Tuesday, December 1, 2015

thanksgiving (according to the baby with all the opinions)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Well, wonderful interspersed with not-so-wonderful, actually...Millie and I traded off being sick and useless (me)/grumpy (her). Poor Matt. He's probably getting tired of being the only fully functional member of our household. I keep reminding him that this is just payback from the summer and his weeks of Man Mono (kind of like Man Flu, but times 3 billion because it was legitimately mono). Soon we will be even.

Anyway, enough about all that. All you (or I) really care about is Millie, so let's just get her perspective on how the holiday week went, shall we?

Things That Were To Millie's Liking:

1. Hanging out with her cousin who adores her and is borderline obsessed with her. Not even joking. Although Carley lives two hours away, her life (according to her parents and grandparents) revolves around Millie. Talking about "Mill-Mill" and looking at pictures and videos of Mill-Mill are basically her primary interests in life right now. In case you think I'm exaggerating or just overestimating how much she cares about Millie, I will tell you this true story that my SIL told me. One night last week, Carley woke up in the middle of the night crying hysterically. Emily rushed into her room and couldn't calm her down. "Do you want some water? Your lovey? Are you hungry? Do you want to come sleep with Mommy and Daddy?"...she listed everything she could think of, but Carley sadly and hysterically shook her head no to everything. Finally, after many minutes of sobbing, Carley calmed down enough to sputter out what she needed: want to watch Mill-mill movie on phone!!!....so at 3 in the morning, there they were...sitting in bed, watching iPhone videos of Millie.

OBSESSED!!!! (I love it.)

Anyway. Luckily, Millie enjoys being the center of all that love and attention. :)

Hopefully you're getting a sense of the cousin love these two share!! I just can't wait for Millie to get a little older and return the obsessive love (and with ALL of her cousins)!

2. Being a Farm Baby

As you may have observed, Carley has the excellent luck of living on a farm! This is just fine by Mill-Mill, because animals and being outside are 100% her favorite thing.

WOW, YOU ARE LIKE A REALLY BIG LOLA!!! I"ll just go ahead and give you some pat-pats and poke your eyes...

Ummm...isn't parenthood all about supporting your children, even when they make choices that you would never, ever, not in a million years make for yourself? Yeah, that's what I'm doing in the above picture. Go on and pet that chicken, Millie. Hope you don't catch bird flu! (Or more likely- get your eyes pecked out. Or get touched by one of its feet. AHHHHH!!!! A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH!!!)

But Mommy, if you let me get a chicken, I will gather all the eggs for you! You never even have to go in!

3. Family Wheelbarrow Rides

Well, to be honest, I don't know if Millie enjoyed these as much as I did. But I enjoyed them a lot, so we'll go ahead and count it.

Oh look, it's Lola! She still exists!
Things That Were Not Even Remotely Close To Millie's Liking:

1. Our attempts at taking family pictures. I just wanted ONE decent picture for a Christmas card. ONE!! Apparently that was too much to ask.

Ooh, a leaf! Cool!

 (We give up and decide to try again the next day. Surely it will go better!!)

(Twenty-four hours later...)


Hmm...I'm going to think about something sad, maybe.


I'm going to pretend I don't even know you. Let me down, lady! I want to go pet chickens!
So that was a smashing success, I'd say. Maybe I'll make a Christmas card of outtakes. Or draw a stick person on a post-it note and write MERRY FREAKING CHRISTMAS and call it a day.

(On the plus side, check out Millie and Matt's awesome prom hands pose in that last picture!)

All in all, it was a Thanksgiving to remember. Just not one to photograph and frame, apparently.

(Bonus points if you spotted my special "alteration" on my dress...ha! That dress really doesn't fit right, but I wanted to wear it for a picture, so I snagged this quick fix idea from the skinny girls on wedding dress shows on TV! Genius! Until they accidentally take a picture of you from the side, apparently.)


  1. "I'm going to pretend I don't even know you. Let me down, lady! I want to go pet chickens!"
    "prom hands"
    Hilarious post. Didn't notice your dress modification till you pointed it out. Happy belated thanksgiving.

  2. I totally think you should use the first picture of y'all for your Christmas card, too funny!

  3. so cute.......... Well written with wonderful pics!

  4. How cute is Millie's profile in the chicken picture! Love the Christmas card outtakes. My sister and I are taking 5 kids to get pictures done for my parents next week. I don't see this going well at all!

  5. umm, her fur vest!?! ADORABLE.

  6. The cousins in your family are working out a lot like ours. Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, BOY, and another Girl.
    I say go with the outtakes. They perfectly showcase what a fun and active life you lead!

  7. So the moral of the story is that you should have let Millie hold a chicken during the Christmas card pic!! I would have loved to see your face in those :)

  8. Aaaah, cousins! Henry is completely and utterly obsessed with his cousin, Addie, a whopping 4 months his senior. His primary interest in life is looking at pictures of Addie on my iphone. We tell him multiple times a day to be nice like Addie, good like Addie, eat your dinner like Addie, lie down for your diaper change like Addie, etc, etc.Methinks we're creating a complex. But whatevs. My genius X-Mas idea is to create a boardbook of pictures of Addie and Henry so they can obsess over each other without locking out my phone.

  9. I shouldn't be surprised, given your love for matching outfits, but I AM impressed that you had enough coordinating outfits on hand to attempt family pictures TWICE!

  10. Um...the chickens. I totally get you. My best friend raises chickens and they terrify me. I'm constantly afraid they are going to peck out her little boys' eyes. Gross. Chickens are Gross.
    Millie however is adorable :)

  11. Can we talk about your blanket scarf? OMG - LOVE! Use one of those pictures anyway because...that scarf! <3<3<3

  12. So many wonderful things to comment on in that post and all I can focus on is that chicken! Props to you for allowing Millie to touch it. Eek!
    Ok...so the furry vest, LOVE! Your blanket scarf...adore! Attempts at family pics...been there done that, gets easier. Cousin love...still happening for us and the oldest is 26 and youngest is 11!

  13. Love the clip idea. I work in bridal and never think to clip my own clothes. We get our clips from the woodworking area at Lowe's, BTW. :)

  14. Love the clip idea. I work in bridal and never think to clip my own clothes. We get our clips from the woodworking area at Lowe's, BTW. :)

  15. Love the clip idea. I work in bridal and never think to clip my own clothes. We get our clips from the woodworking area at Lowe's, BTW. :)

  16. Millie and Matt's awesome prom hands pose . . . Hahaha that is awesome.

    What is it with kids and pictures? They are either screaming like their life is coming to an end or they have that super serious cannot crack a smile face!!! Kids.

    And yes - love the clip idea!!!

  17. I think it's so funny that the happiest baby in the world suddenly refuses to smile for Christmas pictures! These girls, I tell you - they learn their tricks early, don't they!? :)

    Such a lovely family you have!!

  18. Since it's Christmas Day, I now have time to catch up on my blog reading! Ha!

    Your clothespin fix is GENIUS!!! And our kids haven't cooperated for pictures for about two years. Ha! And I really love the "Hmm...I'm going to think about something sad, maybe." Millie, you are so funny!!!


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