Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today, after a very abbreviated workday (9-1:20...but I got paid for a full 8 hours, thank you very much fill-in-boss!!), I made an always-dangerous pilgrimage to the Hobby Lobby. Despite years of swearing I would hate Hobby Lobby if I ever went there...I do not. I love it deeply. And last week, one of my students' moms was nice enough to give me a gift card to the Hobs Lobs...and it has burned a hole in my purse all week! Anyway, I have two pieces of art that have been unframed their whole lives. The first is a canvas print that James brought me from Malawi (Africa) when he lived there 5ish years ago. I absolutely love it and love the colors and have displayed it in a very klassy manner for the past 5 years...sticking it up directly on the walls with some thumbtacks. Nice, I know. The other piece is a photograph Matt's brother Joseph brought us from China when he was working there for a few months last year. I don't know anything about the picture (it's a baby and I assume the baby's father) but I think it's beautiful and mesmerising. This one I haven't been displaying...I was waiting for a frame. Anyway, today I bit the bullet and got both framed...they look absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I must say, I got them for practically nothing (especially considering I didn't pay anything for the art itself!). I can't wait to hang them up! My empty walls will be so happy! (PS Please excuse the bad pictures...I'm a terrible photographer and couldn't figure out how to take pictures of the frames that would turn out clearly but not have a glare from the flash. When I turned the flash off it would make the pic all just trust me that they look better in person!)
This one is huge-- the picture is 18x24 and the frame even bigger!!
This one is a bit smaller, maybe 10x14 or something.


  1. i recently went into hobby lobby for the first time - it is awesome! i like how they play christian music, too.

  2. Wow i love that photograph. good eye Joseph!

  3. Hobby Lobby is the best place on earth in my book! I could spend hours and probably my paycheck in there. The prints look lovely.


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