Tuesday, June 19, 2012

my favorite things: sunscreen ed.

Yesterday evening we finally got a Very Important Package in the mail. One I've been expecting and eagerly awaiting for like...an entire week (patience is not my virtue). Are you ready for it??

 Wait, can you tell what it is?? You can probably see where it's from: Drugstore.com

Here it is!! The BEST SUNSCREEN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am only slightly ridiculously excited about this. In case you couldn't tell.

For some reason, all the stores that I shop at do not carry this delightful and unparalleled brand, and I've been making valiant efforts over the last few summers to fill the void in my heart beach bag with something else, but to no avail. All other sunscreen products fall far short, in terms of texture, consistency (same thing as texture? maybe), price, and SMELL SMELL SMELL. Ocean Potion smells like heaven, it smells like happiness, it smells like the glittery farts of unicorns frolicking under rainbows in Hawaii. The smell of Ocean Potion is probably the sole reason I ever converted to being a sunscreen-wearer in the first place. And I was about to un-convert, until I discovered that I could buy it cheaply and hassle-free from Drugstore.com.  Bless you, Drugstore.com. 

Anyway. What with the vacay coming up (which I will apparently be filling you in on in real time, by a landslide) and all, I knew I was going to have to get serious about getting some sunscreen. I have HAAAATED the bottle I'm currently using and that caused me to go all stalker-like on the Ocean Potion online. I discovered a cult gathering of fellow Ocean Potion enthusiasts, which made me feel like less of a freak (God bless the internet for giving me that feeling about one thing or another on a weekly basis...) and now, only a little over a week later, I am having a big happy reunion with my Favorite Smell in the World.

(True Story: I only recently threw away my last (empty) bottle of OP. It ran out probably 2 years ago, but I have held on to the bottle ever since because it still smells like it and it makes me feel happy and relaxed to smell it. Hoarder much?)

Anyway. Just wanted to share in case any of you were finding yourselves similarly disillusioned by the sunscreen options currently available to you. Also-- drugstore.com probably won my future business (this was my first time shopping there) because their site made it SO DANG EASY to tell what products you could purchase with your medical flex spending account card. I had no idea that most sunscreens qualified! But on their site, everything that qualifies has a little logo next to it...so that means we paid for this whole box of sunscreen (with free shipping) with our "free money". This would have been handy at the end of last year when we were frantically trying to figure out how to spend the leftover money in the FSA...so, just a tidbit in case you find yourself in that position sometime.

Alright. Gotta go do really important things now. Like sniff sunscreen. Or work. Or something. Byyyeeeeeee!!!

Disclaimer: I have not been asked or compensated by either Ocean Potion or drugstore.com to talk all nice about them. But if either company would like to pay me (or mail me more products), I would certainly be open to that. Ha.


  1. Good to know because I have never had any brand loyalty when it comes to sunscreen... I'll have to check out this glittery unicorn fart scent! Ha, you are so strange, by the way :)

  2. oh, Ocean Potion is the only sunscreen in our book too! Am glad to know I can find it online because we've had the same shopping dilemma this year... I mean, really, who gave anyone permission to mess with the sunscreen distribution?!?!?!?

  3. I will have to try this sunscreen out. I do love the smell of most sunscreens, but the last two summers I have not been happy with my sunscreen.

  4. We might need to try that. We've just been using Banana Boat because 1. it has staying power in the pool and doesn't turn white and yukky when wet
    2. it doesn't migrate into our eyes when we are sweaty (gross) or wet from water sports and
    3. it comes in SPF 50 (our Norwegian and Swedish Minnesota skin can't take the sun! plus I am terrified of skin cancer and wrinkles!).

  5. Oh my gosh, "it smells like the glittery farts of unicorns frolicking under rainbows in Hawaii" made me laugh until I almost peed my pants. Just sayin'.

  6. Hmmm might have to try this one! I am sunscreen opposed and therefore am painfully pale. (But it got me brownie points at the dermatologist's office!)

    And I totally miss our flex spending. Pout.


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