Wednesday, July 8, 2009

mid-week list

I'm in a rambly sort of mood. To keep myself in check, I think I'll aim for a list-type post. Maybe this will keep the rambling to a minimum. Or at least you HOPE it does!

1. Long weekends are the best. I thoroughly enjoyed my 4th of July weekend-- lots of friends, food, and sun. The Moores came to visit (and stay with us) and we also hung out with lots of other people all weekend. It was a refreshing change-- most nights and weekends lately we've spent by ourselves, out at the house. Human interaction was so exciting! Here's proof we actually do have (real life) friends:

2. House update (feel free to skip if you're so over my house ramblings): We (apparently) have floors!!! As of 11:00 last night, Tyler (friend who is doing the floors for us) was almost done. The floors are all down, but some of the trim work/details still need to be completed before he'll call it a done deal. I haven't seen it yet, but we're heading over soon to check it out. I can't WAIT! What this means is.... WE'RE MOVING IN ON SATURDAY!!!! I never thought I'd see the day, but it seems I will. I'm not even old and gray yet! Well, not gray anyway.

3. On a related note, I called Comcast today to get some internet/TV set up at the new house. (Note: some of you may know this, but Matt and I haven't had cable (or satellite, or whatev) for the past 2 years. This is a huge jump for us!) We're really only getting the TV thing because since we're new customers we can get a sweet bundle thingy for a great price for 6 months (basically the same price as what we're paying right now for just internet). After 6 months is up, if they want us to pay full price, I'm sure we'll be cable-less again immediately. But at least this will get us through football season. Anyway...the bad news is that they can't install it til July 17th! Which means we'll be (home) internet-less for a whole week!!! I'm not sure I'll survive. Most quality webpages (read: Pioneer Woman and Facebook) are blocked at my school, so I can't even get my fix there. Ugh. I will hold out hope that maybe one of our neighbors has some unsecure wireless there for the 'borrowing' (a la Moores)...but our yard is huge and I highly doubt we'd be able to pick up anyones. So if I disappear next week, that's why.

4. We have a new (to us) favorite TV show.

Amanda and Marshall told us about this show over the weekend, and we decided to check it out. ABC is kind enough to carry the whole series online (as most networks do most of their shows,'s really not hard to survive without cable!) so we stayed up a little too late last night watching the first two episodes. It's so funny!! We've added it to our list of reality shows to participate in (and win): Amazing Race, Wipeout, and Here Come the Newlyweds. If I get around to it, I also plan on winning Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. And appearing on What Not to Wear, except I don't want to actually be nominated, since that would mean people think I dress badly, which I don't agree with. It's a conundrum. Anyway, I digress. Check out HCtN. It's good times.

I think that's all for now. Oh yeah-- one last thing I am so excited about. Guess what channel we (will) get when we get our cable turned on??? The one channel the Athens cable provider (Charter, aka the Devil) could never seem to offer (although maybe they do now, who knows...just not the last time I checked)?? My FAVORITE CHANNEL EVER, even moreso than TLC and HGTV?? Discovery Health! I am so incredibly excited!! I can watch mystery disease and unusual health story shows for hours I tell you, hours. It's actually sad...whenever Matt and I go visit my family in Augusta (once in a blue moon or so), we seem to spend at least half the time staring at the TV watching Discovery's addictive!! Just another thing to look forward to about MOVING!


  1. Yay house! I am also really addicted to TLC and all those medical shows, but I don't ever get to watch them cuz we don't have cable either. We are thinking about getting satellite, which is a lot cheaper, but I don't think we will be watching much tv once I get back to work...anyway congrats on the house have fun moving in!

  2. Saturday is like 1.5 days away.. are you really ready?!? If internet doesn't work at your house, you can always drive around the neighborhood and see if anything picks up (NOT that we've done this). Or you can go to a local Krystal's because they usually have free wi-fi. And.. I'm so glad y'all watched HCtN!

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