Monday, June 8, 2015

medical mysteries and the pool

We had a wonderful, hot, mostly-relaxing summer weekend.

But it didn't start out that way. So I'm going to kick things off by sharing a TERRIFYING STORY, but I'll go ahead and tell you that everything turned out fine so that you don't worry excessively while I tell the tale.

On Friday afternoon, the director of Millie's school called me in a panic.

Um...we-she-I--- there's been a situation, do you have a minute?


So apparently Millie was eating her sweet potatoes in her high chair when all of a sudden she started screaming, and the teacher feeding her saw blood pouring out of her mouth. Both teachers rushed to her and tipped her head forward so that the blood didn't go down her throat, and they frantically went to get the food/blood out of her mouth, while having no idea what on earth was causing the bleeding. The director was in the classroom at that moment, too, and said "it was just so much blood. We had no idea where it was coming from."

Let's pause and consider how much you never want to hear other people describing your daughter's mouth as being filled with so much blood. Ever.

So anyway, they got the so much blood (and the chewed up sweet potatoes) out and quickly realized they couldn't figure out any reason for the bleeding. There were no cuts, no scrapes, no open wounds. Her teething-teeth (all four up top, wonder she's in so much pain!!) still hadn't cut through the gums. There was just nothing. Her mouth looked totally normal and there was no new blood currently bleeding (weird sentence, sorry). After they got her cleaned up, they said that Millie was acting totally normal and happy- not at all upset or like she was in pain. So at this point, they called me.

I, of course, am not able to shed any light on this incredibly disgusting and scary scenario, but I thank her for calling and say I'll be right there to get her and take her to the doctor. As I pack up to leave work, I call the pediatrician, praying they can squeeze me in before they close (it was already after 4:00). Sadly, I learn that the doctors have already gone home, but after I told the nurses the situation, they were able to shed some light on the situation (as well as offer to call the on-call doc to meet me right away at an urgent care clinic if I wanted to, ha).

Apparently it's unusual (but not abnormal) for babies to develop blood blisters underneath their gums while teething- just like the blood blisters you may have developed at some point on your finger or toe if you pinch it somehow. And when something (like a toy...or a bite of sweet potato!) ruptures the blister...well, it ruptures. The blood dumps out. And then it's over and the baby probably feels a whole lot better with all of that swelling and pressure released.

They asked if she'd been having a lot of pain and swelling from teething. Um, yes. Did she seem fine once the blood was gone? Haven't seen her myself, but they tell me yes. Then they were pretty confident that that's what it was. Weird, but not bad. They suggested we give her popsicles and ice cream to help with the swelling (why do I never get prescribed things like this?) and to call back (or go to prompt care/ER) if it happened again or it seemed like something else may be going on.

Annnnd...that was pretty much it. It hasn't happened again and she's been a much happier camper, so I think their diagnosis was spot-on. Freakiest thing ever, but apparently not abnormal. I only share the story here because I had NEVER heard of anything like that before, and neither has anyone else I've told the story to, so I thought I'd throw it out in case anyone else ever witnesses something like that. Maybe it will save you a heart attack!

Proof that she's doing a-ok:

I'm a happy baby! I just ate more BBQ than my daddy!

On Sunday she had her first experience in the Big Pool. But prior to experiencing the pool, she got to experience her cousin's hand-me-down ladybug bathing suit. This particular suit is special to me because just about exactly a year ago I was putting Carley in it to swim, thinking how cute the suit was, and wondering if I'd ever have a daughter of my own to dress up in cute bathing suits.

And now here we are, exactly a year later. 

Hey mom, I'm not so sure about all that blue stuff behind me...

Maybe if I look away, it won't be there anymore!
She was a little hesitant to embrace the pool. Her initial reaction said that she just may enjoy it...

But attempts to actually leave the stairs were not really applauded.

We tried to take things slowly, though, and back up to where she was comfortable: the steps. And also: sitting in a rocker three feet away from the water.

Much better...
But after a good hour of taking it slow and giving her breaks when she needed it, she really warmed up to the idea! She eventually gave us her trademark smiles and giggles even as she was out in the water (while clinging firmly to mommy or daddy like a little spider monkey, of course)! It ended up being a lot of fun and I think that eventually, maybe by October, she might even want to try sitting in her little baby float! Ha. 

