Friday, June 15, 2012

tour de bedrooms

Hold onto your hats, friends-- it's time for another epic house tour inspired by Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Life series! Today we're looking at bedrooms, so get ready to fall asleep marvel over my uhhhh...amazing gift of putting things in piles and calling it decoration!

In case you're new here, you might want to start with my Living Room Tour from two weeks ago. Then your standards will be set really high and your hopes will be crushed when you see how boring the rest of the rooms in my house are. Ha. So sue me-- I prefer putting my time, effort, and money into the room that people actually SEE if they come over. It's all about the prioritizing, folks. 

We'll start off with the master bedroom. I enjoy calling it that because I like thinking of myself as a master (of what? Sleep?). But that's beside the point, I suppose. Here's the doorway from the living room...

...and the view from just inside the door. I personally really love the deep blue shade of the walls, and try to offset the dark walls/floors/furniture with white/bright fabrics and decor. We used to have a white duvet cover (you can see how the room looked back then here), but last year changed things up with the brown. I think the brown makes the room slightly more interesting, is really dark. Oh well.

We bought the bed and dresser with our wedding money after we got married and I really like them. Which is convenient, since I will probably be using them for the rest of my life.

The curtains are just a light tan color and I got them (6 panels...only 4 are in here, though) at a yard sale for a song. Curtains are ridiculously expensive in stores, so I was thrilled to find some that somewhat coordinated with our room and were affordable!

I don't even know why I'm showing you pictures of my nightstand, other than to demonstrate my personal decorating philosophy (put it in a stack or a basket and call it a day) and my personal survival strategy (you might become paralyzed overnight and never leave the bed again, so you'd better have everything you might ever want within arm's reach).

Matt abides by the same philosophies, evidently. He additionally subscribes to the "the roof might fly off and snow could bury you at any moment, so keep a basket of blankets nearby" school of thought. That's handy, since here in Georgia...that's an extremely likely scenario.
View from the doorway. That door leads to the bathroom (and through the bathroom is the closet). The fabric art is something I made years and years ago (pre-Pinterest...can you imagine that we survived back then?) under the guidance and tutelage of Kristina. The bench is actually part of our dining room set, but we don't need it in there unless we extend the table,'s a handy place to sit and put on your shoes (or pile up purses/backpacks/laundry...let's just be honest).

There's a beanbag in that corner between the dresser and the bench. It is mostly occupied by dogs...but at least it's (fake) leather and can be vacuumed and wiped clean easily...and is less of an eyesore than regular dog beds. In these pictures it's being occupied by my parents' dog, Goliath.

Another project from the Dark Ages (time before Pinterest existed). I needed a place to keep/display my earrings, and danged if I didn't make this all by myself! I was so proud. And I still am...especially when I see people pinning things like this and I'm all I am so ahead of my time...

Okay, that's about enough of that room. The only other thing I wanted to share is my Favorite Rug Ever. It's white and fluffy and amazing and from IKEA (aka CHEAP). Everyone should get one (or four). I would like to report that we've had ours for three years and it is Lola's (our black Lab) favorite spot in the house to lay...therefore it has had more than its fair share of black fur and bone goo (you know, whatever the scientific term is for that nasty stuff that develops when dogs gnaw on bones) and regular old human-shoe wear-and-tear...and that thing has held up like a CHAMP. Run a vacuum over it and you are good to go. It's SOLID WHITE, folks. And there is not a single stain upon it. God bless you, amazing rug from Ikea. You complete me.

Next we will visit our guest bedroom, which also functions as our office, my craft room, and a place to hold whatever else needs a home (exercise ball? set of TV trays? where do YOU keep random things like that?).

View from the little "hallway" (which is far too small to really be a hallway, but I'm not sure what else you'd call it)
It's kind of hard to tell in these pictures, but the walls are kind of tan (boring) and the bedspread is green...although they sort of look the same in these pictures. Oops.

The bed is one of my favorite things I own. When my great-grandparents immigrated to America (Texas) from Italy, this was the first thing they bought. And now it's been passed down to me! I looooove it, despite the fact that it requires frequent maintenance and welding to keep it functioning.

I think these next few pictures are self-explanatory. I did basically no cleaning or staging in is what it is. :)

Alrighty! So now you've seen two of the three bedrooms in our little house. The last bedroom is, of course, the nursery...which I haven't taken any new pictures of, because nothing has been done in there lately. Although Matt did install the ceiling fan...which I think hadn't been done as of my last nursery-post. But that doesn't seem worth pulling out the camera for, right? Right.

Thanks for dropping by my casa...if you ever happen to be out in the sticks of Georgia in real life, I'd be happy to show you around in person! Have a great weekend!


  1. At first I thought the painting of flowers above the guest bed was a painting of Mickey Mouse... ha!

  2. Cute rooms! I love the blue color of your master bedroom and I really really love the headboard/footboard of the guest bedroom!

  3. Love the blue and brown! Also really love that earring display. I marked something like that once to make it but never did. Maybe this is my inspiration?? Have a great weekend!

  4. Cute rooms! I also have a similar earring holder/hanger/thing that was pre-pinterest... we are so ahead of our times! And we also have similar taste in earrings.

    I also really like that fabric art thing- very cute!

  5. Do you have any problems with the closet being through the bathroom? (Humidity?) Just curious.. ya know, since I'm still in the house hunting game. :/

    Pray for me, going to see a 2 story Colonial tomorrow. I do not prefer 2 stories. Bleh.

  6. Thanks for your comment this morning...I see you are journeying through infertility. While I haven't experienced what you are going through, I have had a dear friend go through it...and her level of grief was right at par with my grief in losing a child. So, I know it is VERY tough. Big hugs to you and prayers as you continue on your journey. I'm going to become a follower and provide you with as much encouragement as possible!

  7. I love that blue color in your room! Very striking.

  8. I like your style of decorating -- piles! I am all over that :)


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