Sunday, June 14, 2015

weekend: a-z

Instead of a (riveting, I'm sure) weekend play-by-play, how about I mix it up and...literally mix it all up? We'll go letter by letter and I'll use my imagination to try and make something from this weekend fit each letter. Sound exciting? GREAT!

A is for Atlanta Botanical Garden. We went to the Light in the Garden event (exhibit? What do you call it?) with Matt's parents- it was really beautiful!

I'm just going to make this mean face, okay, Mom?
B is for brave. Apparently the initial scariness of the big pool (from last weekend) has worn off- this weekend, Millie fully embraced all aspects of swimming!

Hey, this is fun!
C is for clapping. Millie has become really passionate about clapping for any and everything this week. She spends most of her time applauding life.

Bravo, grass! Way to grow!
D is for Domino's. I really missed pizza during Whole 30. I spent part of the weekend making up for lost time.

E is for emoji. Matt recently sold out and got an iPhone ("sold out" as in he was probably the last person on earth to still be rocking a flip phone...I seriously thought Millie would get a smartphone before he would). As suspected, my favorite part of him having an iPhone is texting emoji to him. He thinks they are stupid. I'm sure I can convince him otherwise. Or else I'll die trying...

F is for flying.

G is for Gossip Girl. I started watching this show for the first time last week. It's very entertaining, but I spend most of my time trying to convince myself that no kids actually live like that, right? There is NO WAY that even the super rich kids of the upper East Side actually LIVE LIKE THAT...right?? (I'm mostly referring to how much the drink/party. I can even understand rampant drinking, but like- they just go into bars and get served like they are...ya know, NOT FOURTEEN. Is that a thing?? Am I really so sheltered that I can't even fathom that happening?)

H is for horseback riding. Millie tried her hand at it at an antique store Saturday.

Mommy, I think I will stick to crawling, thanks.
I is for ice cream. I meant to have some this weekend, but then I forgot. Fail.

J is for July. I'm not trying to rush June or anything, but I'm really looking forward to going on vacation in July...also: baby Fourth of July outfits.

L is for lamb. Millie makes a really cute one.

M is for monograms. I don't have a lot of monogrammed or 'Southern'-style clothing for Millie, but I do have this...and she wore it Sunday. And she was off-the-charts fabulous in it. (Don't worry, another picture to come...)

N is for no. This is a word Millie has started to hear lately (like when she's trying to scale bookcases and pull electronics/heavy items off shelves...). Apparently it's a really hilarious word, based on how she laughs her head off every time she hears it. It's awesome. I'm so funny.

O is for one hundred. That is how many squats I did each day last week (well, except Sunday. Day of rest and all). I plan to keep it up this week, because...why not?

P is for party. People keep asking what I'm planning for Millie's first birthday. This is quickly becoming my least favorite thing to talk and think about. I reeaaaallllly do not like planning parties/events. Or hosting them. Or paying for them. Or cleaning up after them. I had hoped my daughter's first birthday might prove to be the exception, but so far...nope. Ugh.

Q is for quinoa. We had my favorite zesty quinoa salad for dinner, and it seems that Millie actually didn't like it! Or maybe she was just in a mood or something, but this would appear to be the first food that she's rejected outright. It was devastating, except not really. More for me!

R is for ruffles. Because what monogrammed bubble outfit would be complete without butt ruffles?

S is for selfies. I'm pretty sure Millie gets tired of posing for them with me.

Really, mom? Again? Ugh. I can barely even bring myself to applaud this.
T is for The Age of Miracles. I read that on Saturday and really enjoyed it. It was a quick, easy read, but the story was pretty deep- I'm still thinking about it. I liked the author's writing style, too...I just thought it was a really good book. Recommend!

V is for very large woman. This plant-covered sculpture at the Botanical Gardens was really cool!

Yaaaay sculpture! Way to go!! *clap clap clap*

W is for walking. We finished off the weekend with a hike in the woods. Some of us were too tired to stay awake for the whole thing...not naming any names, though.

X is for uhhhh...xray. And luckily our weekend didn't involve any of those. Ha.

Z is for in, it's past my bedtime. Coming up with this list took approximately five hundred times longer than I'd thought it would. If you noticed that I skipped K, U, and's because at some point I got so tired that I couldn't even think of anything stupid (like xray), so like...delete. And now I'm done! Peace out, yo!


  1. I'm impressed you only missed three letters! Her little ruffled monogram is too cute. You'll have to let me know how you like that stroller. It looks like City Mini GT? I found one on a really good sale and I hope I'll like it.

    1. Yes, it's the City Mini GT- we LOVE it!! Seriously one of our best baby investments!

  2. Fun list! Planning birthday parties is not my favorite thing ever so I feel you on that one!

  3. I am impressed with your dedication to come up with something for almost every letter! You go, girl. And I really love that little monogrammed outfit of C's!

