Friday, June 22, 2012


Today I'm linking up with Saige Wisdom for a special edition of her Obsessions weekly link-up! I've been wanting to join in on this party for a few weeks now, but then she added a little incentive, you might say, for this I could procrastinate no longer! So here we go with a few things I'm obsessing over lately.

1) Happy flowers
 (Impressed with my collage skillz?? You should be.)

Life's not always happy, yall. But at least your flowers can be. Or mine can be, as the case (overuse the word 'be' much?). Lately I'm obsessed with my happy-colored zinnias, my rose of sharon(s) in full purple bloom, and all the other random little bursts of color around the yard. To me, flowers = happiness. Which is why I keep planting more.

2) Nail Polish


Source: via Alison on Pinterest

This year I'm a little wacko for nail polish (for both the fingers and the toes, of course). I am embracing all sorts of trendiness because of my new mindset: nail polish is the cheapest and easiest trend to get in on. Seriously. I can't afford to indulge in every (or many) clothing trends or home furnishing trends (sure, a chevron-printed couch would look fantastic for this season! let me just rush out and buy one, Pinterest...). But nail polish? Even when it's expensive, it's still cheap. And if the trend (neon? glitter?) is totally gone next year, then fantastic. I only spent a couple bucks anyway. But at least for this year, PART of me looks like I know what's up. Plus, I've found that strangers just looove to compliment nail polish (and I do too! To other strangers!)'s a nice, non-weird way to make a connection with random people. Therefore, I now have to budget for nail polish every time I go to Target. Awesome.

3) Sonic Island Breeze Slush

Sonic unveiled some new seasonal slushes recently and I was slightly ecstatic to drink the Island Breeze slush (in strawberry). Although I've only had it once...I'm pretty sure the fact that I've been thinking about it and craving it ever since qualifies me as obsessed. It's a mixture of pina colada and strawberries and it is everything my pool-going, summer-loving self requires in a beverage (except rum). That is why you will have to forgive the picture above, as I was semi-makeup-less, freshly sunscreened, and en route to the pool when I took this hideous picture. Bottom line: rush out (during Happy Hour, of course) and get one soon!

4) Reading
I know I've already shown this picture before. So sue me. I don't have a lot of pictures of myself reading, strangely...
 Be it poolside, on the front porch rocker, or in bed-- I am devouring books lately. The last few weeks I've probably read 4 books a week-- and don't forget, I work full time! That's kind of impressive, right?? I'm impressed. What I'm reading? Not impressive. But mindless and entertaining, yes. And that's all I'm looking for right now. My mom brought me a giant box stuffed with Janet Evanovitch's entire writing career and I alternate between those and whatever I can find for free to read on my Kindle. I keep my Kindle in my PURSE these days so that I can snitch a few minutes of reading in anytime I have a minute free. I find that filling every spare moment of your life with reading of some sort (blogs, books, whatever) means that your brain is left with less time to think about depressing things (like your life), so I'm just going with it.

5) Awesome Kindle covers

Since I'm using my Kindle so much and toting it around 24/7, I've decided it's high time to get a case for it. It's getting scratches, poor thing. :( But browsing the selection at Target and Amazon left my highly unfulfilled and yawning. Therefore I sought better options elsewhere, leading me to this:

Source: via Erika on Pinterest

Seriously, how fabulous is that case? You should see the inside of it. More adorable fabrics (HAPPY FLOWERS!!) and cuteness than my heart can bear, really. I don't have many (any?) things in my life made out of fun, bright patterns (oh! I do! My camera strap, also from Etsy) and I need to get some. That's why I *need* this Kindle cover. Protecting my Kindle AND being cute, all in one package.

And guess what? I just might GET that case. Because today's Obsessions link-up is actually an Etsy Giveaway, too!
 One lucky girl person (seriously, I hear TONS of guys are blogging about their fave Etsy finds...) is going to win their Etsy obsession-- and I hope it's me!! If you'd like a chance to win yours, I suppose you could link up as well...but fair warning-- if you link up because of me and then you WIN and I don't...we're gonna have words. OK? So tread carefully.

Speaking of seems that Lola is having a minor obsession with me taking her outside at the moment. So I'm gonna get on that, and also throw some clothes on in case the refrigerator fixer-man decides to show up today. Grrrr. I could probably quickly write up an Alternate Obsessions List: Things I Wish I Didn't Have to be Obsessing About-  1) the broken fridge and ruined food within; 2) surgery and how it's going to waste a bunch of our money intended for our adoption... Wow, actually that's kind of a short list today. Not too shabby, really. Who has time to focus on the negative when there are nails to be painted, slushies to be drinking, books to be reading, and a no-work Friday to be enjoying? Not me!! Later dude! 


  1. Oh my! We don't have a Sonic up here and my mouth is literally watering from your description. We will be in Florida in 7 days and can bet Sonic will be on our list of places to stop...maybe more than once! :)

  2. Not to focus on the unhappy when this post is so happy, but won't insurance pay for your surgery? My insurance told me it would be 100% covered as long as I had reached my deductible (which I have, surprise, surprise).

    Okay, on to happy stuff...I'd love to see pictures of your current fingers and toes! I love pretty nails but my fingernails rarely get long enough to make it worth it (and my art and washing paintbrushes seem to ruin nail polish in a split second anyway) and I probably paint my toenails every 3-4 weeks. Not exciting.

    As always, your flowers are so lovely! Maybe it's time for another photo tour around your house because there seems to be so much in bloom!

    And that Kindle case is adorable! Happy Friday!

  3. love that blue polish. have you seen the nail art sold at CVS, Walgreens etc? My sister bought the leopard ones and put it on her toes. It looks so fun!! Totally worth the few bucks!

  4. I love nail polish too. But I've recently been told I'm a snob because I really only like OPI polishes. LOL

    Love the Kindle Case. I have a boring one from Target because my Kindle arrived right before we flew to Disney last time.

    Praying insurance covers your surgery so that the adoption fund can stay intact.

    Oh and I'm currently obsessing over a residental pellet ice maker. Sonic in muh kitchen!? Yes please!

  5. Right now I am obsessed with sleep and staying cool because those two things have been in short supply lately. I am a new follower to your blog (found you through Kelly's Korner's SUYL) because your posts make me laugh. And I won't link up and win something away from you on etsy :)

  6. where to even begin? all your posts are amazing, how you manage to bang off such hilarity and still have a life is beyond me, but and am SO glad you linked up! thank you.

    Can I just say I'm jealous of so many things:
    1. that you've stepped foot in a Target
    2. that you obviously have a pool at your disposal
    3. that you own a kindle
    4. that you know the names of flowers
    5. that you still look fresh & beautiful while bugging your eyes out and drinking a slushie

    Such a rare talent you are. xo

  7. I think you need to do a blog with book reviews - I'm dying to know what you are reading! Also, I am ALSO obsessed with nail polish this summer. I just bought Essie's "Bikini So Teeny" and it's fabulous.

  8. You are exactly right about the nail polish trends! I think I may go buy some bright yellow nail polish and jump on that trend. (Maybe not, sometimes it makes me think of jaundice)

    I also am obsessing over Nook Covers. Honestly, it was the cute covers on etsy that made me buy a Nook.

  9. Ahhh I need a cute kindle cover! I just have a boring black leather one :( Great find!

    xo Shane


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