Sunday, July 12, 2009


We're all moved in! And by that, I mean...our stuff is here. And it looks like a tornado has struck the place. Although I haven't moved very many times in my life (home to dorm, dorm to dorm, dorm to townhouse (stay 3 years), townhouse to duplex (stay three years), duplex to here! 5th move.) I seem to remember that every time previously I was able to unpack and get myself all settled (or at least like 90%) by the time I went to bed. Not so much happening here. I had to let it go. But then I just couldn't sleep. Something about knowing nothing is in place (and not knowing where I'm going to find my clothes/makeup/hairbrush to get ready for church) just doesn't let me rest. So I woke up at 6:30. Oh, the roosters crowing also could have had something to do with that. Welcome to life in the country. Then I spent some time organizing the laundry room so that I could start tackling our appx 5000 loads of laundry we're amassed in the last 2 days. And then I discovered that some kind soul on our street hasn't bothered to secure their wireless...and thus ended my productivity.

I'll take pics later, after things are more settled. No one wants to see half-emptied boxes. Lola is doing well...she was a little overwhelmed and still seems a little stressed, but really seems fine. She is a huge fan of our new couches...she seems to be rotating between couches and 'spots', deciding on which is her favorite. The vote is still out, though. And it's really funny seeing her slip slide on the floors when she tries to jump up and run.

We have super nice neighbors. So far we've received home grown tomatoes, freshley baked cookies, and a dog run! And lots of kind words and "welcome to the neighborhood!"s.

Lastly-- congrats to my friend Liz on the birth of her baby girl, Leah Audrey!! Liz did the "we're not telling the name" thing, and I'm glad to see she picked a beautiful and perfect name even without my assistance. :) I can't WAIT to see some pics (she just gave birth at 4:05am and she's already posted the birth stuff on facebook...I'll give her some slack on the pics!!)

Happy Sunday!


  1. I'm extremely jealous that you have neighbors that bring you food. We've been here over 2 months and nothing! We did have a guy offer some unwanted dirt.. I guess that counts. Glad you guys are being welcomed!!

  2. You have brand new couches, you should not LET your DOG on them, much less stake out a favorite spot!

  3. Your house is lovely! And I am glad to see the tv made the move ;)..congrats and enjoy, soon you will have a baby to destroy it ;)


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