Thursday, August 13, 2015

things that are awesome

In no particular order, a few things/discoveries/people that have been particularly awesome this last week.

I know, you thought I would pick something to do with Millie first, didn'tcha? I'm going for the element of surprise here. TACOS! SURPRISE!

Anyway, no joke, these tacos are unbelievable. It's basically the lime crema that puts them over the top, so don't think you're going to get lazy and just use plain old sour cream. Go the extra step. Your taste buds will do an exuberant dance of thanks. Bonus points for the recipe being easy, fast, cheap, and reasonably healthy. Please don't ask how many times we've made them in the last two weeks. My capacity to eat and love Mexican food is endless and borderline embarrassing. 

2. The Gilmore Guys podcast. I heard about this a few months ago and forgot about it until yesterday. BUT NOW I AM OBSESSED. Forget Serial- a podcast featuring two really funny dudes thoroughly dissecting every single episode of my favorite show (with awesome guests, including some cast members!!!!, on most episodes) is what's up. Trust me on this one. If you're a fan of the show, you should check out this podcast. And if you're not a fan of the show, I don't even know if we can be friends. (Just kidding. One of my best friends has always hated the show and mocked me for liking it (as in, since we were watching the show live a decade ago) and I'm still friends with her. But I pray for her mortal soul...)

3. Okay, fine. MILLIE.

She's always awesome, but watching her open presents on her birthday (no party, just her favorite food, cupcakes, and presents with us and her grandparents) was extra awesome. She really started to get the whole opening presents thing. And then she got super excited about each new toy. And it was good. Very, very good.

Oh hey, what's in this cool bag?
INSTRUMENTS!!! I'm going to start a band! 
She got lots of fun new toys, but we've all had the most fun with her new outside toys. She basically has a heart attack every time she sees them in the garage. Her pointing and squealing and frantic reaching towards her car is quite possibly the cutest thing ever (and a real bummer when we're in a rush to get in the (real) car to go somewhere).

This toy has been a win for me, too, because now we go on even MORE walks than normal, so I'm getting my daily steps in without nearly as much struggling!

4. Fall.

I mean, I know it isn't fall yet. But Millie already has her Basic White Girl uniform ready to go, so I'm getting pretty pumped.

I heard blankie scarves are going to be in again this season.
She loves carrying her blankies around everywhere, but they drag on the ground and trip her. It doesn't bother her, but it kinda grosses me out when we're at, say, the doctor's office (as pictured). So today Matt just looped and wrapped it all around her (basically exactly like I do with my blanket scarf in the winter, ha) and it cracked me up. But it was effective!! No tripping and she was perfectly happy. So there ya have it. Blanket scarves for one-year-olds. You saw it first here, folks.

But in all seriousness, fall does sound great right about now. Mainly because I just bought Millie a new chambray shirt tonight...

And that's all we have time for. Four awesome things. My podcast is calling, so goodnight!


  1. Those tacos sound amazing!! I will have to try them out. I'm on a huge sweet potato kick right now.

  2. I just commented to Wade how badly I wanted a pumpkin cream cheese muffin with a pumpkin spice frap, so Millie and I are channeling fall together!

  3. Oh my gosh, those tacos look AMAZING! Yum! And How did I not know about the Gilmore Guys!?!?! I LOVE Gilmore Girls...Stephen on the other hand...ha! And Millie, she is adorable-as always!!!

  4. One year old blanket scarves. The best.

    And I LOVE Mexican sweet potatoes! I make stuffed Mexican sweet potatoes (or taters as my husband calls them). Cook the potatoes, top with taco meat (leftover is easier!), cheese, salsa, and whatever else you want. So easy and SO good.

  5. Poor Blair cried every time Joseph took away each present to open a new one. She just really wanted to appreciate every toy, book, item of clothing and he was already on to the next gift.

    Thanks for the taco tip. I will be add cilantro and lime to my fat free sour cream and putting it on everything!

  6. Now to complete the white girl outfit she just needs the tall brown boots, or riding boots whatever the proper name for them is. Can you imagine how cute and funny that would be?! It sounds like Christmas is going to be so much fun for her!!

  7. I am going to check out that recipe - sounds awesome! And yes, fall sounds awesome. 104 and 106 were about to kill us this week. Was that Millie's well check - can we get some stats?!?!

  8. She looks so excited opening those gifts. I love that picture of her at the doctors.

  9. I've actually never listened to a podcast before (gasp!), but that GG one sounds like a winner! And love Millie's scarf- she's so fashionable at such a young age...

  10. I was just listening to the GG podcast on my way home from work today! I love it!! It's funny to listen to Demi speculate about things! I dunno how there's still people in the world that don't watch GG religiously…I loved their ATX episodes!!
    If there's anyone I trust when they suggest something mexican food related it's you! Saving that recipe!!
    That sounds so fun to watch Millie open up presents! I think my niece's first birthday will be low key as well which sounds great to me because I don't want to compete against 30 other people to hold her!

  11. Presents are so much fun! Millie's new car is pretty cute. We need a video of her excitement!
    I think you're on to something...blanket scarves for toddlers. Think early retirement, money in the college fund, more Mexican food...ok just another adorable picture of Millie!

  12. Awww! I love the pictures! So cute!

  13. I made the tacos...they are awesome! The hubs was initially doubtful about the recipe, but he quickly saw the light. I miss seeing Millie! And you!

  14. Awwww! Cutest birthday girl!! XO

  15. How does Millie feel about being replaced in the number one spot by tacos?! I guess, given her love of Mexican food, she's probably okay with that.


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