Thursday, February 12, 2009

sick, part II

Haha...when I just typed in the title of the blog, for some reason I did a Shift-1 1 for the "II" part so it said 'sick, part !!' Like being sick is so very exciting. Bleh. In all honesty, I have pretty much enjoyed my part-time work status this week, but I still don't like being sick. I went back to work yesterday, but spending the whole day teaching and talking caused endless coughing fits and also decimated what was left of my voice. So there was no point in going back I coughed all night and got no sleep again. Anyway, I went to the doctor today and got new asthma medicine and antibiotics and hopefully will be feeling better soon.

On Tuesday, when both Matt and I stayed home, we got a lot accomplished: namely, watching the first 7 episodes of Amazing Race Season 13 (last season). I need to applaud and congratulate CBS for finally getting with the program and posting full episodes of AR online. It's been a long time coming. Now we only have 4 left and I'm willing to bet we'll knock them out before V-Day. So while today was really an ideal situation in terms of finishing up that season...I just couldn't do it to my poor (at work) husband. It would be so wrong to spend the day watching it without him. So I didn't. Luckily, I had a fresh DVD (4 episodes) of Gilmore Girls to help pass the time. That and a doctor's appointment that took an HOUR AND A HALF. Oh yeah, and Lola, who entertained herself while I slept in this morning. By chewing a bone or playing with one of her many toys? you may ask. Oh no. By getting into my gift-wrapping supplies in the guest room closet (???? how she found this ????) and strewing raffia (that decorative, crafty twine stuff) all over the house. It was truly lovely. She's really artistic sometimes.

Although I've had 2 whole days off this week, I still haven't made Valentines for my students. Darnit. Now I want to stay home tomorrow just so I don't feel like a jerk. :) Oh well...the night is still young, perhaps I'll be productive later.

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