Saturday, May 8, 2010

dinner for two

The weather was beautiful this evening. Breezy, high 60s, no mosquitos...perfect, basically. Eating dinner al fresco was more or less required by law. Unfortunately, we have no outdoor dining ensemble.

But what we lack in furniture we make up for in creativity.

Crappy hand-me-down plastic chairs? Check. TV trays? Check. Looks like we got ourselves a picnic, friends!

And all the food was prepared on the grill. No need to subject ourselves to the indoors any more than absolutely necessary. And the chives on the roasted potatoes...grew those myself!!

Speaking of growing things, check out the garden, a.k.a. the jungle.

Hello, squash!! Nice to see you guys are thriving there! Sure wish I could see the peppers that are buried somewhere beneath your many many vines and giant leaves! Bet those guys wish they could have some sun, too!

Squash. Such selfish plants. But what're you gonna do, right?

All four tomato plants have little green tomatoes on them! This is good news. Too much squash concerns me. Too many tomatoes excite me. Go figure.

So that was my evening. Tell me, though. If you were invited over to dinner by some friends and you got there and the dining arrangements were something like I've pictured above...what would you do? Pretend that's totally normal? Laugh and congratulate their creativity? Say nothing but use that as your ice-breaking hilarious party story for the rest of your life (so I went over to this girl's house for dinner and you won't BELIEVE where we had to eat...)? And what do you think our neighbors were thinking as they watched our romantic dinner for two? Haha...I think we're well on our way to being the Crazy Neighbors.

But at least we'll be the Crazy Neighbors who give away mounds of squash, right?


  1. LOVE the garden! and i think your dinner looks lovely. you wouldn't possibly think that i would judge your creative dining arrangement. i mean, anyone who has eaten beans with their fingers in the last five years can't really say anything about that.

    by the way wv: squiscon it just reminded me of squash. maybe it is meant to be.

  2. I have garden envy.

    and I love the outdoor dining arrangement. you just gotta work what you have sometimes!


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