Thursday, February 5, 2009

stripped and fried.

So all afternoon I had this intense craving for fast food. More specifically, for fast food fries. Come on-- is there really anything better than some fresh, hot, salty, crispy-on-the-outside but melty-on-the-inside fast food fries?? I submit that there is not. Anyway, as it often happens when I find myself craving something, I convinced Matt that it was absolutely imperative we find ourselves some fast food for dinner. It was doubly convenient that I also had absolutely no desire to cook and was exhausted from work. So, Chick-fil-a it was. I love CFA (like any God-fearing person should) and was in the mood for some chicken strips (to accompany my fries). I've only had the "new" chicken strips once, a few months ago, but I had really liked them...and I was just in the mood tonight! Anyway, once we got there and I got my food, the saddest thing happened. I didn't like the chicken. There wasn't anything wrong with it...except that with every bite I wanted to vomit. I would swallow as fast as I could and chase it with 2 fries and half a cup of water. After a few torturous bites, I came to terms with the fact that it is okay to not like and not eat your chicken strips...after all, it's not like they're particularly nutritious or anything. So Matt ate them (and his 2 sandwiches) and I ate our fries. I'm still confused, though. Why the sudden aversion? Does this mean I will no longer like chicken biscuits, too? What will come next, pizza? Please no. I really could not survive without pizza.

I'm blogging as Matt watches Band of Brothers. We've been Netflixing for over a year now and our Netflix queue has always been a matter of much compromise and mutual consent. We choose the movies/shows to rent knowing that we watch everything together, so we only get things that we both want to watch (or that at least one person isn't violently opposed to watching.) Well, a few weeks ago Matt kept whining and complaining about wanting to watch Band of Brothers. I mean, seriously. If you're not 'in the know' (haha) like I am, then let me educate you: Band of Brothers is a reallllllyyyy long, reallllllyyyyy boring "mini" series (although there's nothing mini about it) that came on on HBO a few years ago. It won tons of awards. It's about World War 2 and some soldiers or something. If you're not already sold, let me entice you even more by telling you that there is not even a love story to redeem the 200 hours you will spend watching this nail-biter!!! Anyway...if you're a person of great discernment, you may have picked up on the fact that I am not a huge fan of watching Band of Brothers. Not really my thing. But it's totally a man-thing, so who am I to deny my husband the joys(?) of watching BoB? So I said with all my wife-ly cheerfulness, "why don't you just add it to our queue?! I'll blog while you watch it!" (Side note: it really does have a good soundtrack, so I don't mind listening to it passively while I do something else.) It seemed like a win-win situation...until one day I looked at our Netflix queue and the WHOLE THING WAS FILLED UP WITH BAND OF BROTHERS!!! I mean seriously-- the next 5 discs. My movie-watching-future was looking bleak. There was only one thing that could be done. My sanity was on the line. I decided there was one thing still lingering on my own personal "things to watch" list that really should be checked off-- stat. And it wasn't the kinda thing that Matt was going to relish sitting through. And it wasn't just a quick 1.5 hour chick flick, either. It was an entire season (24ish wonderful hours) of witty, quick-talking, beautifully-dressed Rory and Lorelei Gilmore-- yes, the seventh and final season of Gilmore Girls in all its glory. (Can't you hear the herald angels singing?) So I added that to the queue, and in an act of marital-compromise ingenuity, rearranged it so that the queue went BoB Disc 1, GG Disc 1, BoB Disc 2, GG Disc 2, etc...right on down to BoB Disc 5and GG Discs 5 & 6 (haha, I get one more!!). That way no matter how dismal what you're currently watching is...something better is on the way. I should probably start hosting marriage seminars or something, because that move was GENIUS.

Anyway....something magical is happening-- mournful and depressing music is playing as the credits roll across the screen, meaning that BoB is over and it's time for some GG!!! Time to cuddle into some blankets, tear my pup away from her bone, and lose myself in Star's Hollow for some quality drama and wit. Love it.


  1. i have to comment that band of brothers is the best miniseries of all time - you would understand if you were a man. i commend matt for putting it in the queue. in fact, i may just add it to my queue even though i've seen it several times. i've got to see the john adams series before that though.

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! looks like i may have to move p.s. i love you up a few notches and think of some other chick-flicks...good call on the alternating, erika.

  3. Sudden chicken aversion? At Chick-fil-a no less? You can claim to not be pregnant all you want, but that kind of story sure doesn't support your case. Either that or you just might have gone crazy.


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