Tuesday, November 24, 2015

my funny girl

Well, despite my lack of posting, life's just kept on trucking away. I'm finally feeling pretty good again. Despite the unexpected allergic reaction from HAAAADES, I still think that my overall healing from surgery was quicker this time around. Perhaps because I had two less procedures rolled into the surgery this time? (Last time I had a D&C and hysteroscopy in addition to the laparoscopy.) At any rate, I'll take it. I was desperate to get back to playing with my girl!
Who, me? I'm just hiding in my new favorite spot! Boo!
This kid. She cracks me up daggum ALL. DAY. LONG. (Even when I'm away from her at work. Part of my brain thinks about work stuff while the other (better) part of my brain reflects back on whatever nutty thing she did that morning...multitasking at its finest!) 

Millie had an amazing streak of being healthy. From her 12-month well-visit until her 15-month well-visit (count it: THREE WHOLE MONTHS!!!) she had NO sick visits in between!! It was her longest streak to date. And I must have told that statistic/story to 1,389 people since the 15-month visit a few weeks ago...and I clearly jinxed her. Because since mid-November (the day before my surgery, to be exact), she's had FOUR SICK VISITS. Making up for lost time, I suppose. Womp. Nothing ever super tragic or alarming or scary, just run-of-the-mill colds/viruses/ear infections (yup, even with tubes). With her asthma, though, all of these generic winter ailments make her breathing get scary, so I always err on the side of taking her in to make sure her lungs are clear. So far so good, just lots of extra breathing treatments. I swear...that nebulizer is like my second child. I feel like it needs a monogrammed Christmas stocking next to the rest of ours.

I know exactly how to work this thing! It's my favorite game!

Everybody gets to have a turn. Even Lola! (true story)
Last weekend we went to a UGA basketball game- it was SO much fun! I'm not even remotely a fan of basketball, but a friend gave us free tickets and I figured Matt deserved a night of doing something besides waiting on me hand and foot (haha just kidding, why would he want a break from that?), so we went! I had a hunch Millie would enjoy the loud music (both from the sound system and the band), people, and general activity/festiveness of a college sporting event, and I was definitely correct.

No, I will NOT look at the camera, Mom. IT IS TIME FOR CLAPPING!!!!

Still can't look at the camera. I heard there was a mascot nearby...

Poor baby. I guess even the World's Happiest Baby has her limits.

At any rate, we had a lot of fun AND I even learned a few things...like why players get different numbers of free throws after being fouled! Not that I've ever watched much basketball, but I had observed that sometimes they get one throw, sometimes two...and I just figured it was random or something. NOT SO! Anyway...you're never too old to learn something new, I suppose! (Thanks to Matt for putting up with an entire half of my idiotic questions.) (Now, back to your waiting on me hand and foot.)

On Saturday we decided to go ahead and get our Christmas decor out. We'll wait til we get back from Thanksgiving to get the tree, but this way we can spread out the work a little...and plus, I just really felt like getting Christmas-y. Plus, I had my amazing helper this year!!

She very carefully arranged the nativity all by herself. I only had about 248 heart attacks as she womped my grandmother's priceless (to me) figurines around...
 I'd totally forgotten that last year after Christmas I'd bought this vinyl tree/ornament set on sale! We set it up on the fridge and Millie has enjoyed playing with it as much as I'd hoped she would!

I'm happy because I just stuck one of the yummy stickers in my mouth and my mommy hasn't found it yet!
Now I just need to convince her that this tree is waaaaaay more amazing and exciting than the soon-to-come real tree!

Sorry, is this post getting obnoxiously long? I can't help it. She's too funny. I must share.

 She always wants to carry her blankies, but she trips over them. Sometimes I wrap them up like a scarf, which is precious AND practical. This morning, she was also carrying her beloved lemur, Petunia, around. Right before I managed to get my camera, she had been carrying Petunia kinda up under the 'scarf,' and she totally looked like she was nursing Petunia. HA. It was adorable and hilarious, trust me. Maybe you had to be there.

