Friday, July 24, 2009

SHOW US YOUR LIFE: Wedding Dresses

This is my first time participating in a Kelly's Korner link-fest thingy-- but we all know I'm obsessed with my own wedding, so there was no way I could not participate!

I did a fair amount of reminiscing about my wedding in my anniversary post a few weeks ago, but I'm not sure I really dwelled on how fabulous my dress was (is). I'm telling you-- it was really, really fabulous. It was actually the first dress I tried on. I saw the dress in a magazine (it's a Casablanca gown), went to the bridal shop, asked if they had it. They did-- it was actually on display in the window. They took it down for me, I tried it on, and it was perfecto. Even the right size! I tried on 2 or so more gowns just for comparisons sake, but went with the one I came for-- why mess with the best? Why make life more complicated than it is? This was by far the easiest part of planning my wedding!!

Here's a picture of me trying on the dress at the boutique! There's a chance I liked the dress TOO much, ha!

The dress is off-white (champagne?) with a lace overlay and lots of pretty beading. It has a rather short train (chapel length? I forget the terminology) and the bottom was puffy but not too princess-y. My veil was actually my "something borrowed", as my friend Kristina, who'd gotten married earlier that year, lent it to me!

I absolutely LOVE how the light shined (shown? Where has my English gone?) through all the lace of the dress and veil and made it look so translucent and irridescent. These pictures of me in profile are my favorite.

In the next picture you can see the bottom of the dress better. The beading became less and less as you got towards the bottom...

Here you can see the back of the dress. It was scooped, but not terribly low.

And here you can see the front/top with the beading. The bad part about the beads/lace was that it made it so uncomfortable to have your naked arms down by your sides!! Scratchy!

Don't worry, I could go on for pages, but I'll spare you that. Check out the anniversary post (link above) if you need more of Erika in Her Wedding Dress. I've no shortage of pictures. :)

Happy Weekend! I'm going camping with Matt and my family and we'll be back in business on Tuesday!


  1. Beautiful dress, your wedding looks gorgeous.

  2. Funny, I was seriously considering joining the "show us your life" tour with these wedding topics. You inspire me that it's not too maybe I will this week. And yes, I agree with my husband, my co-grammar-nerd. Shone.

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