Thursday, June 21, 2012

things that broke yesterday


That is all I have to say about yesterday.

To be honest, it really wasn't a bad day. It's just that a lot of random things broke. Enough that you just kinda have to cock your head to one side, squint your eyes, and say: What's with today, today? (best line ever from Empire Records)

Our day got started off bright and early, as per usual on a work day. At approximately 5:57 am, I was preparing our smoothie and went to pour the milk into the blender. Instead of pouring in, the milk CHUNKED in in giant, globby, yogurt-esque blobs. I immediately threw up in my mouth glared at the side of the milk carton, which boldly proclaimed it was best sold by June 24th. Double-checking with the calendar, I confirmed that it was indeed several days short of the 24th, which therefore meant my milk should be 100% non-chunky and that Publix was about to receive the Wrath of Erika. It was around then that I noticed that the carton in my hand didn't even feel cold. Barely cool, even. I went back, opened the fridge, and discovered that alas-- nothing felt cold. And it smelled a little funny. 

 Broken Thing #1: The Fridge

 There's just not a lot you can do about this situation at 6am, when time is of the essence and you MUST be on the road to work in less than half an hour. I dropped the half-full milk carton into the outside trashcan, turned the fridge temp to "coldest," and Matt and I halfheartedly tried to figure out what could be wrong with our barely-three-year-old fridge (note: the freezer was working fine, thank God). 

After a day of internet- and coworker-research, we decided to pull the fridge out and vacuum all of the vents really well. They were super dusty/dog hair-y, so maybe that was the problem? We're giving it 24 hours, as per the not-so-helpful instruction manual, to see if things improve or if we need to call someone out. And I don't even want to think about all the food I'll have to be replacing. Might. Freak. Out. Cooking dinner was like a special Iron Chef challenge: Cook an entire meal, using NOTHING FROM THE REFRIGERATOR!! Mwah ha ha ha haaaaa!!

Whilst cooking dinner (broiled cobia my dad caught deep sea fishing; fresh corn on the cob; sliced tomatoes; garlic bread), I discovered that my trusty oven mitt ...broke...?? Don't know what you'd call it, but when I pulled the hot pan out of the oven, wearing the mitt, I touched the pan with my fingertips, leading me to conclude that whatever that black heat-proof stuff ain't workin' no more.

Broken Thing #2: This Oven Mitt

Whatever, you mean old punk oven mitt. Luckily my fingers didn't really get burned, so I'm not too torn up about this one...except I'm not really fired up to spend my hard-earned money replacing something this boring. Oh well.

After the drama of the day, Matt and I retired to the living room for some mindless couch-sitting. About five minutes in, we are not thrilled to hear a loud crash come from the kitchen. Apparently the (ugly, boring) plastic cover thingy on our fluorescent light fixture decided it just couldn't BE up there any longer and plunged to his death.

Broken Thing #3: This Ugly Light Cover Thing
I mean...I don't even know what to say about this one. REALLY!??!?! That stupid light fixture is so ugly, I hate to spend even $3 replacing the casing for it (and I bet it won't be that cheap at all)...but it's not exactly a great time for us to be upgrading to fancier and more expensive light fixtures. BAH. This one is really gonna tick me off. 

Really, we couldn't deal with this last Broken Thing, so we just laid it on the oven, begged the kitchen to not break itself any more, and left the room. To paraphrase another exceptional movie/book quote: I can't think about it today; it will only upset me. I'll think about it tomorrow...after all, tomorrow is another day.

Another day that better not have anything breaking in it. Or else.


  1. Those days are the worst! I remember writing a post like this awhile ago... my broken things came in 3's, as they often do, so hopefully you are in the clear!

  2. Boo! I hope today is broken-object free!!

  3. Ugh! Hopefully your fridge will work again- not a cool unplanned purchase. And I loooovvveee your Empire Records quote. Lucas has the best one-liners!

  4. what a crazy day. . . can never be just one thing, right?

  5. eww.. I think your kitchen is out to get you! no fun!

  6. Wow...that is crazy! The dinner without using the fridge sounds like it turned out great (minus the injury caused by the broken oven mitt). I would have screamed (out of frustration, not fear) when the light cover came crashing down...that just seems too weird! Hope vacuuming the fridge vents does the trick!

  7. We've had a few days like that around here. Our most recent was one of the cars breaking down. I was totally convinced that it was the transmission after it left us stranded on Sunday. We had it towed to the shop that night. Our mechanic called two days later informing us that a rodent (aka squirrels. We have a TON of them around here) had chewed some of the plug wires and the coolant wire. Thankfully the whole ordeal ended up being MUCH cheaper than we anticipated, but it was still annoying! I hope stuff stops breaking at your house!

  8. When it rains it pours, huh! Hopefully the fridge is an easy repair.

  9. Bran and I laugh everytime we start an adoption, because this has happened each time. So not funny in the moment. In the moment all you can say is, "Seriously!?!?!?!? For real!?!?!!?!?"

  10. I'm sorry to hear about the fridge and light!! I used to have that oven mitt! It got to where my poor thumb would get burned after 2 seconds of holding a hot pan since the rubber stuff had pretty much worn through. They just have a shelf life and almost 6 yrs was pretty good for me.

  11. I couldn't imagine a life with a broken fridge, heh. That's why I really feel sorry for you about this. Maybe this is a sign for you to get a new one or some other - or have your old one repaired with better lubricants and coolants.


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