Sunday, October 4, 2015

soggy weekend, crazy dreams.

It's been a relaxing and v.e.r.y. r.a.i.n.y. weekend. I can't really overstate how rainy it's been for the last two weeks or so. RAINY. Rainy. Rainy. Okay. Now that I've got that out of my system...I'm just thankful that I'm not an elementary teacher anymore, ha. The endless days of being stuck indoors are bad enough with just one easily-entertained one-year-old. God bless the teachers stuck with 22 four-year-olds. 

We spent Saturday watching our football team lose a much-anticipated game. The weather fit the mood. I was just thankful we were watching from the dry comfort of our house and not getting soaked to death at the stadium. 

We also had our wee one to keep us entertained and focused on the positive. She amused herself for basically the entire game by playing with the balloons we brought home from lunch at Chick-fil-a.

THESE BALLS FLY IN THE AIR BUT DON'T FLY AWAY?!?! What kind of witchcraft is this??!

 She's also still going strong with her enthusiastic clapping obsession, so she made sure to support the Dawgs whenever we did anything remotely good. Which wasn't often, but whatever.

Now we clap, Daddy. Stop being depressed. Show some support!
 Later that evening after dinner, Millie was still hanging out in her high chair and Matt and I stepped into the living room for two seconds to watch some replay or something. We came back to find this:

What? I heard one-shoulder shirts were in this year!

I'll just clap for myself and my amazing sense of fashion, then!
 This morning we woke up to the first non-rainy day in recent history. Before we headed out to church, we let Mills run around and enjoy being out of the house. It was incredibly windy, and that seemed to amuse her greatly!

We tried to take some pictures, but it was difficult (and hilarious) (and hideous) because the wind was so fierce. If you have bangs (or have kids with bangs) know the struggle. It's real. Also, the cat was running around at our feet, and what with 200 days of being indoors, Millie had evidently forgotten we even had a cat...she was REALLY EXCITED to discover Aidan!

These pictures all cracked me up, though, so I figured I'd share. We just can't get enough of this girl and her giggles!

This is totally her face most of the time. She's such a happy girl!!


I die.
So anyway, what with all the rainy days and nights, I've been watching a lot more TV (well, Netflix) than usual. We made excellent use of her naptimes and post-bedtime hours all weekend and are nearly through Season 5 of Walking Dead. I also squeezed in a few eps of Gilmore Girls (late season 4) when I needed a little pick-me-up. This would not really be worth reporting EXCEPT that the odd combination of shows apparently mashed up in my brain and gave me a REALLY WEIRD dream last night.

I don't remember much of it, just the dilemma I was facing: both Luke and Rick were in love with me, and I was having to choose. LUKE?! or RICK!?!? Holy cow. The struggle was super real, yo. 

When I woke up this morning I told Matt, but before I even got to the part about Rick v. Luke, he was like "oh gosh, Stars Hollow would NOT make it during the zombie apocalypse." And like...yeah. Truer words have never been spoken. So now in addition to pondering my Luke/Rick decision (because that's important. I still haven't made a decision.), I'm also trying to imagine how the zombie apocalypse would go down in Stars Hollow. I've basically come to the conclusion that no one would survive, except maybe Kirk. And Emily. And possibly Miss Patty.

So in conclusion, if anyone wants to write some Gilmore Girls/Walking Dead fan fiction, I'm totally up for reading that. Also, feel free to weigh in on the Rick v. Luke decision, since that seems like something I'll definitely need to have an answer for in the near future. (Matt was like "where was I??"...I was like...uhh, not there. I guess the zombies got you. Or Rick got rid of you so he could move in on me. Anyway, not relevant. Let's not make this decision harder than it already is.


  1. Millie has the best smile - always so, so happy!! Love those pictures of the two of you, wind and all!

  2. That game.....ugh! I was also saying how mad I would have been if I was there. Cold, wet, disappointed, and broke. Glad Millie could keep you entertained!

  3. It's just too bad that Millie always looks so unenthusiastic and sad ;) She is like the opposite of McKayla Maroney... maybe she needs her own hashtag: #millieisalwaysimpressed

  4. Hahaha...this was great lunchtime entertainment. Luke vs this even a question? Luke for sure, and I'm not even really a Luke fan. Rick turns into such a jerk. Unless I guess it actually IS a zombie apocalypse, in which case you have to go Rick for survival purposes. Luke would likely go out fishing in his dad's old boat as a means of survival. He's not likely to last long.

    Also, how did you get Millie to be so entertained (and able to self entertain)???? Garrison has the attention span of a gnat if I'm in the room. Mom. New toy. Mom. New toy. Mom. New room. Where's mom? I missed like 90% of the game since I was home alone with him, buuuuttt I'm not feeling too bad about that.

  5. Oh forget Rick and Luke - Daryl. and Roll Tide. that is all.

  6. 15 years ago today Gilmore Girls premiered! Isn't that crazy?! Have you been keeping up with the gilmore guys podcast? I love the different things they bring up and wish I had someone in the car with me that I could talk about it with haha.
    I took advantage of the rain and watched a lot of harry potter and finished my book but I was really happy to see the sun today!!!

  7. Luke. Hands down.

    It was a bit windy this weekend and Grace though it was the funniest! She kept laughing when a gust would blow. She reminds me to find the fun in things.

  8. Luke. Hands down.

    It was a bit windy this weekend and Grace though it was the funniest! She kept laughing when a gust would blow. She reminds me to find the fun in things.

  9. Did you really teach elementary school before I discovered your blog? The whole thing cracked me up, but that was all I could think about the entire time. I'm worse than my first graders.

  10. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write a blog that is only about Stars Hollow during the zombie apocalypse. Oh yeah, cute kid, but also ZOMBIES EATING LUKE. Yes?

  11. Okay, I probably say this every time but Millie's captions are SO PERFECT and so hilarious! I love it. You will have to keep captioning for her long after she can do it herself.

    And Luke! Always Luke! Not that I've ever watched The Walking Dead but obviously Luke!

    And Millie's face in that first one-shoulder shirt post is half hilarious and half sorrowful. I love it!

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