She's taken a liking to playing in our shower lately. I know. GROSS. If only she knew how infrequently we clean that thing!! Haha. Anyway, on Sunday, she decided to go spend some time enjoying a beverage in the shower...with my shoe. Because of course.

Uhh...a little less photographing, a lot more pushing, lady. Get with it.
It may be frigid winter now (alright, so it's about 50. That's cold for us!), but that doesn't stop Mills from wanting to play outside all the time. Looks like I'll be sucking it up and getting cold this winter, because a Millie that's been told "no" about playing outside is NOT a happy Millie. And yes, she does wear tiny, adorable reindeer slippers all the time. BECAUSE SHE IS THE CUTEST THING THAT HAS EVER EXISTED.

Okay, enough. I just didn't want anyone to think my lack of posting was due to a lack of cute pictures or stories to tell. It's mostly due to the fact that I got totally sucked into Jane the Virgin and had to watch every single episode, and that's required a lot of time and commitment. But now I'm current (to last night's episode...which is, I suppose, as current as is humanly possible) and so maybe I can make time for other stuff. 

Well, my coughing, snotty little grump grump (this week she's a grumpy sick person. Blah. Normally her personality goes unscathed, but not this week) needs her mommy to come cuddle. She's been so miserable at night that we let her sleep with us, which is simultaneously just lovely and also incredibly obnoxious, ha! It's all fun and games until you get sucker-punched/kicked in the gut (the gut that just had surgery...) in the middle of the night. Seriously, though. I don't know how real co-sleeping families do it. Millie flips and flops around ALL night long, and so trying to accommodate all that in between Matt and me in a queen sized bed? Ummm no. Not easy. But she's sick and this makes her feel better (or so I tell myself) (and also it keeps US from having to run to her room to soothe her every two seconds), so we'll embrace it for another night. Adios!


  1. I love your stories! I am glad that you are feeling better and able to be back enjoying time with your little girl. My husband has really bad asthma so I am worried that our children could get it, is it even genetic? I just know that I get nervous when he can't breathe and I know if it was my child I would be at the doctor all of the time. The fridge Christmas tree is awesome and for some reasons she looks so big and old sitting on the floor next to it.

  2. I can't handle that picture of her smiling next to the Christmas tree- too, too cute! Also, I 100% get what you mean about half of my brain being at work while the other half is constantly thinking about the twins... it's an amazing skill we have as working moms, I must say!

  3. I'm glad to hear your surgery went well (minus an allergic reaction...that sounds horrible! I had one to the painkillers after gallbladder surgery and it was no bueno.) I just love the sweet pictures of that munchkin- she's adorable. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  4. She is just the cutest! (well, you know, top ten). I love these photo posts. It's so amazing how much they grow and change in one short year!

  5. So glad to hear you are feeling better. That Millie just gets cuter all of the time! I hear ya on the breathing treatments but thank goodness since giving birth the asthma has gone away. Now I just pray our little guy gets my hubs lungs and not mine.

  6. All parents think their kid is the cutest kid in the world. Unlike most of them, you are not wrong. Millie is spectacularly adorable.

  7. She's so adorable. Lol I also don't know how ppl can go a long time cosleeping. The few times I've put my son in bed with us is like he takes up half my side up and he's only 3 months. Glad u recovered well and can now play with Millie.

  8. I'm glad you are feeling much better! And what is it with kids and eating stickers?? I swear . . . Camille still tries to eat them!!

  9. "No, I will NOT look at the camera, Mom. IT IS TIME FOR CLAPPING!!!!" Ha ha ha!!!

    And wait until she wants to decorate the real Christmas tree and you have to deal with HALF your ornaments living on one branch in a "cluster." Yes, I am still scarred from that Christmas!

    And Rachel was coughing so badly last night Dave dumped her into bed with me for awhile and Rachel kept kicking me in the breast in her sleep. It sucked.

    1. And while I was typing this comment Rachel attempted to give me a blue streak in my hair with a marker. The fun never ends.


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