Thursday, February 13, 2014

snow, snow, go away....

Day 3 of Snowpocalypse.

I don't know how you people up north deal with this. I'm totally over it. I can't wait for it to be in the 70s next week. 

I've come to the eye-opening conclusion that I'm not a very productive Snow Day person. In other words, I've accomplished absolutely NOTHING and wasted a WHOLE lot of time during our three (and counting) days of being homebound. I see people's stories of Snowy Productivity and accomplishments this week and I totally cannot relate. And we've had power the whole time, so I don't even have a good excuse.

Things I Could Have/Should Have Done This Week:

1. Our taxes.
2. Fold the clothes that have been in the dryer since Monday.
3. Balance the checkbook and pay bills.
4. Exercise (with a DVD since the gym is closed and even if it wasn't, we couldn't get there).
5. Finally sort through the Depressingly Empty Nursery that has been shut up like a tomb since November. Figure out what to do with all the (probably expired or expiring soon) formula. Give people back the stuff they lent us.
6. Work on writing the requested (and promised) lipstick tutorial blog I've been procrastinating.

Things I Did Do This Week:

1. Finish Season 2 of Revenge. Sign up for Hulu Plus (which I hate so far-- commercials??!?!) and start Season 3.
2. Make and drink lots of coffee.
3. Go on Snow Walks each day.
4. Have a snowball fight with Mattie.
5. Play Scrabble (on a board, not my phone!).
6a. Including curling. I watched for like 15 minutes and tried really hard to understand what was happening and it's JUST NOT COMPUTING, GUYS. I would rather watch paint dry.
7. Stay extremely current on everything happening on Facebook and Twitter.
8. Visit my next door neighbors and play with their litter of 6-week-old puppies.
9. Pre-plan all the bitter things I'm going to say about the inevitable baby boom that will occur 9 months after this snowstorm.

Well, when I list it all out like that, I actually look pretty productive. Just not in ways that are actually important, ha. Oh well. I still have at least another day to knock out the first list. As soon as I finish Revenge Season 3, that is.


  1. Amen...preach it sista! We finally got sunshine about half way through the day yesterday and I so needed! I was feeling super lazy and down and needed some vitamin D. Today is nice and sunny as well with a high of 60 and a high of 70 tomorrow. Hoping you get some warm weather soon! (oh and yeah my hubby thought we might be a part of the baby boom from our "ice" day but that's not happening so I will be bitter with you)

  2. I was so jealous of all the snow days, I took a day off today! I'm in bed typing and watching tv - pretending to be sick!!

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself - it's super hard to be productive when in those conditions! I find I'm way more productive when I'm actually busy and strapped for time.

  4. Right there with you! I never do anything productive on snow days, ever. I think of them as my special days to hang out on the couch and watch fun tv, play in the snow, and like you drink a ton of coffee.

  5. It's sooooo much harder to be productive on snow days...maybe because they're unexpected? If it makes you feel any better, your "non-productive" list is more productive than what I've done all day today on this rare day off (eat... The chores can wait. Enjoy the snow :)

  6. watching all the Olympics is very important and time consuming!

  7. Hey sometimes being productive is overrated. I mean. . . coffee and endless tv are just good for the soul. So no shame!

  8. Productivity is overrated. I just finished season 1… in 48 hours. I'm feeling quite accomplished!

  9. We've had 15 snow days from school so far. In all of those days all I have done is clean my bathroom well, get my car serviced, watch all of Hart of Dixie and start into the show Life, download some computer game (and probably some viruses) and eat myself into a coma. I seriously can't think of much else I have done! Oh, I did get food poisoning, lose 7 lbs in a day, and then gain them back so fast that I must have some super natural skill... But that was on a half snow day so I'm not sure it counts

  10. I just thought of #9 as I was washing up from lunch. Ugh. I haven't managed to deal with the laundry yet, either. Oh well.

  11. I've decided I hate snow days. I get nothing done and feel guilty about getting nothing done. Actually, as soon as I finish typing this, I'm going to put laundry in the washing machine. Thanks for the motivation.

  12. Haha consider yourself lucky! People up north have to still work in snowmageddon - so not fun!

  13. We had another snow day today. While I LOVE a good day of lounging this whole shoveling feet of wet precipitation and not being able to go anywhere and bitter cold.. IS GETTING OLD... Where is the sunshine?

  14. I am also not looking forward to the baby boom in 9 months. *Sad Face*

  15. Incredibly jealous of your time off… glad you spent it wisely!

  16. We have snow days all the time here, and no one is productive on those days. I think snow days are meant for three things: 1. Making cookies 2. Watching movies and 3. Making sweet love. You are good, and my confession is that I haven't watched any of the Olympics. So, that's depressing.

  17. If it doesn't stop snowing soon I am going to absolutely lose my mind. I am so sick of cleaning my car off in the morning. In happier news I am excited for Disney and the sunshine and palm trees!

  18. I've had a wet load of laundry sitting in the washer all morning and Rachel and I still haven't eaten lunch. I am also not dressed or showered. I am totally winning at being least productive today. And I don't even have a snow day as an excuse :)

  19. Hey Erika, I am over winter as well and also feel the same way about the impending baby boom that you mentioned. Your post brought a smile to my face, though. I was supposed to organize our tax stuff today too . . .


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