Saturday, March 5, 2011

classy class

I feel compelled to blog this morning and update you on my Friday night, because for once my Friday night did not involve a riveting combination of the following: cheap pizza, sweatpants, facebook, and DVRd reality TV. In other words, I've graduated from college-Friday-nights. Six years later.

Can I get an award for that?

Matt won some tickets through work. It's crucial that you know that that's how we came by the tickets, because obviously if he hadn't won them, our Friday night would have had a little more of the pizza-TV flavor. We're not really buy-tickets-for-events kind of people.

We went to an art exhibition opening in the Conservatory at the State Botanical Gardens. A "ticketed event"  that included an appearance/speech by the artist, fancy food and alcohol, a jazz band, and several performances by aerial artists, a.k.a. trapeze girls!! 

Doesn't this sound like the kind of event you always imagined your young-adulthood would involve? It seems like the kind of thing I imagine everyone else does on weekends, while I sit home holding down the couch and/or babysitting their kids.

It was a lot of fun. I'm not really an artsy kinda girl, but I can stare at a few pictures and sculptures for an appropriate amount of time (and having a glass of wine first certainly didn't hurt). We saw a few people that Matt knows, so that was nice. The trapeze girls were my favorite, of course. One of them did the (technical term here) long piece of fabric that hangs from the ceiling that somehow she can climb up and down and flip all Cirque du Soleil? Um, it was awesome. She had more muscles in her shoulders and back then I have in my entire body times ten. I definitely considered trying out some of her moves when she wasn't looking, since the fabric thing was just hanging there all night. I think that the next time I host a classy party, I am going to definitely invite some aerial artists to perform. In my opinion, that takes a party to the next level.

The food (hors d'oeuvres, really) was tasty and most importantly, we were appropriately dressed. I had been worried about that one, since we've never been to this kind of thing before, but I'm glad my years of fashion observations paid off and we fit right in (except for being a lot younger than most of the people there).

All in all, it was a classy and fun night. I wish I had pictures, but our camera cord has died and I'm not sure if we're replacing it or what, pictures. Today is looking to be much less classy. It's cold and rainy and Matt has made us some waffles and bacon while I laid here blogging, so...I guess I won the husband lottery, didn't I??! 

Better go eat. Happy Saturday!

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  1. Oh I'm always entranced by the fabric flippy lady! (Technical term... ahem.)

    Sounds like a fun event.


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