Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snowed in

Yup. Day #2 of Snowpocalypse 2011 is well underway, and I don't even have any pictures to show. We've taken a few, but let's be honest...they basically look like me rolling out of bed, putting on all the clothes in the closet (but no makeup), surrounded by endless white stuff. Alone, because Matt and I don't have our own personal team of photographers to follow us around (I know, right? Why?), so we can only be in pictures one at a time. And we haven't built a snowman or done anything cutesy like that, so...yeah, it's just not been a real photo-worthy couple of days.

But it has been fun. Slash boring. I'm not going to complain, because a) we're not at work, and b) we have power. So we've pretty much just been staying in, staying warm, watching TV, and eating breakfast foods. Something about being snowed in means that you are required to eat breakfast food for every meal of the day. I'm okay with that...personally, I could do that EVERY day of the year. So it's nice to have Matt be the one requesting waffles for dinner. I'm happy to oblige.

Last night (or was it Sunday night? They're all running together now.) we watched the "HGTV Dream House" show thing. The house is in Vermont (where my sister- and brother-in-law just moved!) and it's basically off the chain. It also made Vermont seem like basically the BEST place in the whole world to live. Like all of their "dream houses," HGTV is giving this one away. You just have to enter to win, right? So it's a no-brainer. We enter ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. We hardly ever win everything (like last week when we DIDN'T win the Mega Millions lottery. Crazy, I know.) but what the heck? If it's free, why not try? Someone has to win, right?

So here we are sitting at our computers (at the library, of course) and I notice Matt is checking out the Dream Home Sweepstakes. He's telling me all the fine points of entering and winning and all that. He is that boy that actually reads all the tiny print and gets hung up on parts of it like "ohhh, I don't know if I REALLY want to enter now that I know the tax ramifications that could come with winning..." and it just cracks me up. He did the same thing last week with the lottery. He was all hung up on possible tax implications that could come with winning. My personal philosophy is that if you win? You are getting like HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. For NOTHING (okay, for $1). So if the government wants to take half of it? Who cares! It's still hundreds of millions of dollars I did NOTHING to earn. They don't "owe" me that money. It's a PRIZE. And I think I'll be happy with it no matter what.

Anyway, I have no idea why I'm rambling on about this. I just think it's funny that it's taking Matt 45 minutes to register for the Dream Home. He was mostly upset that you needed to give a phone number to enter. "Give 'em mine," I said. I don't care. I don't have to answer. I don't usually answer the phone anyway! "But what if they sell it?!? What if more people call?!?!" Umm...I think I will just keep not answering! Doesn't bother me in the least. Bring on winning me that Dream Home!!

Wow, being snowed in makes me a really boring person, apparently. I just rambled about some really boring junk for a LONG time. Sorry friends!!

Oh I know!! We watched (amongst tons of other junk) this RIDICULOUS show today. I mean, seriously ridiculous. And I have a high threshold for ridiculousness, obviously, given my choice of reality TV to watch. But this show takes the cake (and Matt picked it out!!!!! HEEEEHEEEHEEE!) It's called You're Cut Off! and it's on VH1. Basically there's a bunch of SPOILED ROTTEN PRINCESSES (all look to be in their early to mid-20s) who are being bankrolled by their parents, grandparents, or boyfriends. You know...giant mansions, Aston Martins, hundreds of thousand-dollar handbags...vacations, spa days...everything you would expect from a Real Housewife or celebrity. Only these girls have done nothing to get all this-- they're being bankrolled. None of them have worked, or cooked, or cleaned, or even put gas in their own cars. So their 'sugar daddies' (or mamas or parents or whatever) have gotten sick of it, and nominate them to be on this show. The girls are told they're going to be on a reality show called "America's Next IT Girl" or something, so they show up for it all Gucci'd out and struttin down a red carpet...and then they get the news that they have been CUT OFF and are about to get a big ol' dose of reality.

Mayhem ensues, especially when they have to move into this smallish, 1970s ranch-style home where they all have to SHARE ROOMS and there is only ONE BATHROOM!?!?!?!?! OMG how can they survive?!?! And they have to COOK for themselves and CLEAN and like...GET JOBS?!?!!!

I know, it's crazy. And so is the amount of entitled princesses they have crammed into this one house. It's insane princess drama and it was definitely good for some laughs. I don't imagine this will be a show I'll be chomping at the bit to watch all season long, but it was definitely funny for an hour. So if you're snowed in, I'd recommend checking it out...they seem to be replaying it all day.

So...yeah. Snow. Dream Homes. Reality TV. That's basically it from me. At this point I'm looking at a two-day workweek, MAX. We are already taking Friday off from work because we're going on a leadership retreat with our church, so if school opens up tomorrow, it will be at most only 2 work days!! That is the kind of week I'm okay with!!


  1. You are too funny. Unfortunately we don't get the show, but now I have to hulu it! You provide a lot of sources for entertainment. Thanks!

  2. Ha totally agree about your lottery philosophy, although we don't ever buy tickets... but I agree that you really can't complain about losing half of it when it is basically free money!!

  3. I'm with you on the lottery/prize thing. I wouldn't really care if I lost 60% of something that I never really had to start with.

  4. You just got awarded the Stylish Blogger Award because you are one of my favorite blogs to read! See this post for details: http://baaremans.blogspot.com/2011/01/and-stylish-blogger-award-goes-to.html


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