclaim over her cheeks, but those EYELASHES! They are amazing!

    And really? That's not a Valentine's Day outfit? She looks like such a perfectly adorable Valentine!!

  2. Shes a precious little Valentine! They don't know what they're talking about!

  3. I've never understood the need for mass amounts of frills and bows. I put a huge headband on my daughter and she instantly yanked it off. Yeah, that didn't happen again.

    A cello?! That's awesome. I'm hoping my daughter will decide to play string bass because it is probably my favorite (but somehow I chose saxophone). My husband plays mandolin and she loves it, but when the saxophone got brought out for the first time she HATED it. Maybe it'll change some day...

  4. I want to know the story behind the cello that you have been coveting for 20 years and why you had "intel" that it was coming... did a family member pass away and leave it to you? (I am joking there but I will totally feel bad if that's the case.) Did someone get tired of hearing your cello request and buy you one? Are you getting one on the black market and you had to sell a kidney to buy it?

  5. So happy to have wardrobe issues. Just a cute "heartbreaker" tee and boom! I'm positive Millie looked adorable!
    Those lashes!!! She's a Sephora dream!
    Wish I had some suggestions about the flute. Maybe it just hurt a little. The more you play it the more she will get used to it, maybe?!

  6. I totally didn't even notice the teeth because of those wonderful eyelashes!! Lucky girl I tell ya!

  7. Ha, I refuse to buy overly priced ridiculous outfits for my children for every damn holiday. it is definitely not the pageant circuit in my house! People are kind of cray cray aren't they? I think she looked adorable!

  8. Clara wore pink jeans and a plain old shirt to her new school on Valentines. Agree - aint nobody got time for tutus. I mean!!

    Are you just loving Parenthood??? I want to rematch it all!

  9. She is so gorgeous...excessive valentine's day costume or not. (I think I prefer not.) And a cello? How cool! (And random.)

  10. I want a snow day so bad! I am also super jealous of how musically talented you guys are. I'd love to expose Gracie to more music that is not Taylor Swift

  11. I want a snow day so bad! I am also super jealous of how musically talented you guys are. I'd love to expose Gracie to more music that is not Taylor Swift

    1. You should just get a random guitar or something. Gracie probably won't realize that you don't actually know how to play it for quite some time- she'll be mesmerized by your enthusiastic strumming of the strings!!

  12. Cello my baby, cello my darling... Is all I can think of. I hope you get it for all of our entertainment.

  13. Such a wide variety of topics all in one blog post! Now on to the most important question I haven't bugged you about lately: WHEN are you bringing that little nugget to H-town?! You are denying her great grandparents AND your favorite internet friends of her cuteness!

  14. I seriously did not notice the food on her bib. What I did notice were those two cute teeth and then those eyelashes - oh my those eyelashes. Wow

  15. I think Millie looked quite fancy in her Valentine's Day dress! She really is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen.

  16. I can't even handle Millie's cuteness! And you raise a great point. How DO you get a baby in a tutu into their car seat?!

  17. Whoa girl, you're blazing through Parenthood!

    Also, I'm going to be a true friend and not tell you how many calories were in that Sunday from Freddy's.

  18. I know I already commented on this post, but I do want to say that I am also on the lookout for mom friends. I do have some close girlfriends the babies Gracie;'s age, but they also have toddlers so when we try to do a play date, there is not enough mom talk time. Its more keep the toddler entertained time.
    (I'm also using this comment as a test to see if I fixed my dumb email issue. Just being honest.)

  19. Okay, how is that NOT a Valentine's Day outfit?!?! I dress my kids in a bit of red and/or pink and call it good. Millie would totally be fashionable in Canada so you should move here. Plus then I can pick up my violin, which I inherited from my grandpa, and we can learn our stringed instruments together!


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