Thursday, October 22, 2015


Things I’ve Been Doing Instead of Blogging:

1. All the Fall Things

Her little bow shadow? And the belly? TOO MUCH!

2. All the Boring Things, like work. And laundry. And dishes. And brushing teeth. Just kidding, that's not boring. It's alternately hilarious and torturous. You never know which it'll be, either, so it's an adventure every time!

During this particular episode, she used one hand to wave at herself in the mirror the entire time she brushed. Naturally she stopped as soon as I pulled the camera out.

3. Freaking out about the Big Gilmore News!!! And enjoying the camaraderie of freaking out with my friends and coworkers who are equally jazzed about this amazing development.

4. Planning for surgery next month.

Yep. Time for another exciting endo surgery!! That was the conclusion of my visit with the RE last week…sorry, nothing fun involving new babies or hopes of new babies. Just confirmation that my pain isn’t all in my head…I have some sizeable cysts and noteworthy endo growth, so in mid-November I’ll let him take it all out again. Womp womp. I’m not terribly nervous about surgery this go round, since I know more what to expect…but I do dread the long recovery and all the days I won’t be able to fully play with and hold Millie! I’m trying to focus on the positive, though- when it’s all done, I’ll have a lot less pain to deal with on a regular basis. And also, even though recovery will suck…think how much Netflix I can watch!! I’m currently accepting suggestions for shows to marathon during recovery. I’m presently leaning towards Friday Night Lights, but open to other ideas!

5. Fake shopping.

We’ve spent/are spending way too much money on medical bills this year for me to justify actually going shopping, so I just live vicariously through filling up shopping carts online and then closing the window without ordering. It’s fun. Kinda. Until I go to my closet to get dressed and I’m like “I should wear those black ankle boots--- oh yeah, I don’t actually own those. Dangit.”

6. Reading.

In addition to my book club book each month, I usually read about a book a week. Because ‘shopping’ at the library is free, haha. I’m currently working on The Royal We for book club this weekend and I looove it so far!! We wanted a lighter read, since last month we read Beyond Belief, which was a really heavy (and long. And repetitive.) look into a girl born into/leaving Scientology. I enjoyed it, but…yeah. It’s time for a fun book, and this one is definitely fitting the bill!

So that’s what I’ve been doing. The list of things I haven’t been doing lately is also really long, including such exciting things like cleaning my house, blogging (obvs), exercising, cooking (sorry, Matt), and doing basically anything during my free time that doesn’t involve my favorite girl. But oh well. I’ll clean the house when Millie’s 14 and too cool to hang out with her lame old mom. Although we all know that’ll never happen, because we are totally going to be Lorelai and Rory.  (Don’t you love how it all comes full circle? Millie. Gilmore Girls. Rinse and repeat.)

You will always be my favorite, Mommy! Unless you make me brush my teeth.


  1. Friday Night Lights!! Do it- it will change your life.

  2. I just read The Royal We last week. Did you know that Mae Whitman and Lauren Graham bought the rights to make it into a movie? Perfection.

    Also, I vote for the Good Wife, but I don't know if it's on Netflix (we have Prime over here). It's so good--I'm working my way through the second season.

  3. Gilmore girls is my favorite, I hope that if I have a daughter we can have that relationship. I think you and Millie can totally get to Rory/Lorelai status. :) I've been reading a lot lately too! If you haven't already read it, I recommend Still Alice. SO good. I just got the new Nicholas Sparks book so I'm excited to dive into that. Have a Happy Friday! :)

  4. Gilmore girls is my favorite, I hope that if I have a daughter we can have that relationship. I think you and Millie can totally get to Rory/Lorelai status. :) I've been reading a lot lately too! If you haven't already read it, I recommend Still Alice. SO good. I just got the new Nicholas Sparks book so I'm excited to dive into that. Have a Happy Friday! :)

  5. Look at those little piggy tails!!! Sorry about the dumb surgery. I hope your recovery is as quick as possible. And I feel like I'm the only one not excited about Gilmore Girls. I tried to get into it but couldn't. We're watching How to Get Away with Murder and Orphan Black right now.

  6. Ugh, stop living and enjoying life and spend more time on the internet already! Boo to another surgery but hopefully Netflix will be able to ease your pain... and Millie's cuteness, obviously. Have you watched FNL before or would this be your first time? We watched it and totally loved it! Texas forever!

  7. Just finished The Royal We last weekend! I apologize to any of your book clubbers within the Gwinnett County library system who have been on the waiting list...I promise I'll get it back to the library tomorrow (that thing is almost 500 pages, but well worth the time it took me to get through them all)! Sure do miss hearing from you more regularly, but so long as you haven't forgotten about your lowly blog friends altogether, I suppose I can forgive you for choosing to spend your time elsewhere. I imagine Miss Millie doesn't have to twist your arm too terribly hard when it comes to playing with her or writing a new post...and I don't blame you, not one bit. ;-)

  8. Ugh, sorry you to have ANOTHER surgery, but admittedly the first thing I thought of was how lucky you will be to have that down time, ha!

  9. All good reasons for the lack of blogging! We got rid of Netflix but with the anticipation of Fuller House from my 9 year old, we will be getting it back soon. I will also need something to keep me busy during these late night feedings soon. I didn't watch Gilmore Girls so I guess it need to have that on my list. I've heard great things about Friday Night Lights. I'm so glad you read Beyond Belief....I cannot believe that people really live like that! I enjoyed The Royal We. I just finished To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time. It took me forever to finish it for some reason. I enjoyed it but didn't think it lived up to the hype. Any other book suggestions?

  10. I almost emailed you about GG so we could geek out together, but I refrained. Friday Night Lights was filmed in my hometown and they used my high school (exterior of the school, team uniforms, football game footage - even some of our coaches were extras) as the model for the team. It's based on a book about Odessa, TX (and yes, I read the book). Love that you are having so much fun this fall!

  11. So you're saying I should get on the Gilmore Girls bandwagon????

    Boo to surgery, but I will be praying it is an easy and restful recovery.

    Also, dishes and cleaning are way overrated. And cooking. :)

  12. I do not feel like blogging at all these days, but I'm glad you're keeping up on it better than I am so that I have something fun to read!!

  13. I do miss your blog but you as you can tell I am not blogging as much right now either. At least your reason for not blogging is cute as opposed to mine. (Millie vs a job is really no contest!)

    And I hadn't heard about the GG episodes because I obviously live under a rock. Which is also why we never made it to a pumpkin patch this year. We lose the parent of the year award.

    And I'm sorry about your surgery. I hope you have the most amazing recovery ever and can pick Millie up again soon. I'll be praying for you.


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