Friday, June 29, 2012

blue and yellow and love all over

 Tomorrow is our fifth anniversary, and don't fear-- I have my traditional long and serious and borderline sappy post (like these: One Year, Two Years, Three Years, Four Years) already written and scheduled to be posted, so don't think I'm changing my Anniversary Post ways or anything.

But as I was looking through my box o' wedding pictures (because I got married in the Dark Ages and didn't get a CD of all the digital pictures) (actually it was only in 2007 and I'm not sure why I didn't, but what I have is a huge box of 700 4x6s and I scan them as I feel like it), there were quite a few fun ones that I wanted to share, but sharing all of them PLUS writing a novel about marriage was just going to make tomorrow's post too long. Did you even know I would consider any blog post to be "too long"? I obviously have very liberal standards about such things.

So today I'm going to show a few new-to-you pictures just for funsies, okay? Because everyone needs a little somethin' to help get them to the weekend.

First of all: Planning a wedding in 2007 meant THERE WAS NO PINTEREST. I know. Take a minute to try and absorb that. It means that I HAD TO COME UP WITH IDEAS ON MY OWN...or steal ideas from other weddings I'd been to. I didn't even read many blogs then to steal ideas from random people!! So it's a miracle this wedding happened at all, basically. And don't judge me for a lack of cutesy things like photo booths and mason jars and hand-written signs...these things did not exist in 2007 (to my knowledge). Okay. Disclaimer over.

And I think I'll share vendor information (if I can remember it) as I go today. Just for fun. I loved almost all of my vendors and if you are planning a Georgia wedding, you should definitely check them out!

First of all, my photographer was Jimmy Clemmons (Atlanta). If any of these pictures look whack, it's because my scanner is all wonky...his photographs are amazing.

 Before the ceremony, in the dressing room. My dress is by Casablanca and I purchased it at I Do I Do Bridal  (Athens).
 I also purchased my headband/tiara thingie at I Do I Do.

 MY FLOWERS. Oh, my flowers. I love them to the moon and back and I love them even more. My flowers were done by Always Always Flowers (Athens) and they were perfection to me. At this point in my life, I knew very little about flowers, and basically went to Desiree, the florist there, with some vague ideas about liking blue and yellow flowers, and nothing looking too fussy or formal, I definitely did NOT want an all-white bouquet, something more like wildflowers...can you do something like that? And she buzzed around the room for a few minutes and came back holding something like the picture above and said "were you thinking something like this?" and then I swooned and passed out and died of happiness on the spot. She read my mind.

 I'm hoping that Colleen will be so kind as to leave a comment naming the flowers in the arrangements/bouquets so that I will have a record of what it is, exactly, comprising my Dream Flower Team. Bonus points go to Matt and the record-keepers at Always Always for being able to re-create my bouquet on our anniversary for the past few years. SWOON!!

 We had cake. And it was amazing. I'm not even biased. It was some dang good cake. Kellie's Cakes (Bowman, GA) did it for us and she did a fantastic job. Not to mention she then DROVE A HUGE CAKE an hour to get it to us. I mean, look at that thing! Cake! Blue and yellow flowers! Perfection!

 We ate our cake in a civilized fashion because we are not barbarians. We are committed cake-eaters. I like how Matt looks so bored in this picture, like he is sick to death of feeding me cake all the time. And I look like I might bite his hand off if he doesn't feed faster. What can I say. Being a bride really works up your appetite!

I did not have a videographer for my wedding, and that is my one huge major regret of the day. BAD OVERSIGHT. I didn't even (to my knowledge, although feel free to come out of the woodwork if this is you!!) have any random person just record w/ a phone or camcorder. Therefore the details of the music and ceremony are left only in my memory. But here's a pretty decent rendition of the song I walked down the aisle to that I found on YouTube: the chorale section from Jupiter, by Gustav Holst (part of The Planets). It is hands-down one of my favorite orchestral pieces ever, and the only thing I wanted to walk down the aisle to.

Our wedding and reception were at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in the Day Chapel. It was simple and beautiful and perfect. 

 Our wedding party. The girls' dresses are from David's if you can't tell that by looking at them. :) You may see some familiar faces in the wedding party: front row, L-R- Catherine, Amy (now married to Tom, who is the dude all the way to the right in the back row, although they were not even friends or dating at this point!!), Laura, Sarah (my sister), Kristina, Elizabeth.

 A few more random pictures and we're done! You're almost there!

We changed into semi-casual clothes to leave in because we were driving straight to south Georgia to stay at a bed and breakfast for two nights before leaving for our honeymoon cruise on Monday.

And...that's a wrap for today! It's a good thing we plan on being married for 50 more years (at least) because that's how long it's going to take to share ALL of our pictures. 

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for two more new pictures and a whole lot of words about life and marriage and vows and love and other such things. I will you stand the wait until then??!

Happy Friday, and Happy almost-Anniversary to me!! :)


  1. Love the pics! Although I am now feeling sorry for myself for the following reasons:

    1. I planned my wedding in 2006 - just as bad as 2007, if not worse! No ideas to steal from anyone, no inspiration except from random bridal magazines...

    2. I didn't get any digital copies of my pictures NOR did I get any hard copies. Just the wedding album and a handful of random pictures (like 3) she gave us for free. THAT'S IT. Not a big fan of my photographer.

    3. I also changed into a "casual" dress before leaving my wedding, but instead of picking a cute WHITE dress, I picked a random turquoise dress... not sure what I was thinking.

    Ok, this comment is getting too long and whiney, so I'll stop there :)


  2. This post reminds me that today is the 5 year anniversary of us closing on our house! We left your wedding to start painting.
    I too regret not getting a videographer. But I'm so glad I paid extra for the DVDs of all the pictures. And I don't think Matt looks bored. I think he looks focused sharply on the task of feeding you cake without making a mess.

  3. Your wedding looks like it was beautiful, despite lack of Pinterest :) Happy almost anniversary to you! Do you have special celebrations planned?

    Today is my (I mean, our!) actual four year anniversary and we're celebrating by going to a professional baseball game -- very romantic! But we're both excited about it :)

  4. Happy almost Anniversary! We celebrated our five year anniversary last Saturday... so I completely understand your Pinterest-free planning!

  5. Happy Anniversary tomorrow!!! M and I are five years in July! Time flies when you are having fun!!

  6. Happy Anniversary and the wedding looks beautiful!

  7. Happy anniversary (tomorrow!)! I LOVE your flowers! Way prettier than mine were (the florist we had booked closed without telling us and we never got the deposit back AND had to find a new florist 2 weeks before the big day, no joke!).

    Everything looks lovely; no one would guess your wedding was planned pre-pinterest:)

  8. Love the cake comment! I also think it's funny that when you listed out your wedding party, you didn't mention any of the boys- ha! Beautiful chapel/flowers/cake... oh, and the bride, too :)

    Seriously, wish I could have been there- too bad we didn't know each other existed!!


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