Tuesday, January 4, 2011

digging deep

So it's 2011. And I must say, the year is off to a deep start for me.

Really deep.

As in, my thinking.

Let's talk hair, ladies.

(Sorry to the maybe 4 guys that read this.)
For the past 3 years or so, I've favored shorter, trendier hair. I've done bobs. I've had bangs. It's been fun.

You know, lots of beauty magazines and makeover shows recommend going short. More flattering, supposedly. And I'll agree, since a lot of times "long hair "equals "boring hair." With no style, if it's just long hair hanging on either side of your face...they're right. It does not flatter the face.

But then I started missing the long hair. The wedding hair. (OK, they were extensions. But it was still long hair!)

And so my last real haircut was probably 8-10 months ago. (I've had it trimmed and shaped since then, I'm not that freaky, thanks) I've been trying to "grow it out", which apparently takes FOREVER. Funny how when I was keeping it short 'n' trendy, it grew SO FAST...as in, whatever my style was, it tended to be looking NOT GOOD after like 6 weeks.

Come to think of it, maybe the "short styles are better" propoganda are something the beauty industry came up with just so that we have to spend more money on haircuts. Hmmm...

But now that I want it to get long? Geez Louise. It's slower than Christmas.

Well anyway, it's finally getting there. It's almost past the awkwardness of shirt collars, which is a major turning point.

All along the way, though, I've kept doubting myself. Long hair isn't trendy! I would tell myself. People always complimented your short, trendy hair!

But then I turned on the TV. Well, that's a lie. I watch a lot of TV, we all know that. So rather, I just started noticing things on TV.


Well, everyone beautiful. Almost every single Real Housewife (doesn't matter which city). Celebrities. Fake celebrities. News anchors. Even Stacy London, the style guru herself-- ALWAYS has long hair.

So anyway. I am re-energized in my pursuit of long hair. I am convinced I will do long better this time around. Better than high school and college, when my long hair was most certainly plain and boring. I am going to have trendy long hair this time! I am committed!

I'm even investing in hot rollers. Yep, you heard me right. My sister told me I could. (She's the hair girl. If she says it's ok, IT'S OK!!!) Apparently lots of people do it. This has changed my life, this knowledge. Because there's nothing I hate like slaving over my hair with curling and flat-irons. And then last night I saw Kyle (RHoBH) with hot rollers all over her cute little head and I said that's it, I'm getting hot rollers.

So. If you notice my hair looking particularly fabulous in the coming days, now you'll know why. And if you have any hot roller recommendations (or you want to confess to using them yourself), please let me know. I've almost decided which kind I'm getting, but there is still room for changing my mind.

Oh yeah. And THIS-- these deep and profound revelations about long hair and reality TV stars-- is what I chose to share last night in the first meeting of the new Bible Study I'm in. This. Of all the things to ramble on about in your "about me" speech. I talked about hair and reality TV.

Like I said. I'm going deep in 2011.


  1. Prior to my bob days, I wore hot rollers every.morning. And I loved them! Man, now I miss my long hair. You won't regret the rollers!!

  2. Oh I would give anything to have short hair again! But Big A likes long hair, and I'm sure your man will too :)

  3. I thought your about me speech was highly entertaining. And I'm excited to see your long hair! You do know this means you'll actually have to wear it down sometimes though, right?

  4. I'm right there with you. I've always had short hair... But, one of my 30 before 30 is to grow my hair past my shoulders. Right now it is hideous and stringy looking... I feel like I will NEVER get there. What exactly IS trendy long hair?

  5. WELL! It just so happens that I love and covet long hair but because my hair is naturally curly and I've damaged it so badly over the years straightening and coloring it, it will not grow long :( Right now it's about 3 inches past my shoulders which is, I think, as long as it will go. Boo. I bought hot rollers about a month ago but my hair is too short for them so the curls end up too tight. One of my favorite blogs is Hairdresser on Fire (www.hdofblog.com) and that girl shows how to get really nice waves with a flat iron or a curling iron. I jealy.

  6. Ha too funny... my hair has mostly been long for the last few years but I recently cut a few inches off and I am definitely missing the long hair! Good luck in your pursuit of long haired...ness?

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  8. I love hot rollers! I always get such soft bouncy curls.

    I do advise getting the clamps v. the pins because the pins are hard to use with the shorter sections and you're more liable to burn your fingers.

    And I have used the foam earpiece covers from headphones to cover my ears so they don't burn either. Yep, you just got more than you bargained for.

    (And stoneejs was my word verification... irony.)

  9. I love hot rollers!!
    BTW I am a new follower!!

  10. And here I am thinking about hacking mine off... LOL!

  11. I did the short short once and it was fun. Now I'm finished with that and will forever be average to long for the rest of my life. And, I will never do trendy.

    MY word verification was 'brati' like you in your blog today :)


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