It's back to another busy week for me, but Matt (and therefore Millie) took today off (because he just has vacation time to burn...grrrr...), so they're all set for a fun daddy-daughter day. The whole family celebrated by wearing our team colors: yellow and blue.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Aww poor baby! I have never heard of teething blisters before. I love what they suggested though. I've been eating Popsicles like there's no tomorrow. This heat is getting to me lol!

  2. OK I can not even imagine getting a call like that. I would be in tears until I saw her. I am so glad to know she is doing better :) How have I never noticed what cute little nose she has?? That's got to be the cutest thing ever!!

  3. Okay, the blood "pouring out of her mouth" sounds like the scariest/worst thing ever. I'm so glad we're well past teething so that I don't have to worry about this. Yikes! But I'm so glad Millie is okay.

    Also, my kids get prescribed popsicles/freezies all the time for medical treatment but never me. sigh.

    And that swimsuit story brought a few tears to my eyes. I love that!

    Also, my family has no team colours, a situation I think we need to remedy ASAP.

  4. That is so crazy!! Fortunately the nurse knew about this rare, but not-too-serious, matter. I can't imagine what all was going through your head!

  5. Omg!!! That is crazy! I have never heard of this, so good to know! SO glad it was nothing serious!

    Your weekend at the pool looks FAB!!!!

  6. Geez, that does sound a little terrifying, but I'm glad it was nothing major! Those darn teeth can be so cruel!

  7. UM thank you for that PSA on teething blisters, I would have lost it! Never heard of that before. Glad it provided some relief!

  8. That's super scary! I've never heard of that either. Geez...that would be a few more grey hairs for me!
    The ladybug bathing suit! Oh my goodness!

  9. That's scary! Thanks for sharing. I'll share a medical mystery that we experiences when Nolan was 3. This one freaked me out but I guess it's fairly common -

  10. Oh my goodness, I have NEVER heard of that either. I'm glad they were able to shed some light and reassurance on the situation. Crazy!

    LOVE the matching outfit photo :)

  11. Eek, scary, my heart always skips a beat when I see the daycare number on caller ID! Fortunately MOST of the calls start with, "the twins are ok," so that helps. Anyway, glad she's ok and that she warmed up (not literally) to the pool!

  12. Heart attack just reading that! I've never heard of that either. I'm glad it seems to have resolved!! And the ladybug suit is too cute. I'm glad you got to put her in it! ;)

  13. If that were to happen to grace I would freak! Maybe not as much now that you have taught me something, but it would take me a bit to remember this post when I was flipping out about so much blood! Have you done baby swim lessons? We loved ours! (Mommy and me not just baby survival swim. That stuff is crazy)

  14. That is a crazy story! Sounds like the daycare did all the right things.

    Also, how crazy is it that I have a niece named Carley who is exactly one year younger than our daughter that we adopted! We're just several months behind you guys. Sweet P is also inheriting all of her cousin's clothes. :) And ADORABLE swimsuit!

  15. Poor baby, and poor mommy! As if teething isn't miserable enough without "so much blood "! Glad she is okay and was able to enjoy her outing in the big girl pool!

  16. Poor baby, and poor mommy! As if teething isn't miserable enough without "so much blood "! Glad she is okay and was able to enjoy her outing in the big girl pool!

  17. The next time I have to go to the doctor, I'm asking for a prescription for ice cream and popsicles. Glad Millie is feeling better!

  18. I actually had a teething blister while I was at daycare too! I ended up having to be checked out at my mothers' dentist. So glad Millie is okay!

  19. I have never heard of that happening!! So scary. Thankful she is ok and that it hasn't happened again. Love the pic of Millie in that cute swimsuit.

  20. Ahh, so scary! But thanks for sharing just in case it ever happens in the future. I would have PANICKED. But glad to know it all worked out, and that the super scary blood gush actually gave her some relief.

  21. Oh my goodness! I would have been freaking out when the daycare called! Glad it wasn't anything scary!

  22. What sad, sad stories!! Both the blood story and her sad face at the pool! Sad babies are the worst. (Too many times using the word 'sad' here, but sometimes it's just the most applicable word.)

  23. Oh my goodness…what an awful medical mystery!! I'm so glad Millie was okay afterwards!! Her bathing suit kills me it's too adorable! I mean a ladybug covering her little tummy! It's just too cute I can't get over it! I hope Millie and Matt had a wonderful daddy daughter day and you get a mommy daughter soon too :)


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