Saturday, March 26, 2011

the one where i ramble on about tanktops

Hi and welcome to another riveting Saturday afternoon in Small Town, Georgia, where the most exciting thing happening for me to blog about is seriously my LAUNDRY.

No, seriously. You've been warned. I'm about to talk about laundry.

Well, not laundry exactly. More like something I just realized as a result of doing laundry.

I have three (pretty big) dresser drawers. My middle drawer is for Shirts that Aren't the Main Shirt. You know what I mean? Undershirts, tanktops, basic long-sleeved tees I wear under other shirts...basically, these are the shirts no one really sees except for maybe sticking out from underneath another shirt. Well, for quite some time, this drawer has been out of control. Although I'm a rather meticulous housekeeper and clothes-organizer in general, this drawer is nothing but once-folded, now-wadded up clothes stuffed in haphazardly any way I can get 'em in there and still manage to cram the drawer closed. Sorry for the run on sentence-- it's as much a mess as that drawer was. Of COURSE anything in there was wrinkled, but I don't really care because it all is just going underneath something else. No one can see the wrinkles. Anyway, I decided to pull everything out and see if I could pare down a little and clean things up a bit.

  I did. I got rid of a lot of tanktops and long-sleeved tees. A whole Trader Joe's bag worth. And then, as I was stacking and reorganizing my piles of tanks, I realized wow. That's still a lot of tanktops.

(They're organized here by color and/or style and/or use: back row, L-R: Colorful & Could Be Main Shirt; Colorful (Undershirt Only); Colorful Spaghetti Strap; Colorful & Lacy Top. front row, L-R: Plain White, Grays, Blacks (all undershirts only)) (I bet you REALLY did not need/want to know all that.) (And they will never stay organized like this. This was just so I could assess what I had)

Forty. There are forty tanktops left.

Is that excessive? I can't decide. I do wear them almost every day, year round. But forty still seems like a lot. (Although it's far less than what I did have. I'm not going to count how many I'm getting rid of, but it's plenty.) Anyway, no wonder that drawer was so crammed. Apparently I am a compulsive tanktop buyer. Please don't nominate me for Hoarders: Tanktop Edition. Because that would be a really lame show.

Um...well, moving on...

Since my camera (the OLD camera, that works about 40% of the time) decided to work for me when I pulled it out to snap those award-winning tanktop photographs, I thought I'd try to capture the current state of blossoming in my flower beds. Unfortunately, this camera is crap (for some reason, sitting unused in a drawer for 3 years has somehow caused it to become CRAP...not sure how/why) now and so it takes really bad pictures compared to what it used to. So these pictures look bad, but oh well.

These are these random, normally-scrappy-looking bushes that are in our front beds. They were here when we bought the house and I don't know what they are, but they're not usually much to write home about. In the spring, however, they have a brief period of adorable yellow blooms, and that is the main reason I don't dig them up and throw them out. The blooms are so pretty!

 I know you can't really tell, but they really are pretty.

And here is one of my azaleas about to bloom. I can't wait!!

In case you're anxious to know what they're going to look like once they bloom, and because there's a very good chance I will not have a working camera to capture their beauty with when that happens, you can see the pictures of them last year here. Also, random factoid you probably need to know: that particular blog I just put a link to is the single blog entry (well, last time I investigated it was, a few months ago) with the most hits (excluding all Kelly's Korner "Show Us Your Life" blogs) I've ever had. Apparently I'm not the only person in the world searching for the sheet music to that song...I get multiple hits a week of people Googling the title of that song (also the title of that blog) and coming here looking for the sheet music. And this was just another fun story brought to you by Google Analytics. 

On that note, I bid you farewell. I have more important and exciting things to do like put sheets on the bed, convince Lola she should stop whining at the dogs across the street, and watch the rain fall. More specifically, watch the rain fall on Matt, because he's out there pulling weeds (out of the lawn) in the pouring rain. Because that's completely normal, right? Right.


  1. You should consider saving those leftover tanktops and repurpose them as dresses for little girls! Add some fabric yo-yos and start your own etsy. Seriously. You're crafty like that.

  2. I find this post hilarious, because I just did my own purging today. I now have 1/3 as many clothes as my husband. Yup.. that is right-- I measured.

  3. When something works, it works. My example: I have 28 cardigans hanging up in my closet. And 8 of them are black...

  4. I'm pretty sure I just recognized one of my old tank tops in your pile of tank tops. glad I could contribute to your hoarding problem.


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