  4. You did a fabulous job! I'm mega impressed, but there's not one picture of you, Matt or someone "k"issing Millie! I can always come up with an "u"gly're way too beautiful for one of those! ;) Y is way too hard for me to work with besides the word yuck.

  5. This post is so fun! Sounds and looks like you guys had a full weekend! I can't believe how big C is getting, she is the cutest!

  6. Love this format, and as someone who struggles with the creativity of blog posts, I may need to borrow it one day.

    Also, I must say I'm a little surprised by your "P" confession. Based solely on how much I know you electronically, I would have guessed that you're a talented party planning diva extraordinaire, effortlessly throwing together impromptu dinner parties with cute themes. I don't know, it's just the vibe I get - because you're friendly and bubbly? I guess those things don't necessarily go hand in hand. I don't blame you for being stressed out though - parties are hard, and it seems like there's just so much pressure on the first birthday in general. We are having Molly's party next weekend in a park (minimal cleanup) (also, pavilion rental was $30, so cheap) and we are doing simple picnic foods like hot dogs, potato salad, and pink lemonade. There's no theme (besides... loosely... pink lemonade). I'm making my own cupcakes (yes, pink lemonade flavor, thank you Duncan Hines). No favors. I will feel much better once it's over though, honestly.

  7. Y'alls pictures of a family of 3 <3 <3 <3 Just so cute! I love her pictures in the water - just too much cuteness!

  8. I'm so glad she shares in your love of being in the pool- not sure what you'd do if not! Also love her monogrammed outfit and kind of wish I had one for myself. I'm sure it would be super flattering. And lastly, I don't feel like I know what color her hair is... in some pics, it looks likea darker brown, and in others, it looks more auburn. Can you please clarify??

  9. Gossip Girl- umm, yeah. And If you can believe it, it gets worse as the seasons go on. At some point it just became too unreal... that and I felt like the same thing happened over and over. I think I binged on two seasons.
    Quinoa- Millie is wise. : )
    Monograms- that's the cutest outfit EVER! So jealous that Garrison can't have a ruffled butt.

  10. I didn't even realize you skipped letters haha. Matt got rid of his red phone?! Peter is STILLLL rocking it…but he says he'll get a smartphone once he gets home :P What's not to love about emojis?? I'm with you on gossip girl…I was one sheltered kid compared to them. Props to parents that go all out for their kids birthday parties but I think when they're 1-5 and probably won't remember it, it would be hard to put in pinterest-worthy effort...

  11. I am all about a simply themed birthday party with just enough to make it look like you cared/tried without actually doing a lot. Her birthday is in the summer where it's sunny and gorgeous (or hot like the face of the sun) every You are My Sunshine! And she LITERALLY is your sunshine because she is so happy and y'all are so happy! There done! Lemonade (because it's yellow), cupcakes, fresh fruit, snacks, sunshine paper plates, yellow and pink balloons. And actually I think I gave you another idea months ago...hmmm... I will have to look at my old emails to see what that was...

  12. Gossip Girl is what gets me through cardio sessions at the gym! I've only got 1.5 seasons left!!

  13. Hahaha! I didn't even notice the missing letters. We still have flip phones!! Until last week when David's broke and it was waaaaay cheaper to get me an iPhone than replace it with a grandma phone. So now I get to text emojis to people and I absolutely love it.

  14. I didn't notice the missing letters at all! What a sweet update - and that Millie is just the cutest thing ever. Glad you have found Gossip Girl. It's addictive and totally over the top!

  15. 100 squats a day?! you go girl! That is majorly impressive & I am guessing you legs are simultaneously burning and feeling great! I watched gossip girl from the beginning and when Iw as watching it I was younger so I don't think I looked at it as closely, but I went back and started watching from the beginning a couple of years ago and I had the same could kids this young act this way?! I definitely do not think that is real life. Millie's monogrammed outfit is to die for! We also had dominos this weekend...yum!

    Going through the entire alphabet gave me way too many things I wanted to comment on! Have a great day! :)

  16. I loved the Age of Miracles! Such a good book! Also, I hear you on the bday party planning. The good thing is now all these cool chicks on Etsy make everything you need to have an amazing party without making a single thing. I hate making things.

  17. OK don't stress about the birthday thing. Buy a cutesy cake and dress her in a diaper. Invite the parents over and boom. Done. Stop looking at pinterest... :)

  18. I didn't notice you missed letters until you mentioned it but now all I notice is the missing "K" because it's obviously an important letter to me :) However, PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA -- I was probably too focused on the PIZZA to notice missing letters.

    And the cuteness of Millie's ruffle butt. Love!

    And I will probably have to borrow the Weekend A-Z format sometime because I love it so much.


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