Tuesday, April 19, 2016

millie-isms: part I

Maybe these aren't technically "-isms," per se, since many of them don't involve language or words...but I thought I'd start keeping track of all the most hilarious/adorable things Millie does and says so that I can read back through them for the rest of my life. Because not everything can be fully captured in a photo, as I've learned.

1. She loves to help. Lately her favorite things to help with are picking (and immediately eating) the strawberries in the garden, and unloading the dishwasher. She's surprisingly good at actually being semi-helpful with the dishwasher- she will carry all of the (plastic) cups and plates to me so that I can put them up in cabinets. The silverware she likes to do all by herself. She carries it piece by piece to the drawer and throws them in the drawer (it's over her head, so she can't see in it to sort them...but it still saves me a little trouble!). She's been doing this for a few weeks, but tonight as she was helping, I noticed she'd added a little twist to things: she licked each piece of silverware before placing it in the drawer.

Always going the extra mile, that one!!

2. In the past few days she has become obsessed with belly buttons. She wants to look at hers every few minutes, and she also likes to look at mine and Matt's. If we're sitting down, she'll simply come over and pull up our shirts while yelling "BEBB-BUH," but if we're standing...she'll just do whatever it takes to locate our belly buttons. That means if you happen to be a mommy and you're wearing a dress, she'll just pull the whole thing up and climb under. If you're wearing shorts, she'll just stick her hands up them and wave around (even with her arms reached all the way up, she's still too short to reach or see our belly buttons). It's rather alarming if you're not expecting it, and if you're in public and it happens to be the dress-getting-pulled-up version...well, everyone gets a shocking surprise. Ha. Today I dressed her in an (adorable) one-piece shorts romper thing.

Adorable romper, party of one!
Obviously I am the MEANEST MOM EVER because I did not take into account how this outfit would render her belly button inaccessible. There were tears, people. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth. BEBB-BUH!

3. She is starting to make two-word sentences. "My" is her preferred word to pair up...she's quick to point out "my dee-dee" (blanket) (?? no idea why) and "my bay-bee" and "my doos" (shoes). But over the weekend she started calling for "my dadda" and "my mama," and then my heart exploded and the whole world was wonderful. 

Millie with HER mama and HER dadda. You can't have them!
4. Her class at school went through a cannibalism biting pandemic recently. It seems to have finally passed, but it was a sad few weeks, and Millie was the recipient of several bites. Anyway, their teachers and directors were working really hard with all of the kids, and we knew this not only from the communication and letters they sent to parents, but because Millie frequently repeated the party line at home. She would just be sitting at the table, minding her own business, babbling away, and all of a sudden in a very loud and firm voice, we would hear "NO BITE!! NO bite. NO BITE!!!" She would tell her dolls, her kitchen, Lola, a puzzle- anything that looked like it might get a hankerin' for human skin. NO BITE! It was pretty cute. 

And then we got her bike seat, and so all of a sudden we started talking about bikes a lot. I guess that was confusing, because we would say "Millie, do you want to ride your bike?" and get answered with furrowed brows and a firm "NO BITE!!" 

It should be no great surprise that my daughter is a big fan of following rules and making sure everyone else does, too. Ha. Apples and trees and all that.


  1. I love this. It is such fun to see the joy she brings to your lives. And seriously, you have no idea how much your future self will thank you for writing it down, or how much fun Millie will have reading it when she's older. Definitely a gift that keeps on giving!

  2. I love all of these!! But I think the utensil-licking is my favorite!

  3. I love this. It is such fun to see the joy she brings to your lives. And seriously, you have no idea how much your future self will thank you for writing it down, or how much fun Millie will have reading it when she's older. Definitely a gift that keeps on giving!

  4. I thought I heard something make a loud noise over the weekend...must have been your heart exploding!
    Millie-isms...just perfect. Her little personality is so fun.

  5. Was Millie able to communicate who the biter was? It would always make me laugh that the daycare would work so hard not to name names but as soon as my kids got in the car, they would through the biter under the bus.

  6. Joseph's Blair has been obsessed with her belly button since she was around 6 months old. She sucks two of her fingers and puts fingers from the other hand in her belly button. I can't remember the last one piece outfit she wore. Onesies went bye bye very quickly.

    Kids are weird.

  7. Oh my heart I can not wait for the my mama and my dadda!!

  8. She is just too cute! You will definitely appreciate this post some day. Even now I look back on posts from a couple months ago and have a hard time remembering the cute things Molly used to do, so I'm glad I wrote it down.

    See?! These monthly blog updates are good for something!

  9. Ha ha ha! What a great post! You (and she) will love this when she's older!

  10. Sandra Boynton - The Belly Button Book....if you don't have it...get it! The baby hippo calls belly buttons beebos which is so close to what your baby girl calls them... :)

  11. That romper is TOO MUCH. This makes me so pumped for when my daughter is walking around being cute. Currently she is still adorable but less mobile and not talking yet ;)

  12. Ahhh, so much sweetness. I love the belly button obsession and the "NO BITE." We get that with things we've bold B not to do. When she is contemplating doing them anyway, she'll say "NO NO" to herself... but usually then does whatever it is she obviously knows she shouldn't do!

    These littles. So fun.

  13. Oh, my heart is exploding reading about "my mama" and "my dada." So sweet :)

    And puzzles can get pretty nasty sometimes so it's good Millie is reminding them of the rules. And ensuring the silverware is extra clean with a good lick. Love it!!!


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