Tuesday, July 14, 2015

millie takes florida

Last week was our long-awaited First Beach Trip with Millie!! Going to the beach with my baby was always near the top of my list of things I daydreamed about when I was still waiting for my baby to come...so no pressure, Millie, but there were a lot of years of dreaming going into this trip.

Betcha didn't daydream about the eight hours in the car it would take to GET to the beach, didja?
We joined my parents at their timeshare in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and it was truly a fantastic week. My only complaints are a) the long drive there. This baby ain't cut out for long car rides...and b) Matt was sick the whole trip. A few days he was still able to get out and do fun things, but much of the time he spent in bed or at the doctor's office...so that was a huge bummer.

Those two bummers aside, though, it was perfect! I won't torture you with a lengthy play-by-play...you've been to the beach, you can imagine what was happening here. 

Millie was initially a little hesitant to embrace the sand and the surf, but after she realized that we weren't going to just toss her out there and abandon her, she warmed up to the idea of enjoying it.

It's just like a really really REALLY big bathtub, Daddy? You promise?

Oh, this stuff is delicious!! I do love it here!

You parents with your lame smiles...a smoldering stare is what it's all about.

WHOA NOW, BATH. Watch yourself.
I'mma take a nap real quick while the Big Bath gets itself under control.
We also spent a lot of time at the pool, because we're equal opportunity like that.

My cuteness causes a riot every time I go to the pool.
 It's true, though. I have gone to this resort almost every summer since 1999 and can confidently say I have NEVER actually gotten to know other people there. I'm just not the girl that makes friends on vacation. I'm the girl with her nose stuck in a book.

But Millie? Oh, she's there to make friends. We made friends with Gideon and his parents and grandparents...we shared toys, swapped stories, chatted it up. We made friends with Catalina and her parents. They gave us tips about how to teach Millie to swim. We made friends with about 20 other families whose names I don't remember. I mean, it was pretty insane. Millie is apparently a people-person. I guess I'm going to have to learn to be one, too!

When I could tear her away from her admirers, though, Millie settled down to focus on the things I excel at...like having a nice drink by the pool.

 And eating seafood by the river (while watching for manatees, of course).

Hey wait, Mom, your drink looks way better than mine...
Matt's sickness meant that we had to cancel our kayaking with the manatees reservation (BIGGEST SAD FACE EVER), but my parents tried to cheer me up by joining Millie and me for a more low-key manatee hunt at a local manatee preserve.

My dad and Millie scoping out the scene.

I know you're jealous of my (dad's) sweet binocs...
We didn't have any super close encounters, but we did see several from a distance...and with binoculars, that's almost like seeing them up close. We saw a lot of dolphins, too, so that was good. It definitely wasn't my most fruitful manatee hunt ever, but it was better than nothing.

At least there was this statue, so Millie would know what to look for. 
For our last afternoon of vacation, we returned to what we do best: hanging out by the pool.

Millie observed that all the grown-ups wear their sunglasses up on their heads...she was super excited when my dad helped her wear hers like that, too!

Finally, after all of that relaxation, fun, and undivided adult attention, Millie decided she may as well learn to walk. So we went to the beach with a crawler...and came home with a walker. YIKES!!!!

For the record, now she is up to about 12 steps at a time. In other words, the 2016 Summer Olympics better watch out. 


  1. Look at her go! How exciting!! It looks like fun was had by all at the beach. I have a beach trip in a couple months with my little man and I CAN'T WAIT!

  2. Oh my gosh a walker!! She looks so proud of herself! Glad she got some rewards for her hard work too :P That sounds like a wonderful first beach vacation with Millie!!! That's a big bummer Matt was sick :( When he gets better you guys should probably just go another beach vacation!!

  3. 12 steps!!! oh my!!!!

    I love the family selfie - way too precious! Beautiful family. Totally lame for Matt being sick, but so glad you got in your dream beach trip with your baby!

  4. Oh my goodness! She walks!!! That is such an awesome beach memory to bring back :)

    I'm so sorry Matt was sick. Being sick on vacation is NO FUN. I really hope you all feel better soon.

    And as always, your captions of what Millie is thinking are hilarious!!!

  5. Big bummer about Matt (and the drive), but glad y'all were still able to eat some sand, look for some manatees, and befriend strangers, all signs of a successful trip! And HOW is that little nugget old enough to be walking?!

  6. Oh that drive seems like a piece of cake compared to our drive ugh! Never again! At least u got to relax at the beach and enjoy the sun. Its always exciting when babies finally get the confidence to start walking on their own. Even if it requires a few scares at first. Its cute lol.

  7. Yay Millie! Come teach Grace how to walk since you are clearly the expert! I also love the little baby cover up! Target?

  8. Poor Matt! Sick on vacation has to be illegal or something!
    Millie walks...yay! She's getting bigger every day. xoxo

  9. The walking is so cute!!!! I also love that she is sleeping in the wagon thing. Cuteness overload!

  10. So sorry about Matt getting sick on vacation! Major bummer. But I am glad you all still made the best of it and were able to squeeze in a (mostly) fun vacation!! I would now like to pack up my family and go to the beach!


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