Friday, November 13, 2009

unsolicited advice.

I've been meaning to mention this for weeks now-- I know no one asked, but you all need to know about the super awesome company I discovered and used for my Christmas cards!! I just wanted to do the (not very creative) photo card know, long skinny pic of me & Matt, pre-printed message on the back, done and done. So I priced them on Shutterfly (my go-to website for anything photo-related) and a few other places and discovered they were MUCH more expensive than I'd imagined! So after a few hours of searching Google, I happened upon Vistaprint. I'd never heard of it (them?), but after perusing the options and the prices, discovered it was seriously a fraction of the price of anywhere else. So since it was only early October, I decided to take the plunge and order my cards from this random webpage...figuring that if they turned out to be crappy, I still had plenty of time to get more made somewhere else!! Also, they had some SUPER cute & unique designs. So I made them, ordered them, and they were here (along with 300 address labels) in about a week and a half. 40 cards/envelopes and 300 address labels for TWENTY BUCKS, kids. I'm not even joking. I couldn't believe it. I will spend as much on the POSTAGE as on the cards! (As a reference point, every other webpage priced cards around $1.25 EACH) And they look really good...not cheap or anything. Anyway, I'm not going to post what they look like (it needs to be a surprise for you to look forward to in the mail!) but I promise they're cute. I just wanted to give some props and recommendations for yall if you're looking to get your Christmas cards (or baby announcements, or whatever) going...I figure I talk trash about plenty of companies (Comcast, anyone? Hey there, Mark!) so I may as well give equal time to companies that rock!

Check out Vistaprint! And no, I'm not being compensated for this glowing review...but if anyone from Vistaprint happens to read this and wants to pay me, I am certainly willing to discuss that. :)


  1. I'm totally checking Vistaprint out. I hope Mark comments on your post! And I was really looking forward to a preview of the cards. :(

  2. Is this a hint that we should send out baby announcements? Because I had pretty much decided not to, mostly thanks to the cost. And if we should, will you help me try to get a smiling pic instead of all the deer-in-headlights ones I seem to take?

  3. I ordered my save-the-dates from Vistaprint. I got like 150 postcards for $25 or something! ha ha!

  4. Amanda--you can just look forward to getting a card in the mail. Didn't I show them to you when you were here anyway? I thought I did. You need to make some Christmas cards...I promise it will hang on my fridge until the sunlight fades away.

    Mollyanne--the same goes for you and making some baby announcements (or you could combine it w/ a Christmas card like your friend did last year). I will be happy to play photographer...obviously I have some MAD skills (HAAAAAAAAAAAA)

    Lisa--Doesn't it just make you feel giddy with excitement to get something for so cheap?!?! I LOVE it!!

  5. Were they on sale when you got them? If not, can you be more specific as to where exactly on the site you found them for that price? Because pretty much all the ones I see up there now are $8.99 or $9.99 for each 10, plus $4 more for envelopes.

  6. I have used Vistaprint before. They are awesome, and will send you emails about free stuff that all you have to pay is shipping.

    For Christmas cards I like to shop after Christmas sales and buy really cheap cute ones for the next year, and I print off pictures through Snapfish when they have a great sale.
    I can't wait to see your Christmas Card Erika. I love photo cards!
    Be looking for your Christmas Card from us the 1st week of December. I am mailing them out on November 30th if nothing happens.

  7. Mollyanne-- I don't recall it being a 'special deal' or anything, but I probably did Google to find some coupon codes...but I will look later (cleaning house now) and see if I can find my deal...also they've emailed me some coupon codes and stuff recently so I'll dig through those and see if they may be useful to you!

    Brooke- I aspire to be as on-it as you. Since I actually have your address, you can also be expecting your card the first week of December!!!

  8. erika - i was looking on snapfish & shuttefly today, trying to decide on our christmas cards! funny, b/c i was also looking for address labels and happened upon vistaprint - which i remembered a friend using in college for business cards. so i ordered my labels from there. but i didn't check out their christmas cards - will have to look now!

  9. Thanks!

    I've been looking for a printer with cute/modern options. I use my publisher for my photo books, but their cards were expensive.

    Christmas cards ordered and en route. You will get to have my face on your fridge. Be very excited.

  10. I *heart* Vistaprint! They send all kinds of emails and you can get all kinds of things. Address label stamps, labels, postcards, cards. They rock!

  11. you are welcome for the sweet comments and i mean it! good things just around the corner for you, i can feel it :)

    also... you are right, i have the sneaking suspicion that my pension for baked goods might have something to do with my lack of weight loss!


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