Wednesday, June 13, 2012

on blogging. and other stuff.

I saw this yesterday and really liked it. It made me feel...I don't know...happy? justified? empowered?...that I do tell my stories. And that you tell yours.

I have no idea where this quote came from (other than Facebook and Pinterest, of course. I think credit must go to Stephanie for being the first to post it.)...I've never read anything by Anne Lamott. But based on this quote, I feel like I might like her. Anyone want to vote yea or nay to that, or recommend something in particular? Or obviously, I could just keep looking at quotes by her on Pinterest. Pinterest: The Lazy Person's Summer Reading.

My surgery is tentatively scheduled for July 5. That is subject to change if we (with some input from my doctor, once I get a chance to speak to him today) decide that that day is too close to our vacation departure date. I don't want post-surgery recovery to be cramping my Mexican Beach Bunny style, ya know? But I also don't want to postpone surgery and have some freaky endometrioma attack a la April 1 while I'm on vacay and find myself shacked up in some Cancun hospital. Decisions, decisions...

Noteworthy Observation Slash Open Letter to Blogger: Blogger seems to have a very interesting spellcheck-system. I'd like to know the process for a word becoming common enough to pass the we will stop red-underlining this test. For instance, both Facebook and Twitter are apparently acceptable words (do not receive the red underline of death). Pinterest, that gets the underline. iTunes is fine, Wordpress is not (haha...making subtle hints about the competition, are we??). Just a random observation for you. Blogger People, feel free to enlighten me about this process if you feel like it. Since I'm sure you're all reading, a la Mark Casem and the Comcast Incident of 2009? Ha.

I've decided that in order for my Hunger Games 30th birthday party to be as awesome as humanly possible, I'm going to need to recreate the love triangle...purely for the sake of authenticity, of course.
Source: via Erika on Pinterest

I have generously decided to extend an invitation to Ryan Gosling to play the role of Gale for the occasion. Now I realize that all the memes have him cast as Peeta, but obviously Matt is playing Peeta. But I thought Ryan would do alright as Gale, so...that is my decision. 

I think that's all for now. So long, and happy Wednesday!


  1. Ok if Ryan Gosling is going to be there, you definitely have to invite me. Also, I think you should wear red, white, and blue to your surgery since it's the day after the 4th- or at least they should give you a patriotic hospital robe to wear!

  2. Or even better- they should do a fireworks show when you wake up!!

  3. I really like the quote at the top. And what better way to celebrate America and Jonathon's birthday than a little surgery? I like the idea of a post-surgery fireworks show. If they give you really good meds, that has the potential to be extra awesome.

  4. I'm just going to be lazy today and DITTO Amanda's comments ;)

  5. The party sounds awesome! I don't get a cool party date ever with my birthday being 2 days before Christmas. I hate that you have to have surgery but I am glad they are taking care of you quickly. I had a friend that had the same surgery and she now feels so much better. I believe she also went to Atlanta. She loved how the doctor prayed over her before the surgery. I'm not sure which group but I hope you have the same doctor. We will be in GA if you have the surgery on the 5th.

  6. I actually fell in love with that quote and that is why I shared it.

    Some of my friends and I have been through some really crazy twisting of the Word on another site that we were long time members of and the powers that be there are trying to keep us quiet about our experience. Did they not realize how fat my mouth is? LOL

    On another unrelated note, I overheard two people complaining about squash bugs. One says that since he got chickens that he lets free range while he can watch them, hasn't seen a squash bug. Don't know if you live far enough in the sticks for that, but I figured I'd pass it on. :) It's all about the garden at any cost, right? LOL

  7. OK I definitely concur with the Gosling as Gale proposition. This HG-30-BDAY is off to a good start! I am also scheduled for surgery on July 5 and am expecting no less than an amazing arsenal of fireworks. There has to be some kind of reward!

  8. I want to come to your Hunger Games birthday party!!!! Can I bring my Gale, Christian Bale? It even rhymes, so that means it works....

  9. Haha you absolutely crack me up - on a daily basis! Thanks for being fun :) Also, I'd love to celebrate your fabulous 30 with you!! It's going to be such a fun time!


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