Friday, January 7, 2011

in awe yet?

In case you were in doubt of my awesomeness, here's some evidence that should close that case for good:

1. I am actually a selfish enough person that I told my dear sweet husband whom I love more than life itself that I would not be able to stop by the grocery store on my way home from work (1.5 hours before he gets off work) and pick up something he needed because


because I needed (NEEDED!!!) to watch last night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that I DVRd.

And he humbly agreed that that seemed much more important than getting the stuff he needed to make sushi (ewww!) and so he went to the store at 5:30 when he got off.

2. Then, approximately 10 seconds after Matt arrived home, I absolutely bit it whilst chasing Lola wearing only my socks. We have very slippery floors. Oh, and my hands were in my pockets, which meant I had no way to break my fall. So now approximately the entire right side of my body is bruised and broken and painful. Which means I laid on the floor crying while Matt tried to take it all in: hyper dog running in circles. Wife crying on the floor...yelling at the floor?? Right, just another Friday night. Lemme put away this sushi stuff in the fridge...

3. After I spent a good hour mourning my bruises and life in general, Matt begged me to leave the house (with him) and go somewhere-- ANYWHERE!, for the love of God!!-- that was not in our house. Because I am a brat and refuse to wear anything other than leggings (because all other items of clothing are too uncomfortable) but it is too cold and windy today to go out in leggings, I pitched a fit. And then decided it would be totally acceptable to just LAYER my leggings so that I could be warm enough. So here I sit in Barnes & Noble, sporting TWO PAIRS OF LEGGINGS (plus knee-high socks and boots). Don't worry, one pair is brown and one pair is black, but hopefully no one can tell that. I just wanted you to know. Because I over-share like that.

So as you can see, I'm just full of win today.

On the plus side, this weekend has nowhere to go but up, right?

Fingers crossed.


  1. Ha ha ok I do feel really bad for you, but this post did make me laugh. And to make you feel better, I have a bladder infection. So apparently we are getting wins all around!

  2. LOL, did the weekend get better? Hopefully we will get this snow soon, and it'll add another day to it!


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